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Part 68: It Serves You Right to Suffer

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Are the ingredients provided by Monokuma? Even the perishables, too?

Only Kirumi is passive-aggressive enough to use this for its intended purpose.

The only way I can return the favor is to serve as your maid... Is that alright with you?

Huh? Not at the moment.

Then why are you speaking to me?


So she probably thinks I want her to do something for me.

Sorry, Kirumi...for giving you the wrong idea.

Have a chat...with me? Of course, I do not mind such requests.

It's not a request, but more like... Well, I don't wanna make this more complicated.

Really? That's unexpected.

Is it?

Yeah, we don't have much in common... Oh, but I'm happy to talk anyway! Ask me anything!

Kirumi took out a notebook...

These questions all concern food. Do you have any food allergies I should be aware of?

Ummm... No, I don't have any.

I can't think of any foods that I really like or really hate.

I see, most impressive. Then I shall move on to my next question... Do you have a preference for certain bedding materials?

Bedding materials?

Ummm... The pillow I have right now is good enough...

What are you planning?


Kirumi gave me a confused look.

I am not planning anything. You have quite an imagination, Kaede.

Sh-She laughed at me! It's pretty rare to see Kirumi laugh.

Are you doing research?

Oh, my apologies. Are my questions causing you discomfort?

No, I did say you could ask me anything, but...

Ah, I should have been forthright with my intentions.

Pillows are important.

Yes, a proper pillow will not only ensure a good night's rest, but will prevent maladies as well. The pillows in the dormitories seem adequate, I suppose... But I would prefer that everyone had their own custom pillow.

I understand, but...why are you so concerned about that?

Why wouldn't I be concerned?

With the information you have provided, I can provide you with greater service.

What!? You'd do all that for me?

Once we are finished here, I intend to present these questions to the others.

Oh, that's why she wanted to talk to me...

O-Okay, thanks.

Kirumi sure loves to take care of people...

Who will make the first move...? Anything can happen now...

...I am here to serve everyone. So if someone wishes to survive, I will fulfill that request.

You have made me...incredibly happy.

Is it a request? There is no need for formal pleasantries. Simply state your request.

That! That right there, Kirumi! It's both your best and your worst quality!

You spoil people too much! And because of that, everyone is becoming too dependent on you!

I do not mind. Serving others is what every maid truly desires.

But at this rate, everyone's gonna start calling you "mom." Is that what you want?


Do not call me that. I am a high school student like the rest of you.

See? You don't like to be called that, do you?

A servant performs their duties while also respecting their master as a person. A servant does not "spoil" anyone.

Hmmm... You may say that, but I still think you're spoiling them.

...maybe the intent behind your desire to serve isn't getting through to us. you mean by that?

For example, in a piano recital... No matter how earnestly I play, only the people who care to listen will hear me.

A performance from the Ultimate Pianist may sound like a cacophonous din to them.

They'd probably just find it boring instead. It's not like she's playing black metal on that thing.

Yeah, I always hope that those people will gain a greater appreciation for music...

My point is, you may believe you are serving others with the best of intentions... But that doesn't mean those you serve will appreciate your help.


Do you really think that?

Yeah! And that's not the kind of maid you want to be, is it?

...No. You are correct. In pursuing my principle of selfless devotion... I must consider my own satisfaction as well.

AUDIO: Kirumi Free Time #1

Don't mention it.

I thought I was being too nosy, but...I'm glad I ended up helping Kirumi.

No, there is no point thinking about it. Anyway, I found a vacuum cleaner, so I have decided to use it at once.

As long as she's getting better equipment...

You have made me...incredibly happy.

Help me?

Give me any command. I will do anything for you.

Ah, I don't really have anything to ask of you at the moment.

Why did you talk to me then?

No, not at all. If that is what you wish for, then I will wait by your side forever.

Jeez, this is a bit much, even for her.

So, please do not hesitate and request anything.

Ah, it's not that I want you to wait on me. ljust wanted to be with you awhile.

That is a rather vague request. What do you wish for me to do?

Why did you call for me then?

Alright, how about this? Let's talk about something.

Would you like me to serve you by keeping you company?

Is that not what you wished for?

No, that isn't quite it... What should I say? Kirumi is a maid, perhaps that's why she's so insistent about this. But at this rate, I'm gonna suffocate. Kirumi is being too serious...

Didn't you chat with your classmates during lunch breaks or after school?

I had, somewhat. Why do you ask?

Well, because I want to spend time with you in that way.


Yes, that is fine. Then, let us go to the dining hall.

Good, she seems to understand.

Ah...tea, I suppose.

Understood. I will go and prepare it. Please wait.

Ah, too late. She's already in the kitchen. I didn't mean to make her prepare tea all by herself...




Kirumi returned, pushing a cart. On that cart was...

It is your afternoon tea.

Well, I can see that, but I've never seen something so extravagant! There were delectable sandwiches, cakes, and scones lined up on the cart... The tea smelled so wonderful, it put all the other tea I had ever had to shame.

Shuichi, please sit here.

Ah, yes. Thank you...

I sat down but noticed Kirumi standing still, with perfect posture as always.

But if I sit as well, then I cannot serve you.

I don't want you to serve me. Come and sit with me...

I prepared this just for you. So, please.


And I intend to complete any requests given. Please enjoy this tea.


The tea, the sandwiches, the scones, the cakes... They were all excellent.

The best detectives in the world were alive during the Victorian era...

Have you read many novels about the detectives of that era?

If you do not mind, would you tell me which detective from that era you admire most?

Well then, what should I do today? Please give me a command.

Kirumi? Is something wrong? I heard you sighing...

My apologies... It was rude to sigh in front of you...

No, I don't mind. Don't worry about it.

What about?

Since a part of my memory is lost, I cannot remember it clearly... Perhaps...because I am trapped here, I have abandoned my master. From an employer's perspective, it would seem like I disappeared without a trace...

Yes... To be unable to complete a request...

Kirumi probably thinks that's unforgivable. I'm sure that some people depend on Kirumi to work.

That is true...

Hey, Kirumi. If it's alright with you...could you tell me a little about your employer? I'm interested in hearing what kind of work the Ultimate Maid has done in the past.

The last person I served was an author of light novels.

I see, an author... How quaint, a maid that waits on an author.

How many light novels are about this exact thing? Probably more than five.

He had so many ideas. But he was in turmoil because he could not write them all. So, I offered advice on writing quickly.

Before him, I served a politician from a foreign country. I served as his maid, but I also acted as his mentor for Mahjong.

The country had a peculiar system. They decided everything with Mahjong. The person I served won against all his rivals and became the prime minister.

So Kirumi can play Mahjong too...

I complete requests as a maid would do. Which is why... If I serve you, then you will be able to walk the same path of success.

Shuichi, I see potential in you... Similar to the people I have served in the past, perhaps you are a diamond in the rough?

You think so? I can't even imagine...

You just have not realized it yet, I am not mistaken in what I see.

Maybe...but remember, I was only picked to be an Ultimate by coincidence...

Shuichi. Humility is a virtue as well...but you are self-deprecating. You should believe in yourself more.


There's no way...

Why do you deny this so adamantly?

I know myself better than anyone. I know I'm not special.

You are clouded by your own beliefs. You are stuck in a shell. Instead of breaking through your shell, you avert your eyes from your future. That is why...I cannot leave you alone.


I choose my own path. I'll be just fine, even without your help.

That is stupendous, Shuichi. You never fail to take action for your own responsibilities. It urges me to support you even more...

I am scheduled to assist Miu with her invention. I can fulfill your request afterward, provided you do not mind waiting, of course.

Yes... I should rest for a bit before I help her with the invention.

Thank you, this will help me immensely. If I use this, this can help everyone as well.

What we discussed before?

Regarding your hidden potential.

I assume you have not thought about it, judging by your reaction.

...So you can tell, huh?

Maids require the ability to sense their master's thoughts.

A maid's abilities, huh?

If I wish to fulfill all of my master's needs, then of course. Not only their needs, but there are times when I must fight for my master's safety.

Fight? What do you mean?

Not too often? What happened?

I served an owner of a conglomerate before. His daughter was kidnapped by criminals. Using his daughter, the criminal organization asked for a ransom equaling the state budget. The owner would have paid it. However, giving so much money to criminals had to be avoided.

I had the owner prepare my weapons, so that I may retrieve his daughter.

Yes. The situation called for immediate action. Of course, if I had attacked them by myself, I would not have survived. The daughter's safety was my top priority.

Shuichi... If you were in this situation, what kind of order would you execute?

You could use that to your advantage, splitting the enemy and engaging them.

Well done, Shuichi... Yes, I separated the enemy forces and neutralized them one by one.

I'm honestly amazed... Sure, I can think of it, but I could never actually do it.

So, case closed then?

No, that was not enough. If I had left them as is, they would have attempted to try again. So, that is why...

...Did she...kill them all?

I did not see as much potential in him as I see in you, but he did have some. I told him that if I served as his maid, I would definitely make him successful. He understood the situation quickly, and considered my proposal.

He would never have turned down a maid that could take out a whole group.

We are currently maintaining a butler service industry.

Ah, butlers. I see...

I'm sure that they'll do just fine if they're being taught by Kirumi.

Does that mean I need to deliver dinner to her?

She cannot enjoy her meal while standing, so I need to bring a table set as well. ...Perhaps I can find one in the warehouse.

Thank you, this will help me immensely. If I use this, this can help everyone as well.


Do you think I am the perfect maid?

From what you've told me, you're absolutely flawless... And with your support, anyone can be incredibly successful.

I do not prefer being called a "perfect maid machine."

I don't think I ever said that...

Besides, it is close to impossible to help those without potential to succeed.

Well, that may be, but...

There was such a time when I had just started my career as a maid. A businessman hired me. And he was brimming with ambition and talent. I knew he would become famous, so I did everything I could.

When my master was busy, I would take his place giving orders to his employees. That is how the company steadily grew. My master was called "Hero of our Era." But, master became unable to do anything by himself.

What do you mean...?

I thought helping my master with any responsibility would benefit him... But he cried to me, saying he was unable to make any more decisions...

Ah, that's not your fault, Kirumi... They were just too reliant on you.

No, it was my fault.

It may not be a fond memory, but it was a good experience for you.

Perhaps... I was able to re-evaluate myself as a maid. My principle of selfless devotion stems from this experience.

You're like a doting mother.


Huh? Did I say something wrong?

Please do not call me a mother... We are the same age. That can be taken as an insult for a woman. Think about it before you say it.

O-oh, okay. I'm sorry.

Could she be...self-conscious about that?

I'm surprised that you messed up like that.

Like I told you before, I am not an all-knowing, perfect machine. I am just like you... An inexperienced highschooler.

But there is still a weakness I cannot overcome... It is my most fearful enemy.

Your most fearful enemy? What's that?



I cannot cut konjac...

I assume you have not noticed... I never use konjac in my cooking.

Now that you mention it... I suppose that's true!

I have been avoiding it to elude suspicion... But I am prepared to dice it and use it!

Angie, myself, and others have been helping Himiko.

Yes, I am free at the moment, so I can commit to your requests.

Thank you, this will help me immensely. If I use this, this can help everyone as well.

Kirumi? Is something wrong?

You are about to hear me complain. I would fail you as a maid.

No, that's not true! If that's what's bothering you...

That is true... But, I do not have a master to serve at the moment... I am but a stray maid...

A "stray maid"!?

First of all, I don't think those things belong in the same category...

What should I do...?

Is being a stray maid that much of a problem?

Yes, it is incredibly dishonorable.

Either my last master disposed of me, or no person needs my assistance... That is the same as having no existence...

...Really? That bad?

Ah, Kirumi? I have a proposal for you.

If it's alright with you, of course.

If it is you, then I do not have any complaints. But, you will have to pay me... After you sign the contract, I will serve as your maid.


The standard is $10,000 per day.

Isn't that way too expensive!?

Yes, I am aware that it is more expensive than the usual market to rate... But I promise my service is well worth it. It will not be a waste of your money.

The way she said that... She's completely confident.

You're definitely worth it. It's honestly... really expensive, though.

Of course. The salary matches the quality of my service.

Such confidence...

If I say my service is valuable, then perhaps it will encourage you to hire me. But it is also my duty to provide you a service that will be worth your payment.

...Can I get a lower-quality rate?

What do you mean?

That's too expensive for me, can I get a discount or something?

I am sorry, but... I cannot lower the quality of my service. If I did such a thing, that would be a losing scenario for the both of us.


Are you sure?

If I think about it as an investment for my future, it's not so expensive. And most importantly... you get to keep your honor.



She's laughing!? Kirumi...laughing!?

I was joking.

$10,000 a day is definitely too steep of a price! Also, I was kidding about the stray maid thing.


Yes, such humor is needed from a maid to calm their master. For me, I would tell jokes to my master.

To her master?

I want to serve you regardless of the money.

AUDIO: Kirumi Free Time #2

As your personal maid... Allow me to support your future. Once we escape, will you give serious consideration to employing my services?


Honestly, I feel like Kirumi would be totally wasted on me, but... I want to see...the same potential that Kirumi sees in me.

Yeah. I'll consider it, Kirumi.

You have my gratitude... I hope it will be a wise choice.

You've learned a new skill, Bed Making.

Kirumi's Undergarments posted:

Kirumi's favorite panties. An elegant pair of underwear with deep purple lace.