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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 73: Clams Casino


Now that we've seen all of the trial minigames, we can play the rest of the casino games.

Maybe I'll try this one...

OUTLAW RUN Driver's Manual
Run over the targets with style and try to get the high score!
Get a bunch in a row, combos are stylin'! Monodam is a bonus and Monokid is a boost!

This has nothing to do with driving at all.


No higher difficulties yet, so I'm sticking with the slot machine this chapter. There are a lot more Monopad themes available, so I was at them for a while.

On the lowest difficulty, OUTLAW RUN is just connecting the dots between groups of two to three pedestrians. Occasionally there's another car. It's quite lenient.

It gets a bit more challenging when you get one of these, but I still hit every single target.

Monokid also moves the car farther up the road from your camera, which makes it harder to see ahead.

Call me Easy Rider.

Maybe I'll play it for a little while...?

TREASURE HUNTER! Monolith Treasure Hunting Guide
Connect two or more of the same color! Uncover the hidden salmon fossils!
Try to find the rare Monokub statues! Dig them up whenever you see one!

Are salmon fossils treasure...?


Unlike with the trial, isolated blocks can't be removed, since progression isn't at stake.

Still, ten minutes is a generous timer, so I felt confident thinking ahead this time.

Obviously I wasn't as judicious if I hadn't located an object yet, which locked me out of getting that fish in the middle.

Still, I did better than I thought I would. Maybe I can learn how to do this game well after all. That's about it for now.