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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 69: Kings of Convenience

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

AUDIO: Deep Impact

You can clearly see the meteors raining down!

Occasionally the screen shakes and a point from beyond the edges flashes red.

This is not a movie! I repeat, this is NOT a movie! This is live, unedited footage! This is real! The sky is falling before our very eyes! We've just been notified that the government has officially declared a state of emergency! Subway stations have been opened as shelters! The government is instructing citizens to remain calm and evacuate to their nearest shelter! Children and invalids are to be given first priori—

The feed cuts out.


Day 10.

We all headed to Maki's lab on the 3rd floor of the school building. And awaiting us there...was an unexpected sight.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

It's like...weapon warehouse.

See, I told you she's not the Ultimate Child Caregiver... the Ultimate Assassin?

Monokuma said everyone's Ultimate talent at the beginning of their video. Ryoma knew Maki's true identity because he had her motive video... And, because you saw that—

Hm? I knew the whole time. Given my position, I'd obviously know before any of you, right?

Oh...don't worry about it. That was a lie.

Anyway, her reaction yesterday pretty much gave away that she's the Ultimate Assassin.

But that's...not your style... Y-You would rather...kill from the shadows... Right...Miss Ultimate Assassin?

If people find out they're assassins, they get all cautious and they can't kill anyone!

Did she hide her real identity because... she was planning to kill us?

But then, why hasn't she killed anyone yet? She has had many opportunities to do so.

Please take back what you just said. I can too understand human feelings.

If you're so worried, why don't you ask her? She's been holed up in her room all day. But I can't promise that she won't try to kill you like she tried to do to me.

Nee-heehee... Good thing everyone was there to stop her, but what about next time?

The talent of a killer... That is the biggest threat to all of us who wish to survive.

Let's just lock her up somewhere so she can't kill anyone.

Huh? B-But...

I'll help, too! I don't want another killing to happen.

Ah, wait, you don't have to take it that far... It's not like she's trying to kill us—

Sneak attack...? Strike before she does? Should an Aikido master be saying those things?

If that's the case, then Atua and I will work with everyone to uphold the peace.

If so, then I'll cheer you on. I'll use my magic to pull pom poms out of my mouth.

Tch, Ultimate Assassin my ass... Always messing around...

K-Kaito? Don't do anything stupid—

O-kay! Let's leave everything to Kaito!

Hm? Oh yeah...sorry.

Hey, Gonta. Like I told you, a man shouldn't apologize so eas—

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

It's almost halftime, so the stats should be out soon for everyone to obsess over...



MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine! You guys are seriously cute. H-Have you always been this cute?

Ahhhh... I-I'm cold... V-Very cold... Hey, my cute little cubs... Could you hurry up and give them the prize...? I-It's too cold...I can't s-stand it... Hurry... I wanna go somewhere warm...




...Hah! Good one, kids. Very funny. You can show me where the hidden cameras are now.

Wh-What!? But what about all the long-time fans who—


D-Do you really think you can defy your dad!? Do you think I'd forgive such—


AUDIO: Social Upheaval



...What!? Really!?

How could you forget that!?


MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

Nyeh...he's bald again.

It seems the shock made him bald... This time...for good.


U-Um... Let's see what the prize is this time...

AUDIO: Secret Items II

Wow...what a buncha random junk. I-I mean, bravo, bravo!


Aw maaan... We didn't need more junk. We had way too much anyway. And its name is Keebo.


Also, we've hidden another Flashback Light somewhere, too. I hope you all grow even closer now that you've regained more of your memories.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Damn it... I've got too much pride as a human to let those robots push me around!

I've recorded your intolerant remarks, and will report them to the proper authorities.

So what are we going to do? If we use this junk, we can open up new places, but...

I don't know if we'll have that much fun...

I find myself more interested in the Flashback Light. Perhaps we'll recall the school's secret.

If that's the case, then we'll deal with murder girl later.

O-Okay... Got it.

If you find dangerous place, come get Gonta. Gonta will protect you.

Nyeeeh...all that aside, what are we gonna do with that thing?

Umm...let's just leave him here.


But just seeing it makes me feel sick...

Maki knows how to handle all of these...?

I exclaimed in awe at the sheer number of guns lined up. They can't be real...

Ah, of course... Monokuma wouldn't give us *real* weapons.

Exisals may be strong, but if we were to revolt with real guns... Monokuma would never allow that.


She might have taken us all out in order to escape. For her people...

There are three black cases lined up. Do they all have weapons inside?


...I'm not going to bother.

Ah, well, I don't mind, but...

Hm? You don't mind, but...what?

No, it's just that...when we were talking about Maki, you looked...really upset.

I can't believe it either... She doesn't seem like she could be some terrifying assassin...

Hah! Terrifying, huh?

Either way, leave Maki to me. I'll take down that mask of hers.

Angie's right next to us when we emerge from Maki's lab. She actually jumpscared me a bit.

Atua and I will cooperate so everyone can have a super fun school life.

Atua sees everything. Even what everyone truly desires.

What everyone truly desires?

That's right! Atua is always watching over me!

...I feel like Angie is getting more and more creepy...

Kirumi... She, too, had her own exceptional beauty.

A crime that was bold, yet calculated... A battle against the truth... Brutally killing others for her beliefs... Unfeelingly sacrificing the few for the many...

Her attempt to escape was so very ugly! It was pathetic! Pitiful! Wretched!

Kehe... Kehehehe...

......I have no idea what Kiyo is talking about. But in my own way...I also have Kirumi's last moments burned into my mind.

The beauty of humanity I've been able to witness here...has surpassed my wildest dreams... Kehe...Kehehehe... Human beings are so wonderful...

Ryoma's case was a shock, but then to find out Kirumi ran the country and Maki's an assassin... An average citizen like me can't keep up...

I'm not sure the Ultimate Cosplayer can be considered "average"...

If I ever had a reason to live as strong as Kirumi's... Or if I ever lost everything important to me like Ryoma did... If anything like that happened, I probably would've just cowered in a corner somewhere.

I think it's amazing they were even able to do anything at all. For people like them to die in this place... It's just not fair!

This is too unfair... Why are we being forced to do this killing game? Geez...I wish someone would do something...

Gonta? What's wrong?

Oh...sorry. Gonta think he see bug.

Yeah...Gonta feel like he can see it sometimes. But Gonta can barely see it... It's prolly mistake.

Cuz Gonta wish there were bugs Gonta just mistake dust for them.

...Is that really the case? Would Gonta make that mistake more than once?

I know he means well, but I'm hesitant to ask him to be a shield...

Why are you all the way back here?

...What do you mean?

Well, I *did* risk my life to tell everyone that Maki's a dangerous murder, didn't I? Speaking of which, I have no idea what she might be plotting right now...


I'm always thinking about what's best for you guys. Cuz I love each and every one of you!


VIDEO: Magic Key

What, I wonder, is beyond here? Perhaps someone awaits us?

You think...?

Kehehe... Merely a jest. Yes, this world is full of jests.

I wonder what the upper floors are like... There's nothing...dangerous, right? Or is there...?

Don't worry, Gonta will protect you no matter what.

Hm? Tuxedos essential for gentlemen, but masks too...?

I should go.

Gonta's job here done!

But you didn't do anything.

A new area opened up! Let's go, Shuichi! Even Atua is saying, "Hurry up!"

Oh, it opened with the magic key... So it was a magic door after all.

L-Look! Hidden passage here!

If you gonna move forward, let Gonta take point! Gonta can even check for traps! Forest family teach Gonta how to find and disarm traps!

Yay, we can move forward now! Alright, time to explore!

Next time, we have stairs in our house.