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by Solitair

Part 64: Give 'em Enough Rope

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #6


Wasn't it the dorm room?

Ryoma was relaxing in his room when he got attacked.

But the cause of death was drowning.

There is nothing in his room that could collect enough water.

We should consider places where water is stored!

The only place that fits is the pool!

Welp, it must be the pool, then!

Shut your mouth, you noisy sow.

The pool seems like the obvious answer, but I have my doubts...

As fun as it'd be to dunk on Miu with Kokichi, there's a rule people are forgetting here.

No swimming is allowed at nighttime, so a living person could not have gone in.

I think I might cry!

Cry as loud as you want. I'll cry with you. We can spend the night together, crying...

And the morning after, I'll write "goodbye" on your mirror in lipstick before I quietly leave.

Only after you leave do I realize how much you really mean to me...

Anyway...we can conclude it's impossible for him to have drowned in the pool.

Where was Ryoma killed if not pool? Is there other place where water can be stored?

Where was Ryoma killed? I know there's some kind of clue...

...Scratch marks on the sink?

And I believe those scratches were caused by...

...the handcuffs. They were scratched as well, correct?

Hmmm... How did those handcuffs get from the lab to the water tank?

Because Ryoma was wearing them, right?

Yes, though they were only visible for a brief moment when Ryoma appeared in the tank...

KIRUMI: The handcuffs were left after the piranhas devoured Ryoma.

Ryoma must've been pretty yummy. They chomped up his entire body—arms, legs, brain...

Stop saying disgusting things, I don't wanna hear it!

That crunchy texture with the fatty parts just right. Then, when they bite down, it gushes— did culprit handcuff Ryoma?

He coulda used Shukuchi Method to get away. Unless someone ambush him?

It's possible they knocked him out before handcuffing him...

Kehehe... Though there's no way we can be sure, now that he's naught but bones.

Ryoma's skull had a pretty big crack on it, but nobody in the story will notice.


Oh whoops, don't pay attention to little ol' me. I'm just talking to myself.

Otherwise, you'll get a mouthful of peanut butter squid. It's so disgusting, you'll laugh!

So we all agree Ryoma was drowned in the sink in his lab, right?

But how did the culprit carry his body to the gym from there?

Isn't Ryoma's lab on the 3rd floor of the academy?

It's actually not far at all.

Was there a shortcut...?

What shortcut between Ryoma's lab and the gym did the culprit use?

For the second time in a row, the cursor starts on the correct answer.

The window?

That's right. None of the windows in this school open...

SHUICHI: And on top of that, the window faced the pool. You could see the gym straight across.

Then they could've thrown the body into the piranha tank through the gym window...

Your explanation contradicts some things we discussed earlier.

The gym window was too high to reach from the pool side, even if one used the ladder.

We keep hitting dead ends, since we don't know how the body was thrown into the gym...

Nee-heehee... Well, that didn't really give us any info about the crime.


Now that I'm sure the scene of the crime was Ryoma's lab, the case is becoming clearer. To determine how the body got from the crime scene to where it was found... l have to figure out how to get from the third floor window to the gym.

MUSIC: Our Class Trial

The objective of this mode is to gather the letter cubes lying around to form the question.
Use the [X] button to accelerate and the [L] stick to move left and right.
By picking up letter cubes floating around, you can complete the question.
Once you've completed the question, you head toward the escort that has the correct answer...
If it's the right answer, they'll get in your car. If it's the wrong answer...something bad happens.
Also, there will be other cars on the road.
If you hit those, you will take Focus Energy damage.
If it's getting dangerous, use [R1] to concentrate, stay calm, and avoid them.
Please drive safely! Enjoy the ride!

VIDEO: Psyche Taxi


This is the game's replacement for Logic Dive from the second outing. Logic Dive was a wireframe snowboarding thing in a rotating tube with jumping and dodging obstacles before you had to answer a question. Psyche Taxi is on a flat plane with no jumping, plus you can let off the gas to slow down.

Normally each letter cube would only get us one box's worth of the question, but thanks to this skill, I get two:

Clear Mind (Drive Type, 4 slots)
Increases the amount of letter cubes that can be acquired at once. Effective during Psyche Taxi

I figured I should make these sections shorter for your benefit.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Kind of a weird metaphor for Shuichi's decision-making process, though. I'm sure it doesn't bear thinking about.

Cars start showing up here, but they're not so hard to avoid that I need to focus around them.

I missed my chance to record footage of me getting this little fucker, so I'm gonna borrow shots of justonegamr doing it instead.

It took me a while to realize that it wasn't showing up again. Oops.

Shuichi also takes time to remember some good times on the way to coming up with a conclusion.

Directly? Don't tell me they threw the body from window to window.

What do you mean, another way? There's no other way to move it—

The culprit must have used some kind of equipment.

Huh? Equipment?

With this equipment, they can connect the two windows and move the body to the gym.

Ohhhh, there was a mysterious mystery about that rope that only Atua can reveal.

What mysterious mystery?

During last night's preparations for the show, that rope was in the wing of the stage...

But the next morning, the rope had been moved backstage for some reason.

So...during nighttime, someone used the rope then threw it into the gym window?

Is the rope long enough to reach both windows?

KEEBO: Altogether, the sum total length from one window to the other is roughly 50 feet.

GONTA: And pool is only thing between research lab and gym windows...

Wait... Who said that...?

Even if the rope was long enough, wouldn't it be pretty hard to tie them to the windows?

Both windows were too high to reach. It would be like tying a rope from one cliff to another.

If the windows were closer together, then they could toss the rope across. But they're not...

Another rope? There was only one, though.

Oh... Then it unpossible... Sorry...

No, I'm sure there was another rope. Or at least, something that could be used as rope.

The tennis net cable from Ryoma's lab could serve as a rope...

How long is it?

About 50 feet or so. But how did they use it?

Okay, so...

I-It's nothing. Gonta use ropes a lot when looking for bugs.

Even if they did connect the windows with a rope, they can't carry a body on just that.

Thomas Edison once said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration...

We get it, just tell us already.

The body would reach the gym window, but it wouldn't land in the piranha tank.

Stop making such dumbass comments, and keep your smelly breath in your dirty mouth.

Um, but...they also had to put the body in the piranha tank after they moved it, huh.

That is not feasible with just one rope.

Maybe the rope wasn't the only equipment the culprit used!

Well anyway, it would've been pretty difficult to get that body in the piranha tank. They wouldn't just throw it. The trick was a super crucial part of the culprit's plan.

The culprit must've carefully placed the body into the tank with their own hands.


Kokichi...are you hinting at something?

Huh? Hint? What hint? Don't confuse me with your talk of hinting hints.

It's true that the culprit needed to place the body directly into the piranha tank. If the body were to fall, the culprit would not have been able to retrieve it. They would have only had one shot at it, no second chances...

Meaning they would have wanted to get as close to the window as possible. The problem did they get near it?

Somehow, the culprit used that to move the body and were close to the window themselves.

But what would that be? What could they have done—

Alright, Shuichi... The stage is finally set.


It all starts with you! You be the opening act, and I'll be the main event! And then together, we're gonna save everyone!


You got this! After all, you are my sidekick! I believe in you! So I'm gonna leave the rest to you!


I will solve this mystery and show everyone the truth!

This is the main event. Something was used with the rope to move the body between the windows...

VIDEO: Hangman's Gambit

MUSIC: Hangman's Gambit Ver3.0

Here we have a seven-letter word that I wasn't familiar with before I first started this section. However, only four different letters are initially available, and I can tell what order they should go in.

After finishing the first part, it takes a few seconds for the new set of letters to filter in, but once you see them you know what the game wants you to spell.

A ropeway, huh? Are you sure about that?

Wow, you got drain bamage or something!?

No, there definitely was... The culprit used it to move the body along the rope...

MUSIC: Our Class Trial

In this mode, the objective is to dig up the answer.
At the beginning, the answer will be completely covered by pieces.
Use the [L] stick to move the cursor and erase the pieces with the [X] button.
Pieces will be erased when two or more of the same color connect.
The adjacent pieces will then change color in the following order: white, pink, yellow, white...
If you do it right, you can remove all the pieces from an object.
The trick is to predict how the adjacent pieces, will change.
When all the pieces on top of an object are gone, you can select the object as the answer.
If you select the wrong object, your Influence Gauge will take damage.
If there's just one piece left, you can press the [X] button repeatedly to break it.
But that will incur a time penalty, so don't just button mash!
It might sound complicated, but trust me, you'll get it as you play.

VIDEO: Mind Mine

NEW MUSIC: Mind Mine

Welcome to the final minigame of Danganronpa V3, as well as my least favorite!

Despite Mind Mine requiring deliberation and careful thought, there's still a time limit and thus I end up making some mistakes.

We can just ignore the lone tiles over the obvious wrong answers, but what happens when one blocks the way forward?

Not too bad, considering I'm well on my way to beating this already.

The hitbox for the object you want to select is always a hair bigger than you think it is. You can't pick it until the [TRIANGLE] prompt shows up.

The inner tube?

SHUICHI: And because the 3rd floor window is higher up, gravity would have pushed the inner tube along. The inner tube is made of sturdy rubber as well. It could have supported two people.

SHUICHI: and used it to move themselves and Ryoma's body from the lab to the gym.

SHUICHI: Either that, or the culprit placed their foot on the windowsill. That way would be more stable and let them handle the corpse. more carefully. Finally, they removed the rope from the window frame and left the scene.

But, wow! A ropeway!

You say the culprit placed their foot on the windowsill? Isn't that against school rules?

It would count as entering the gym, would it not?

Stickin' your body through the window is an automatic out, but standing on the sill is—

Wait, who asked you last time?



Way to put your foot in your mouth.

His foot!? Monosuke just unhinged his jaw and swallowed his entire leg!

C-Cut it out! I can't write this off as a joke if you two keep freakin' out about it!





Don't look at me. This is what you get for acting like a bigshot all the time.




Monodam's right.

Monosuke, you better thank Monodam! Less attitude and more gratitude, got it!?


But I guess now we know Shuichi's logic is right on the money.

So culprit really used ropeway to move body!?

Ropeway murder...! That's some crazy-ass shit!

But if the mechanism was that complicated, wouldn't it be hard to put it all away?

Not necessarily.

Which is why the crime was committed during nighttime, while we all slumbered.

Good thing sleep deprivation isn't a thing in this game, otherwise the culprit would immediately give themself away.

But if the culprit was so careful to recover the rope they used to commit the crime...

Why did they leave the inner tube in the pool?

An accident?

The reason the culprit left it in the pool is obvious...

Even if they wanted to get it, they couldn't. Because this took place at nighttime.

I see, they couldn't get the inner tube because swimming is prohibited at nighttime.

But couldn't they have used the rope to fish it out?

Not necessarily... You see, the water level in that pool is so low...

KAITO: It'd be different if they used a pole, but there's no way a rope would work.

GONTA: Even if inner tube was closer to pool edge, water still too low to drag tube in.

Yeah, it would take too long. And they would've been busted if someone saw them.

Hah! What kinda clumsy dipshit drops an inner tube and can't retrieve it!?

No, actually. Save for that one mistake, this was the perfect crime.

If Maki had never met up with Ryoma at nighttime, it might've been the end for us.

Well, I still don't know if Maki is telling the truth or not...

...Shut up.

No, respecting the culprit's intelligence is crucial in solving this case...

We're so close... We're just one step away from the truth...

Now, we just need to figure out who the culprit is!

But, of course. It would be pointless to unravel this mystery otherwise.

Hmph. Looks like it's time for me to start the main event...

Hm? Ah, okay.

You're just pushing everything onto Shuichi, because you don't know yourself.

Well, Shuichi? Do you already know who the culprit is?


Hey, Shuichi. Are you hesitating again?


I take responsibility for any mistakes my sidekick makes.

You...believe in my detective skills?

That's right! I'm gonna leave it all to you, Shuichi!


This whole setup would've had to been prepared in the gym well beforehand...