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Part 79: The Less I Know the Better

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

So we'll be taking a break from making announcements. While Monodam and I are on break, we'll leave the rest to Daddy.


MUSIC: Darkness Time

Time to train... But is Kaito okay?

And now the doorbell won't stop ringing. I suppose he's doing just fine.

Do they plan for us to wear this forever? It makes it easier to tell us apart, I suppose...

Kaito's resting. He says he's not feeling well...and that we should train without him.

...Just the two of us?

It's pretty thoughtless of him to bug me to train with you guys, then flake out...

Ah, well, he *did* say he wasn't feeling well—

Ah, no, I... I guess you're right.

Let's just get this over with. I didn't come here to make small talk with you.

So we're really going to do this. Training...just the two of us.

AUDIO: Training Together




What is it?

Why are you training...? I don't think a detective needs to do this.

...Probably not, but... Overthinking things and worrying about what I "need" to do... When I'm with Kaito, I feel like... all of that stuff just fades away.

Do you...look up to that idiot?

Ah, I don't know if I'd call it "looking up" to him... It's just that I've never been around someone so relaxed...and impulsive. I think that's exactly what I've been missing all this time...

*sigh* I never realized until now how gross it is to hear men talk about being manly.


Maki sprang up and said...

Maki seemed nonchalant as she brushed off her hands.

You're really usual.

I used to be forced to do push-ups until I passed out. 100 push-ups is nothing.

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

About Kaito... I sort of understand what you mean.

But I'm a bit jealous of how carefree he is...even if he is useless. I was taught to only value the essentials... I was forced to abandon anything nonessential so they could mold me as they saw fit...

I didn't ask to become this way. It just...happened to me... After what I've been I still even human? Even Keebo acts more human than me.



...Why am I talking to you about this? You can't help me.

Ah, but...I'm kind of the same way.

Uncovering people's secrets for money?'s the worst.

But now, I feel completely different. If it's going to help my friends, I'll do it. And it's Kaede and Kaito that have helped me see things that way.


Maki's face remained totally unfazed as she turned and walked away.

Ah, see you tomorrow, Maki!

She didn't reply and kept walking.

Alright then...

I hope that it's nothing serious.

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Why? I'm not violating any school regulations, am I?

But Kirumi's crime happened during nighttime, right?

If no one was allowed to walk around at nighttime, that case wouldn't have happened.

"Limit"... So, basically, you want to take our freedom away, is that it?

Nyahaha! You're so odd, Maki. What's more important—freedom or a person's life?


Cuz that's what Atua says.

That's what Atua says.

Atua says...

It's for the peace of the academy...


MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3



Day 12.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3


I suppose I'll go to the dining hall.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

G-Good morning...

Are you heading to the dining hall? Nee-heehee, same here! I'm too hungry to do anything.

With Kirumi dead, we can't eat her delicious meals anymore...

Ah, Kirumi's not your mother though...

Uh, yeah? You think I don't know that?


Welp, see ya later!

...Hey, you okay?

Okay? What do you mean?

...If you don't know, then don't worry about it.

W-Well if you say it like that, it makes me worried!

They told me...I can't walk around during nighttime anymore.

What? Why? It's not breaking the rules, is it?

They said it's because Kirumi committed her crime during nighttime.


We shouldn't ignore Angie. Losing our freedom may seem fine for now, but soon enough...

...Well, I'm sure Angie's not interested in anything I have to say.

With the student council running things like this, a rift might form in the group. And then we'll be in a situation we can't go back from. And resurrecting the dead is going to be a problem as well.

Good morning... Are you going to have breakfast as well?

Yeah, are you coming?


If you are able, can I request your assistance?

Organizing your lab? With all the stuff in that bookcase, it must be hard...

Oh, not at all... That bookcase is a mountain of treasures. I've found things besides the Caged Dog Village documents that detail other seances.

The seance again...

In any case, I would like to sort my various documents... Well? Will you assist me?

Y-Yeah, sure, if I have time.

If most of the other students are busy, sure, we can stop by and help.

Excellent. Please drop by at your earliest convenience. Well then...

He's obsessed with it...

The hell's all this morning chatter about...? I'm fuckin' tired...

Did you stay up all night with the computer?

Cuz that thing is amazing! The more I research it, the more excited I get! Ahhh, I bet it won't let me sleep tonight! At this rate I might pull all my groin muscles!

Miu...what *happened* to you?

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

Hmmm? But I have Atua's blessing.

Hm...I know you claim to be the student council, or somesuch, but this is going too far, yes?

As we've said before, this is all to end the killing game and keep the peace.

I don't understand why everyone's getting so mad... This is so the killing game won't happen and we'll have a peaceful life here...

Student council has spoken! This decision for everyone's sake!

The decision of the student council... What does that mean? Is Kaito upset about it?

We're doing this to eradicate the killing game and bring peace to this school. You want that too, don't you, Shuichi?

The most important thing is peace in the academy. That's what we're working towards. This is for your guys' sakes, too, y'know?

What!? Are you defying the student council!? Don't make me throw you, Shuichi!

Reliance on a god is unavoidable... But dependance is problematic.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Dependance is a trait of one with a corrupted mind. The only thing we can truly depend on...

Men who say creepy things like that are worse than co-workers who won't stop talking to you.

What was that fight all about? I should hear it from Kaito...

They may call themselves the student council, but it seems "Atua" makes all their decisions. Meaning they care little for the wishes of the students to begin with.

Uh-ooohh! Trouble already! Well, I knew this was gonna happen.

...Go and stop Kaito. Yelling at each other won't get anything done.

Fuck your Atua! Don't just act on your own without hearing our opinions! Mainly mine!

Why is everyone so upset? I've already been granted permission by Atua!

These guys did something unbelievable.

The manhole?

Gonta put heavy rocks on top of manhole, so no one can use it anymore.

I could've made it disappear with my magic, but I decided to let Gonta handle it this time.

Why...would you do that?

We don't want another tragedy to happen again, like what happened to Kaede.


You said it, Angie! We need to forget all about that underground tunnel and start fresh!

It certainly is important to hear everyone's opinion, but if we did, nothing would get done.

That's why we just decided to obey the student council president! If it's Angie, then she'll make the right decision! She can hear Atua, after all!

Man, she's a lost cause. Plain Janes like her are total rubes when it comes to cults.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

AUDIO: God with Red Hair and Black Eyes


Thank you for always supporting me. Atua smiles on you for your plain and simple service.

I've been wondering...does Atua have red eyes and hair as black as night?

Atua has whatever features you desire.

When can I meet him!? I want to meet him as soon as possible!

Atua exists beyond time itself, but I'm certain you will feel His presence very soon.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

...Cults like these can be reaaally annoying if you get on their bad side.

But, but why are you guys so mad over the manhole being covered?

Wh-What the hell's wrong with you guys!?

The student council cannot ignore that. It seems we must tighten our control.

Tighten...? Are you callin' me loose!?

Eh? S-So what if I was!?

So was Maki. She didn't go back to her room until way past nighttime. too, right?


Atua is right... We must forbid everyone but the student council from walking at nighttime.


Wh-What!? What I do and where I do it is none of your fuckin' business!

No, as long as everyone still wants to leave, that is not acceptable.

Nyahaha! I'm not worried about the student council. They don't want to leave anymore.

That's right. Why would we need to go outside anyway? Here, we have food, clothing, shelter, wonderful friends, and best of all, Atua.

D-Don't be stupid! Are you telling me to just stay here and do nothing!?

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!


...What are you here for? We're busy right now.


It's part of our "Use the Flashback Light to restore a new memory...and become better friends by talking about it with each other" plan!

Ah, let me see that.

Suddenly, Angie grabbed the Flashback Light from his hands and...


AUDIO: The Student Council's Authority

She threw it on the ground and stomped on it relentlessly!


Nyaha! The student council has decided that we will not use Flashback Lights anymore.

What!? Wh-Why!?

Because the Flashback Lights only restore our memories of the outside world. But we don't need those memories anymore. We realize now that we don't belong in the outside world... We belong here, at the Ultimate Academy...

MUSIC: Wonderful Story


Hey! He ran away!

Heyyyyyy Monodaaaaam! Waaaaait!

A-Angie...what are you doing!?

We could've remembered something about the funeral or the Ultimate Hunt!

There's no reason to remember all that. We're not returning to the outside world.

Wh-Why you... You've gone way too far! Even if you want to stop the killing game, you're going way too far.

Sorry, but you should take that up with Atua.

Geez, I don't think you're sorry at all. So, do you have a plan for the "you-know-what"?


What...are you planning?

Just a necessary precaution. The more friends we have, the more fulfilling our lives will be.

Ummm... What if we get another time limit motive, like the one that got Rantaro killed?

You mean...if someone has to die, we should volunteer someone we resurrected?

You're going to resurrect someone...just to kill them all over again?

Kehehe... You have some cruel plans for someone who wants to stop the killing game.

But, but! We must submit to Atua's will if we're to live a peaceful school life.

Atua's will is absolute.

If Atua says so, then there's nothing we can do about it.'s just like Atua says.


Kaito...what's going on with you? You're looking worse and worse...

That motive is of no concern to us, as long as you cast aside your desire to escape.

By the way...who are you going to resurrect?

Wh-What kind of stupid question is that!?


Well...we simply cannot resurrect convicted murderers, such as Kaede and Kirumi... Nor criminals like Ryoma, who violated the rule against sharing one's motive video... Which leaves Rantaro as the only one who'd be of use to the student council...


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Does the term Ultimate Hunt ring a bell for anyone?

Kaede...killed him.

I must pray to Atua and begin preparations for the ritual.'re right. It's time to pray to handsome Atua.

Well then, let's go.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Even so, we cannot defy her right now. Extreme faith is frightening, indeed.

Also, we have the assassin on our side! Let's have her kill them nice and quick!

Ah, no... We have to resolve this peacefully.

Sure, that'd be great, but I don't hear anyone coming up with a plan to end this peacefully.

...What about you, Kaito? You've been quiet this whole time. I bet you have some great ideas.

Huh? You say something?

Uh-oh... *Someone* was zoning out.


Kaito... Something doesn't seem right.

I'm down to resurrect the dead if they're just gonna be sacrificed after comin' back anyway! Doesn't matter if they die once, twice, or a hundred times...


Wh-What...? Why are you glaring at me?

Y-Y-You should wait for your balls to drop before you try to side-eye me!

No one can go against Angie at the moment. But what's even more worrying... Her followers may begin acting on their own, using her name as an excuse.

...That's one way of looking at it.

Er, uh, I mean...I understand what you're tryin' to say...

But that numbnuts, Kaito, isn't following along at all! Explain it for him!


He's still zoning out.

Seems like it... He didn't even respond to Miu teasing him.

Well, let's just put aside that pathetic mess for now... Just explain everything for this stupid bitchlet and her cow tits.

...Such a situation is common among groups with absolute leaders. To gain the favor of their leader... Or to sacrifice themselves to their faith... The followers begin to take more radical actions.

Eh? Rule over us?

Th-That might become a problem down the line...

Well, I doubt they'd start with that... But it's only a matter of time.

Oh, yeah. If we wanna start a war against the student council...we should wait until after the resurrection ritual. want to go along with this motive?

Because it sounds fun! Don't you wanna see the resurrection ritual, tool?

I don't want him to come back to life.


It's cuz...I love you most, Shuichi. I'm always thinking about you...


You're so admirable! That's why I wanna support you!

Oh wait, that's a lie!


Sacrificed a family member? As in...killed them?

Yeah, as a show of force. Maybe that's what happened to Rantaro... What if Rantaro was working for the mastermind? Bringing him back might be a bad idea.

N-No, that's idiotic! Rantaro couldn't have been working for the mastermind...

We only knew Rantaro for a short time. He did seem as though he was kind of used to the killing game.

Nee-heehee... Looks like you're starting to understand what I'm getting at, Shuichi.

If he comes back to life, then that's that! Nothing we can do except look forward to it!


Do you think there's a way to get both sides to understand each other?


You said it earlier, right?

I...don't know right now. But I know that nothing will be resolved talking like this.

True, but...

There are two sides to this... Why don't we just "remove" one of them?


Maki... Angie...

...I know that already. It's just an option in the world I'm from. Just...think about it. That's all.



Resurrecting the dead is impossible. And even if it wasn't, would they really want to come back? Do you think they'd want to come back and live through this situation again?

...I wonder.

Just because they've died once doesn't mean they won't try anything...

O-Oh, it's nothing. I just feel a chill is all... If I rub some spit on it, it'll feel better.

...Rub spit on what, exactly?

Th-There's no way... It's just not possib— I can't stop these chills!


...What was that about? Is he getting sick?

We were just talking about all that occult stuff. Maybe he's possessed...

You seem to be enjoying this...


My goal is the same as Kaede's. Get out of here, with everyone. And that means...I need to do something.

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