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by Solitair

Part 65: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

VIDEO: Accusation

I found this to be the hardest culprit selection in the game, because it requires you to remember something from before the intermission.

I had completely forgotten that the culprit had already tied a noose around her own neck.


Ohhhh... So Kirumi is the culprit.

That is not yet a certainty. Let us hear her testimony first.

Is this true, Kirumi?

I cannot believe you would suspect me...

...The wrong choice?

If you do believe it is me, are you prepared to stand by that decision?

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #7

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Voice clip's different from the text again! Take a shot!

The crime was committed at nighttime...

An alibi for nighttime?

I...I have evidence that proves you're the c-culprit...

Do you think we would fall for such nonsense?

Kirumi is thin and has a nice body...

She and Ryoma could've totally shared an inner tube!

We all could have, except perhaps Gonta.

There's a hole in her story somewhere, I just have to stay calm and find it!

Good thing we got this new truth bullet, huh?

Well, the preparations in the gym, in any case.

And why do you believe that?

Before the culprit could put the body into the tank, several steps needed to be taken.

That's right. Ryoma's body entered the gym from the window, but that required preparation.

But Kirumi was alone in the gym for only, like, five minutes.

Not enough time for the whole murder, but enough time to set it up.

Enough time to tie the rope on the window frame and put the pane in the piranha tank.

VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #2


I accept that. However...

The crux of your argument is naught but a guess.

When you consider that the crux of your argument is faulty...

your entire case falls apart!

How is it just a guess?

I am referring ot the rope.

Now, with that rope...

But there is no evidence to indicate this had happened!

And then you add assumptions and hearsay to that guess...

It is nothing more than deception!

I have evidence on my side, and I'll show her!

I'm surprised the markings took this long to come into play. I knew what they meant almost immediately.

Were those scratches from when the rope was tied to the window frame?

Just tying the rope to the frame wouldn't cause so much damage.

SHUICHI: The frames didn't break, but they were left with distinct marks.


Oh? What's wrong, Kirumi?

I-Is Kirumi quiet cuz... cuz that's what happened?

Please answer us, Kirumi! Shuichi is doing this for your sake—

If it is for my sake... then it would be much easier to forfeit...

Glory to mankind!

For everyone...?

I have...a duty and a responsibility... I must serve everyone and protect them...

What? Where is this coming froml?

So what did she mean by "everyone"? Is she doing this for all our sakes...? Am... Am I wrong? Is Kirumi innocent...?

No, I... I'm wrong again—


I've...just got a weird feeling about this. When you said "everyone," it felt like you weren't talking about us...

It felt were talking about someone who isn't here.

...Someone who isn't here?

Someone outside of the academy?

Hey... Do you think Kirumi saw her own motive video?

You saw your important someone in you committed murder, right?

Is that...true?


Because of that, I made all of you assume something unnecessary.


Are you saying I'm wrong? This "everyone" you're talking about—

Really? Do you swear to Atua?

Yes, really...

So please believe me. I am not the culprit. I do not care what becomes of me, but I will not allow any of you to die.

She wished for all of us to escape together.


I want to fulfill my duties as the Ultimate Maid.

I wish to serve everyone.


Ummm... Are we totally sure Kirumi's the culprit? Maybe it's someone else?

Are we sure Kokichi isn't the culprit!?

Ah-hahahahaha! How rude.

Kirumi's breakfasts were the best. She always treated us so well.

She really is like a mom...

Perhaps it was after she gained our trust that she saw her chance to strike...

You really are screwed up...


Shuichi, please reconsider suspecting me as the culprit. You only suspect me because I was at the gym during nighttime yesterday, correct?

But you cannot accuse me of being the culprit with that insufficient proof.

They could have pretended to help Himiko, but secretly prepared the murder.

When you put it that way... It does seem possible.

We can't accuse Kirumi just based on our alibis.

Yeah, maybe we should think it over one more time—

I...made a promise. As the Ultimate Detective, I made a promise to seek the truth.

They're scared... They're scared that they have to accuse one of their friends of murder.

So you still believe I am the culprit?

But there is no evidence to indicate that I am—

No, there is. l have proof that you're the culprit. I realized it when we determined that the ropeway was used to move the body.

SHUICHI: Then the final clue falls into place.

The damning evidence that proves Kirumi is the culprit.

Shuichi, won't you please tell me why you are so desperate to pin me as the culprit?


Your words aren't going to convince me now. Not when I know the truth.

...No more doubts... I'm confident I'm right! I'm going to present everyone the evidence that proves she's guilty.

SHUICHI: I thought it was just trash at first, but I couldn't dismiss it entirely. Now that the class trial has come this far...I know for certain.

Because like the inner's evidence the culprit couldn't dispose of.

H-Huh? Why not?

SHUICHI: ...But how would you control it? If it kept sliding and hit the window, the momentum would have thrown the body off. To prevent that from happening, the culprit needed some way to adjust the speed.

Kirumi...why are you becoming increasingly erratic?

Kehehe... There is such absolute beauty in trying to fight against the truth.

What "truth"?

Finding out how that black fabric fits into this is the key to everything.

VIDEO: Argument Armament


This round introduces us to prompts that require that we press and release the button at two separate times.

Like so.



Instead of Nega Time, we get this symbol bouncing around the screen, obscuring the button prompts. Activating Fever Time would get rid of it if I hadn't blown that earlier by accident.

Alright game, put your dick away.

Kirumi's glove?

SHUICHI: there would have been a lot of friction. Easily enough to cause rope burn.

Yeah! The culprit had gloves on! One got all torn up from the friction and... fell into pool?

From what I remember, the only one who wears black gloves is Kirumi, right?

Well, so does Miu, but hers are fingerless, so they wouldn't work that well as a brake, plus she couldn't have done the stuff in the gym.

The extra uniforms in our rooms are made of the same material we're wearing now.


...Well, Kirumi? Will you allow us to compare the black fabric we found in the pool with your gloves?


Kirumi...what's wrong?


In the end...I'm just like them. I'm scared of revealing the truth.

She didn't let that stop her. She thought things through to the end. I faced the truth, and doubted it, and kept thinking, and kept going...

VIDEO: Closing Argument

MUSIC: Closing Argument V3

Here we have one panel reserved for last, plus a couple more for the middle of the section.

And here's an example of why you should pay attention to the visuals as well as the written parts. Kirumi took this from the pool area, not the pool itself, but the drawing shows her approaching the innertube, so that's the right answer.

See Ryoma's body there in that panel? That's the best indicator of where it goes, too.

You have to flip through the whole thing at least twice, but it's not too bad.

MUSIC: Climactic Re-enactment V3

We're going out of order for the first time in the series, I think.

Of course, it was all part of the act. Himiko's escape went perfectly.

we saw Ryoma, with piranhas swarming around him!

While preparing for the show in the gym, the culprit had a chance to be alone.

The culprit anticipated his resistance, which is why Ryoma was handcuffed.

They returned to the lab after picking up one last thing...

And thus...the gym and the lab windows were connected by a single rope!

they hung the inner tube on the rope connecting the windows.

An impressive premeditated murder. But, the culprit made two crucial mistakes.

To avoid crashing through the window, the culprit used a brake.

The glass pane not only kept the piranhas and the body also kept the piranhas so close together, they concealed the body.

but that's when they made their second mistake.

They couldn't retrieve the evidence because of the rule against swimming at nighttime.


This is very, very unfortunate, Shuichi.

My pride as a maid demands that I fulfill every request that I receive.

Does that admit it?


Why use your own gloves, though? The warehouse should have had plenty—

Geez, Monokuma provided everything but the gloves. That's pretty sadistic.

But thanks to him, at least the game became way more interesting...

...'s decided.

W-We don't know that... Maybe the real culprit is someone nobody expects...


Oh Monodam, you're like a mommy taking care of her sick child.

The heart-racing excitement as the blackened and the spotless finally face off...

Gosh, I wonder who voted for us!?

Next time, Kirumi's services are no longer required.