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Part 70: Olden Golden

NEW MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

The frightening atmosphere was so oppressive, I let out a shout without realizing it. going on in here...?

Please stop... If I hear any scary stories, I won't be able to go to the bathroom alone.

Oh, but she say it made-up story... So that mean it okay, right?

Uhh, you okay?

Y-Yeah... At least, that's what Monokuma said.

This floor doesn't seem very school-y at all, though, does it?

...I'm not sure what you mean by that.

I mean...this floor's atmosphere is completely different, like it's a whole other building.

And all the research labs are amazing... How much money was put into this school? And it was all built just for us...

They did mention that the labs were so we could develop our talent. You research your talent, perfect it... That's kind of like a school, isn't it?

And yet, at the same time, they're trapping us here and making us kill each other.

Yeah, it doesn't make sense. We were brought here and then forced to do the killing game...

Umm...I don't understand at all. My plain mind has hit its limit. What on earth is this Academy for Gifted Juveniles?

It's okay... The murder story was just made up.

Not just story... Gonta just have weird feeling... Maybe stain on that wall over blood...

It's just a stain... It's probably just staged, y'know?

Monokuma or the Monokubs probably just put it there to scare us.


So the script has been flipped, huh?

Well, it's not that I'm okay with it... It's just when it's so overdone like this, it makes it seem fake, so I feel okay.

But Gonta... You were so reliable until just now.

Eh!? Oh, no! But tuxedos essential for gentlemen...!


Tuxedos essential for gentlemen... Gonta never gonna become gentleman...

What's all this, then?

Is that...?

Nah. Must have been a weather balloon.

This is creepy... Hard to see, too.

It seems like something that would appear in an occult manga. There's a tragic feeling here.

It really does feel like something is going to pop out at you...

Even though I said all seems like something is going to jump out after all. This feels like one of those old abandoned asylums full of lunatics or criminals. To the point that I'd half-expect to see a corpse burst through a wall and chase us.

Sorry...that's not something to joke about.

Nothing here... What this room for, anyway?

There no windows here... It get pitch black if candles go out.

Ah, please don't put them out... I don't really like the dark.

I can't imagine many people do...

Oh... This floorboard got no nails in it.

Ah, really?

Yeah. Floorboard just resting on top of crosspiece.

I suppose it's not just my imagination.

Gonta not worry about falling through floor all of a sudden.

But, it's pretty dark here... It's a little hard to see where we're stepping.

It doesn't look like there's anything important here... Just an empty room.

Oh! This not only empty room. You see three same-looking doors in hall, right? All those rooms empty, just like this one. And they only got candles for light too.

Ah, so there are three of them.


Then...can we leave soon? The darkness and this shaky floor are making me nervous. It's only a matter of time before the shutters burst open and a newspaper gets blown in.

But...there are no windows, though.

I can see a gap in the corner. I should be careful...

Let's check the other rooms, just in case.

Yep, all the same, right down to the swamp gas. We should do something about that..

There's also this weird wall the game won't let me examine.

I should look inside.

There are various objects stored in shelves and cases. Some of them seem very rare.

It's so wonderful, my face contorts with glee. Not even university labs are so well-stocked.

I suppose there's no point thinking about it. Nothing in this place makes sense.

This is truly amazing... Not even university labs are so well-stocked. Having all this to myself gives me some complicated feelings, as I am a researcher.

hey kiyo i'm gonna touch all your shit k thnx

I don't think I could read all of these if I had a million years...

The bookcases were full of books, but I imagine this one is special.

This one...looks like it was bound by hand.

Unlike his usual quiet self, Kiyo shouted and ran over to me with an alarmed expression. With steady, careful hands, he took the book from its showcase.

What is that book, Kiyo?

It extremely precious document.

The Caged Dog Village had a reputation for using many dark arts and spells... The village was destroyed at the hands of a feudal lord who feared their power...

Which means...this is all her handwriting. This book is an extremely precious one-of-a-kind relic that has been soaked in her bitter grudge.

One of a kind? That *is* valuable...

Since I was fortunate enough to obtain one of those copies, l have already memorized it.

Kehehe... But I never thought I'd be able to lay eyes on the real one... What a trick of fate.

Ah, Kiyo...what did you mean by reputation?

They surpass the comprehension of people who live in a world of science and technology. That is was buried in the darkness. Along with the entire Caged Dog Village.

But it seems those were no mere rumors. I can feel power seeping out from this book. The deep-seated grudge of a girl whose village was destroyed...permeates every letter...

Sparkling Justice is anthropological now?

It's rusted in places but looks about a yard long and still sharp. Is that real gold...? It's probably valuable...

Kehehe... You were drawn to that katana, I see. However, it is merely coated with gold leaf.

Ah, so it's not made of gold.

In certain rural areas, katanas used to defeat generals in wars are worshipped as gods... That is one such katana. It is an extremely precious relic necessary to spread—

...Would I lie to you!?

Kokichi completely ignored Kiyo's warning and unsheathed the sword.

Hmm, I see... It could also be used as a murder weapon.

Kokichi...that is an extremely precious relic. Please do not treat it so lightly, or...

O-Okay, I get it... Please don't make such scary threats...

Kokichi slid the sword back into its sheath and handed it back to Kiyo.

But I guess that's what makes it an authentic katana! is very old, so the gold leaf comes off easily. In any event, please do not touch things without permission. These are all precious relics.

I-I get it... The scary threats really aren't necessary...

...So that's what Kiyo sounds like when he gets angry.

Nee-heehee... This is the first time I've seen Kiyo get so mad. He's scary when he's mad. If he tore out my nerves, I think I might cry!

It has some kind of strange power to it... It makes me shiver just looking at it.

Kiyo, quivering with excitement, reached out to that peculiar dog statue...and slowly removed the white fabric on the pedestal.

Perfect? For what? What are the statue and cage for?

Kehehe... I never thought I would be able to touch the real thing in all my life. Today is a momentous day, indeed...

He's so focused that he's not even listening.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

...The what?

The Caged Dog Village documents contain many dark arts unique to that village. Of all of them, the one I find most interesting is a seance called "The Caged Child"...

Kehehe... To discover it exists is surprising enough, but to actually have it before me...

So...would you like to try? Let us converse with the dead using The Caged Child, shall we? thanks. I don't have any interest in the occult...

Some matters you refer to as the occult are of the utmost importance to anthropology. Dismissing things you don't understand as the occult is a defilement to all cultures, yes?

Ah, yes, but talking to the dead


Speak...with the dead... If it were possible, I suppose... I'd like to talk to her one more—

Even if it were possible to speak with the dead... I don't have anything to say. Not yet. The only thing I'd want to say is... We escaped. We finally got out of here...

Kehehe...that determination is beautiful. Perhaps you are correct. Calling on the dead out of curiosity would only be a blasphemy.

...I felt a shiver up my spine.

Next time, Tenko acts halfway decently for a fucking change!