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by Solitair

Part 72: Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Yes, we do have to go through with this. Buckle up!

I heard a strange sound... When I looked for the source of the sound, my eyes were met with an unbelievable sight.

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: This Is My First Time...

...Throbbing with dust and debris, that is. Mm-mm... This is no good. No good at all. You must feel so pent up...

I apologize... I've been neglecting my needs ever since I got here...

Relax... I'll get it all out. Trust me, you'll feel much better afterward...

Oh, um... Thank you?

Oh yeah, your chassis is firm... *Really* firm. Like, damn... Your body is seriously incredible! I've...never seen one like this...

C-Careful... B-Be gentle... That tickles...

This is amazing... Whoever put you together definitely knew what they were doing... Ahhhh... I feel...all tingly...

Y-You definitely know what you're doing, too. If you keep this up, I just might— WH-WHOAAAAA!

Mmmmmm... So that's the sound you make when I touch that spot. Good to know...

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

...Indeed. Nothing but that.

Looks like Shuichi missed something here.

This object greets us on the third floor.



Wh-What are *you* doing here!?


...I suppose he wants me to follow him. What could be down there?

Monokuma is glancing back and forth at me and the picture on the wall.

Ah, I see. It's not a canvas... It's a pane of glass.


Alright, it's worth a try.

I held the hammer in my hand, faced the glass in front of me...and threw it as hard as I could.

VIDEO: Golden Hammer


Hmm. If Kirumi were alive, this might give her some deja vu.

This is...eerie in a different way.

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!



L-Let's just play along... We'll put ourselves in danger if we defy him.

It's true what they say—the serious ones are the scariest when they finally snap.


So this is the computer room.

Computer room?

But this computer isn't just some ordinary computer. This computer you're lookin' at is, like... super amazing.

Yeah, a new world! You can use this to create a new world!

You totally said way too much.

You're so forgetful, Monotaro! You gotta try to remember what you can and can't say!





MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

This machine can make a new world... What are they talking about?

I'm not good with computers...I don't think I'd understand it no matter how much I investigate.

Introducing the Xbox One Million.

This machine can make a new world... What could that mean?

With how little I know about computers, I don't think I stand a chance.

I guess...I have no choice but to leave it be for now.

I opened the chest eagerly, and...

With this...I can find out what this place is, why we're here...

Wooow! You're pretty dependable, despite that lame face of yours! I respect that.


I'll get the others. You just bring that to the dining hall, Shuichi.

Welp, off I go! See yaaaaaaa!

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Yes, it's true.

Wait, so Kokichi *wasn't* lying! I'm stunned! Startled! Shocked!

See? I told you I wasn't lying. Good thing too, cuz I don't want my pants on fire.

Maki's not here either!

Oh, Maki's not coming. I didn't invite her.

Huh? You didn't invite her?

Forget about that killer. Hey Miu, Kee-boy, did you guys see the computer room on the 4th floor?

Yeah, there was a big computer on the 4th floor. Would you take a look later? You or Keebo might know something about it, right?

I'm sorry. I'm not very computer savvy.

O-Oh... Is that so...? That's...unexpected.

Well...I can do all sorts of things.

Kee-boy's existence is the only Ultimate thing about him. Other than that, he's got no talent.

I don't really get it, but we just need to check out this computer room, right?

Ah, well... The Monokubs did say it was amazing...

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker


Well, this is about that Flashback Light, so everyone should be here, yeah?

But...when you say "everyone" do you truly need to include a professional killer?

...I'm leaving.

Kaito gripped Maki's arm before she could leave.

Kaito, didn't you say you wanted to take down her mask or whatever?


I just can't believe a girl like her is capable of killing people in cold blood..


Have you...killed anyone before?


Really...? hide that?



MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

Eventually...that fear will turn into hate. And then someone will try to kill me because they're afraid I'll kill them first.

That's not—


Hmm... You've lived a pretty sad life, Maki.

Oh...poor, poor Maki. I feel so sorry for you. I think I'm about to cry...

She's an assassin, not some murderous fiend! Even if she did kill someone, that doesn't mean she thinks it's okay to—

Hm? O-Oh...

Kaito finally let go of hr arm, and Maki let out a sigh.

I knew you wouldn't believe me... That's why I kept it a secret...and tried to avoid you guys as much as I could.

Huh? Are you talking about me?

However, I'll say this... I have no intention of killing any of you...unless one of you tries to kill me first. guys mind your business, I'll mind mine, and we'll all agree to avoid each other. Please...just pretend I'm not even here.

It started out as a threat, but the last bit...seemed a little sad.


Geez, Kaito. What were you thinking? Are you trying to turn us against each other? I think I speak for everyone when I say, we're all disappointed in you! Right, guys!?

Shall we finally get started? We've all gathered here for the Flashback Light, yes?

Yes... So, have we all decided what we're going to do?

Use it, of course! We might be able to remember something new!

Like the true purpose of the Ultimate Hunt...

Hey, instead of arguing, it'd be way faster to just use it, y'know?

Yeah... Gonta worry, but we gotta do it.

If you think like that...

We'll just be repeating ourselves.

Then let's give it a try. Shuichi, go for it.

Umm, I'm a little nervous... I'm sort of...just plain nauseous.

And at that moment, once again...


VIDEO: Shuichi's Flashback Light

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell

AUDIO: Ultimate Loss

???: It looked accident. They were running away from that group.

???: ...Was it really just an accident though? I honestly can't believe that.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

What...was that? A funeral? It...was mine... It was everyone's here!

It would appear we all remembered the same thing.

AUDIO: Ultimate Loss, Part 2

But...the only thing I can remember is seeing that funeral. Nothing else...

Ahahahahahaha! No way!

Geez...this is so stupid, I couldn't help but laugh. I mean...there's no way that was our memory of our funeral...

Then what was it?

School festival?

Yeah, it was probably a memory from a play we did for the school festival or something. I mean, isn't it obvious if you just think about it?

Nyeeeh...that's true.

But aren't we all from different high schools? Why would we have a school festival together?

Th-That's...we'll probably remember something else about it later.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

You're right... If we think about it logically, that's clearly out of the question...

Okay...good. Gonta think everyone was already dead.

Stop saying stupid stuff! Look at me, I'm alive! Hale and hearty!

Hardy? Cuz you get a hard-on every time you see me?

Hey! St-Stay in your lane, bitch!

I'm not good with other people's dirty jokes...


A disappointment?'s true. This Flashback Light was a real letdown...

I'm starting to imagine Steve Moffat writing these Flashback Lights. "What does this memory mean? Keep killing and maybe you'll find out!"

We didn't find out anything about the Ultimate Hunt. Just some weird memory.

Yeah, seriously. Talk about a disappointment...

Oh, no! It's nothing! I'm just lying again, so don't worry about it!

I wish you wouldn't have said anything in the first place...

It can't be a memory of a real funeral... We have to learn more about this... No matter how hard I think about it, I can't wrap my head around it.


...I could ask Monokuma for a hint. That would help, but...

I still have some time left today. Maybe I'll head out, clear my head...