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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 63: Such Great Heights

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Who'll be chosen as the blackened!? Will you make the right choice or the dreadfully wrong one!?

W-Wait a second! What result!? Voting Time hasn't happened yet!

Yes it has! Don't you remember, Monosuke!?

No, it hasn't! You're the one who doesn't remember, Monotaro!

Aw man, you're right. Silly me, I'm so forgetful.

Wow...I didn't expect you all to get so worked up over such a small lie. You kids are pretty gullible, huh? Well anyway, let's just skip this trial and jump ahead to Chapter 3!

W-Wait a second! We don't know the culprit yet!

Yeah! Who killed Rantaro!?

That was Chapter 1's case! How can you be this forgetful!?


VIDEO: Post-Intermission


...Square won?

If square won, they wouldn't have got eaten by the competition!

Wow! What does that mean!?

It means he doesn't wanna get involved in another pointless argument. Like this one...

But if we don't ask her for more details, how will we know for sure?

You're one to talk...

Maki, just ignore that lying little degenerate! We'll listen to what you have to say!

It must have been...a little after midnight last night. He visited me at my research lab.

Motive video?

If Ryoma came to ask about that, does that mean you had his motive video?

As I recall, Ryoma had Maki's motive video, correct?

Maybe... I actually didn't check the one I got, so I wouldn't know.

Maki admitted earlier that she hadn't checked her Kubs Pad.

If he went around asking at random, he might've asked some people besides Maki.

He never asked me! He probably never asked you guys either, right!?

Then...who was it that told Ryoma about his Kubs Pad?

It would have to be someone who knew who had each pad.

Nee-heehee... Now everyone can watch their motive video!


When males get this quiet, they're either caught in a lie or thinking dirty thoughts...

What happened then, Maki? After Ryoma asked you for his motive video.

I told Ryoma just to take it from my room. I keep my room unlocked.


And then what happened?

When he asked me, he said that he would show me my motive video in return...

But I wasn't interested, so I declined. And that's pretty much it.

So you don't even know if Ryoma saw his motive video? What a bunch of crap.

If Maki met with Ryoma at nighttime, that proves he was still alive then...

*If* that story is true...

...It's true.

Then why did you wait until now to bring that up?

Suspected? What for?

Kirumi said it earlier.

It seems that Ryoma and I had each other's motive videos...

That's pretty fishy, right? So I didn't want to mention it to avoid suspicion.

It is quite selfish to keep this information hidden because you were not in the mood.

Well, whatever. Either way, let's just believe Maki.

Yes, yes. Those who believe shall be saved.

No, we need to wait. There is still more to confirm—

Huh? What now?

You never answered my question.

Were you the one who told Ryoma that Maki had his motive video?

Is that really important?

it becomes more likely that Ryoma visited Maki during nighttime.

I see... Kokichi's response may help corroborate Maki's testimony.

Well, Kokichi? Did you tell Ryoma?


You said it earlier. "I don't wanna die," right?

If you really don't wanna die, then you better tell us the truth.

Ooookay, it's true. I told Ryoma.

Just as I thought.

But that's not a bad thing, right? He wanted to know, so I told him.

Nope, not yet. I was gonna wait until we hosted, like, a movie screening party.

I just checked who had whose, so I could give them back to everyone after.

Hmm...I see.

No, we cannot be too sure about that yet.

Even if Ryoma and Maki did meet, it does not mean it was during nighttime yesterday.

...So you still suspect me?

I am saying it could still be a possibility.

Th-Then...which is it? A lie? Or n-not lie?

If it was that easy, we'd be done by now. No, this is a world of lies and betrayal.

I find Maki's testimony suspicious. It's far too...convenient for her.

This is...difficult to determine.

I'm not lying. I did meet up with Ryoma during nighttime.

...I'm telling the truth.

Is it a lie...or the truth? This is the turning point... This will change the fate of this case.

And I... I said I would believe in Kaito! And that means believing in Maki!

And *that* means...l have to do it. I need us all on the same page...

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #5

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

What a load of crap!

Maki only see Ryoma at night?

Yes. I didn't meet with anyone else.

Surely they would have come forward already.

If no one can prove that this meeting took place...

If you can't prove your claim...

then it's the same as an outright lie!

So if I can convince them that Maki met up with someone...

The lie bullet is obvious, so it's just a matter of figuring out which weak point is weaker.

Oh...? Please explain.

Well, Kaito and I train together every night...

And yesterday, because of the "Insect Meet and Greet," we started late.

Ah, Kaito, don't worry. You don't have to say anything.

Anyway, we were doing some frog squats on the school stairs...

when we heard two people talking.

...People talking?

But now that I think about it, it must have been Ryoma.


U-Uh... Yeah, maybe! That was probably...around midnight!


So Ryoma and Maki did meet up!

No, no! Hold up! Why'd you sit on that info for so long!?

Because until just now, I didn't think it was relevant.

I had no reason to bring it up.

That is true. If I knew for certain, I would have said so sooner.

But considering the circumstances, I can't imagine it being anyone but Ryoma.

None of us were talking to Maki last night, correct? So it must have been him.

And you two did not confirm who Maki was talking to at the time?

If I overheard a conversation in the middle of the night, I surely would have checked.

Wh-Whoa, chill out... Why the scary face?

That was my bad... But it's not really manly to eavesdrop, y'know? I wouldn't do something so uncool...

Then Gonta will believe friends.

Y-You're gonna believe him...just like that?

But Shuichi has no reason to lie.

Unless he wishes for death, we should be able to believe him.

That's right, you can believe me.

Yeah, you're right! I'll believe him too!

Belief shall set you free!

We wouldn't be able to trust anyone anymore!

Well, it's not like he's lying anyway...


Alright! That proves it, then! Ryoma was still alive during nighttime!

But...I guess that means everyone's alibis no longer matter, yes?

So...everyone is culprit again?

So we're right back where we started... What a pain.

But then when was Ryoma's body placed inside the piranha tank?

Well...the gym is locked at nighttime, so it must have been the next morning but...

That's not possible. Himiko and I were at the gym, remember?

I don't think so. We have evidence to prove that's what happened.

Then when did the culprit throw the body into the piranha tank?

Maki was with Ryoma around midnight, so it couldn't have been before nighttime. And if it couldn't have been the morning after, that leaves...

The only time they coulda done it was during nighttime, huh?

Did you forget the gym's not open at nighttime, dick cheese?

But that's the only possibility, cuz by morning we were already at the gym.

It may be possible they slipped by without you noticing...

No one can slip by me! I'm known far and wide as the "Snoozing Sorceress"!

What a terrible title for a guard!

...I don't even play baseball.

But we can't disobey school rules, right? The body was probably moved in the morning.


What!? A disagreement!? You mean, you're split down the middle again!?

Geez... Do we gotta do that whole crazy thing again?

It seems like our opinions are split on this matter...but if we focus on the evidence, the facts will become clear.

All I have to do is show them and make them accept it.

VIDEO: Debate Scrum

MUSIC: V3 Argument -SCRUM-

Is it not possible you simply missed the culprit?

We were right in front of the door. There's no way we coulda missed them!

Remember, the rules state that you can't enter the gym at night!

Rules probably don't apply to corpses, y'know.

But pool next to gym also off-limits at night.

Entering the pool at night is what's off-limits, not the pool area itself.

But should we trust Maki's testimony in the first place?

It's okay, cuz we have Shuichi's testimony too!

I am positive that the window was how the culprit moved the body!

KAITO: The curtains mighta been closed, but the window was open the whole investigation.

However, I'm also positive the pane dividing the piranha tank was set up beforehand.

That certainly couldn't be tossed in. It would need to be placed carefully.

Even if the culprit were to throw the body from outside the window...

HIMIKO: Ryoma was small... Gonta coulda chucked him, easy.

Being a gentleman has nothing to do with it!

ANGIE: So the culprit just needed to put the body through the window to pull it off, right?

If you used the ladder on the pool side, it would not quite make it.

If the culprit used the ladder on the pool side, we wouldn't have found it in the gym.

And they couldn't have thrown the ladder back through the window cuz it's too heavy.

Then Gonta used his 'tard strength to throw the ladder or the body or...something!

The body could not have been thrown in to the piranha tank to begin with.

Sorry. You're right.

You didn't need to apologize, Gonta...

How the culprit moved the body from the window...

Do you have the answer, then?

But of course.

Ah...I, uh...actually don't know that yet...

The culprit definitely moved the body through the window, but I don't know how...


Serves you right! You just made a fool out of yourself after acting all high and mighty!

Dudes just need to shut up and take their licks!

Hey, you gotta do something, Shuichi!

I-I know...I have to do something, but... I really not good enough...? Am I...? Am I no good as a detective? I-I can't do this, I can't—


Gonta thinks it matter. We won't know culprit's trick unless we figure out—

We're getting sidetracked. It doesn't matter how it was done, just who did it.

We shouldn't focus on where we found the body.

Where he was killed?

Wouldn't it be more efficient if we focused on the murder scene instead?

Yes...that's it! We were so caught up in where the body was found...

The murder scene would definitely have more clues about the culprit.

Why didn't anyone realize this yet? Ha, that's strange.

Perhaps the culprit steered the conversation away from that topic.

Th-Then...culprit is someone in this room!

One of us is trying to sabotage this trial...

Well then, let's discuss the crime scene to figure out who the culprit is.

That's not a bad idea for a robot. The last time I heard such a good idea was...

...when Nino told me to move in with her under the bridge to get out of the cold.

Wow, that's a reference I never thought I'd see.

If we can determine where this all started, we can determine how it ended.

...Thank you, Maki. That was a helpful insight.

I can't believe you didn't notice that. I guess that's why you're still an apprentice.


Next time, Ryoma's corpse still has a ways to go.