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Part 71: Painted Shut

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Going past Kiyo's lab, we find these. They just look cool; they don't do anything.

Looks like our next blood door.

It's usually for when something bad happens... I hope it stays off.

...It's locked. I suppose I can't get in here.

I should investigate a little.

I grabbed the doorknob and turned it...

But why is it locked? The other Ultimate Labs weren't locked...

Oh, by the way...this lab has some kinda rear entrance at the end of the hallway...

But that was locked, too.

In case you didn't check it yourself.

If both the doors are locked, how are we going to get inside?

As if on cue, we heard the metallic click of a lock opening...and the door slowly opened.

Angie!? You were in here?

I feel weird chatting out here, so let's all go inside already, okay?

How pushy...

Ever polite, Angie invited us into the lab anyway.

But why does this lab have locks...?

What does that mean?

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

That doesn't make any sense!

So what!? Just lemme do it! If you don't...

Kyaaaa! That's unsanitary!


We were just messing around. Y'know, cuz we're friends...


So, what's up with the key?

I must shut out all people and noises so that I can be one with the great Atua.

Nyahahaha! Atua is much too shy to be one with me in front of people!

Wow! Like a pornstar!

So any room where I'm gonna make art needs to have a key, but...

And these are all my favorite art supplies and sculpting tools, too... How did you know?

U-Ummm... What should I say? I'm...not a good improviser.

C-Calm down...I'm even worse.


I don't wanna be friends with you. I'm only interested in Monokuma. I don't wanna get friendly with knock-off products.


N-Now now, Monodam... We haven't given them the key to this room, have we?

It'd be bad if you lost it. You wouldn't be able to lock the door or open it from the outside.



Monodam swiped the key from Monophanie, then lifted it to his mouth...

What are you doing? If you swallow that key, you'll definitely choke on it.


Oh,'re so reckless.

Let's carry Monodam away for now. We'll carry him like a kind boss taking care of a drunk employee.

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

But I'm only gonna lock this door when I'm inside working, so... I don't care if I can't open or close the door from the outside.

Oh, I guess that's fine then...

That's probably why this lab fits Angie's tastes so well... So does that mean...this school was specially made for us?

Monokuma has claimed that before... but is that really possible? This giant complex was built just for the sixteen of us?

As long as it's comfortable, I'm fine.

If our lives here become more enriched, then there's even less reason to leave this place.

Ah-haha, that's truuue.

Are we supposed to be okay with that...?

We can clear out almost everything in this room.

I wonder... Is it supposed to be like this? Or did they just not finish it in time?

Those cheap knock-offs are useless. Like that time they mixed up the Kubs Pads.

I don't care. This kinda bare ceiling doesn't bother me.

Yeah, I don't care either. If it makes life here more interesting, then I'm fine with that.

Should we be fine with that?

Sculpting tools, chisels, and a wooden hammer! What a divine collection of tools! These are all my favorites, so I can make do even if I don't have access to DeepSea.

Now that you mention it... I don't see any completed pieces in here. I would expect an art room to have sculptures and replica paintings and things like that...

Ohhh, this is wax for making wax sculptures.

Ah, wax sculptures, huh? You can make those, Angie?

Unlike wood or stone, wax has a soft texture for sculpting.

Ah, I see.

But, but it seems like people have been making wax sculptures for a long time. In ancient times, death masks used to be made from wax.

A wax death mask... That's kinda scary.

This door is super crappy... I'm guessing this is the rear entrance.

He's not kidding. The texture on the knob and lock is distractingly low-res.

Ah, right, and the door that we used...

The same classroom has two different kinds of locks for the doors. That's mildly infuriating.

Symmetry is a western beauty ideal. They like symmetry and the golden ratio and such...

But I think asymmetry and partition functions are more beautiful.

Well, I don't really get it, but... I suppose that makes sense.

I have other places to check.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Going all the way back down...



Oh, you just made Himiko angry! Someone like you wouldn't know this, but this is Himiko when she's mad!

Himiko...your expression doesn't change much, so it's hard to tell what you're feeling.

Changing a pain.

That's the only reason you don't do it?

Something she has to tell me? What could it be?

In the last trial, I admitted there was a trick to the water tank. But I didn't use it. I did the Underwater Escape Act with magic. That was magic.

Got it?


But...I'm filled with regret.


Plus...if I hadn't used all my magic doing the Underwater Escape... I could've instantly killed the piranhas and saved Ryoma's body...


It seems a mage... I've still got a ways to go...

I meant it when I said that I was sick of the killing game...

We're gonna escape this place, without resorting to killing! We can't give up!

You're right. We can't give up.

With Himiko by my side, I'll fight to carry on Kaede and Kirumi's wishes!

...Might as well.

You should be grateful that I'm being nice and including degenerate wishes at all!

VIDEO: Ninja Scroll

A...A building? What kinda technology makes a building suddenly appear?

Like, I wouldn't care if a chef came by car or train, as long as they made me good food!

Is that really the same?

Ah, no, I used an item on the statue—

It's my magic.

...Yeah, let's go with that.

Now, let's gooooo!

...Oh, Shuichi, you can decline. I'd actually prefer it, since you're a degenerate and all.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Alright, let's go inside! Don't be shy, Himiko! Ladies first!

Nyeeeh...what a paiiinnn...

Pushing Himiko along, Tenko stepped inside the building.

I suppose I should check inside too.

With all these Mokujin, Tenko finally has someone she can match wits with.

Is this for some kind of jump training? It's like a kung-fu movie...

Nyeeeh...what a pain... There's no mana here... This is not my kind of place...

The arms move when the camera zooms in.

It's a large doll made of wood... Ah, wait..."is" it a doll? Is this supposed to watch over us and protect us?

Wh-Why are you *angry*?

An emotional rollercoaster... The complete opposite of Himiko.

Wow, this is such a nice dojo! I'm sure sparring will be incredible here!

But, without a sparring partner—

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: Tenko's Practice! Boys Edition


AAUGH! Wh-What was that for!?

Neo-Aikido is a super serious martial art! Instead of training, we just fight head-on!

*This* is just kidding? Why did we go straight into actual fighting—

MUSIC: Heartless Journey


You lack self-esteem...and because of that, you doubt your strength. You seem more confident than before, but I can tell you still question yourself. ...Well!? I'm right, aren't I!? I can tell when my sparring partner is burdened by doubt!

You know what works real good at lifting all that doubt!? Neo-Aikido! Because Aikido itself is a Japanese martial art, that treasures a pure heart above all else!

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie


By force? I thought this was about being pure of heart...

Nyeeeh...l don't wanna do any exercise. It's too much of a—

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: Tenko's Practice! Girls Edition



What a waste. You have the richest heart of all.

Now, come sweat with me! And afterward, we'll hit the showers together!

Nyeeeh... M-My back...'re angry. I can see it in your heart.

Even I can see that...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Aikido is not about competing for fun to see each other's strengths and weaknesses. By working together and using techniques that make full use of your mind, body, and can measure your physical and mental growth. That is the true purpose of Aikido.

Aikido is not a martial art for inflicting harm, but a way to improve yourself! What do you think? Pretty amazing, right?

That sounds like a good creed, but I still got thrown...

M-My back hurts... If you do that again... I'll definitely turn you into a gross frog... But right now...I have to use all my magic to fix my back...

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

N-No... It's too soon... I'm not ready for that...

I won't make things worse... And you'll probably feel a lot better... We can take this relationship to the next level... Please.

It'll be fine...just come with me. We'll do it together.

What was that...? I feel like I just saw something I wasn't supposed to see.

I should...check to see what's going on. Just in case...