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Part 66: The Boys Are Back in Town

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Monokubs File 2
Pristine Handcuffs
Round Glass Pane
Empty Tank
Magic Water Tank

piranhas came pouring (argue)
And he was eaten alive (argue)
was no trick (agree)

VIDEO: Back Route #2

Nobody's going to buy that the piranha tank was empty, but what if we tell a more fun lie instead?

Y-Yeah, see? Shuichi agrees... There's no trick. It's magic...

Himiko, why do you look so surprised?

Wait up, Shuichi! Why are you trying to white-knight your way into Himiko's heart!?

That...certainly was not my intention...

But if that trick was actual "magic," then I'm more inclined to believe she's the culprit.

If you can perform mysterious miracles, couldn't you have just swapped places with Ryoma?

N-No, wait... Ryoma couldn't have been killed by the piranhas...

Cuz the piranhas I used in my show were special. They only eat dead flesh.

Only...dead flesh?

...That is a new fact.

Ah, no, that's not it...

But...Himiko's information was useful. Ryoma was not killed by the piranhas. There's one more piece of evidence we have that proves that, too...

He totally died from all the piranhas' chomps, right?

Shame we couldn't have maintained the charade for longer, but it was fun while it lasted.

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Monokubs File 2
Insect Flee and Plead
Maki Not Alone
Overlooking Ryoma
My Alibi for Nighttime

Is "Insect Flee and Plead" even a lie?

most of us do not have one [alibi for nighttime] (argue)
[Miu has] evidence that proves (agree)
someone like you could be skilled enough (agree)
could have been done by anyone (argue)
totally shared [an innertube] (agree)

VIDEO: Back Route #3

Sorry Miu, can't help you, not with an opportunity like this.

...How so?

Last night, Kaito and I heard Maki speaking with Ryoma... But I haven't mentioned what happened after. Kirumi...any thoughts?

Yes, we did.

But I couldn't fall asleep... so I was awake until morning!

Which allowed me to hear a certain sound in the night.

A-A certain sound?

And after some time...I heard the sound of them returning.

Could it have been...the culprit!?

But all you heard was a sound? That doesn't mean you know who made it.

Which must mean that whoever left has a room on the 1st floor. No one on the 2nd floor left the dorm that night.

So everyone on the 2nd floor has an alibi? You cannot determine the culprit with just that.

Because preparing the ropeway required time to be spent in the gym...

it's extremely likely that the culprit helped set up the magic show. In short...Himiko, Angie, Kaito, or Kirumi.

I see... So among the four, the only one with a room on the 1st floor of the dorms is...


It wasn't very elegant, but my lie was certainly plausible. Will they buy it?

But unfortunately for you, Kirumi... Your time's up. We already know you're the only one capable of setting all this up.

Riiiiight, Shuichi?

...Well, that was an unexpected assist.

Well, the preparations in the gym, in any case.

I remembered that Keebo helped with the show, too, but his room is also on the second floor. I'm kind of impressed Shuichi was able to come up with this one.