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Part 83: Ritual de lo Habitual

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Oh, and...

It's safe to say that Tenko has betrayed the student council, right?


I hope you will recommit yourself to the student council and help us make this place our paradise.


Oh, it's nothing. Tenko simply betrayed the student council and brought these two to change my mind.

That sounds like a big problem, but if you're saying "it's nothing" then...

Angie, you really *are* loved by Atua!

And you are loved by Atua in return, Himiko!

S-Stop're making me blush.


Tenko walked toward Himiko and gripped her firmly by the shoulders.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water


Please, snap out of it! Aren't you a mage?

That hurts...let me go...

Feeling angry? If you are, then show it!


Tenko...let's just leave it be for now...


You must be tired, Tenko. I think it would be best if you got some rest.

Sound good? Until then, I'll continue my preparations to welcome back our friend.



MUSIC: Darkness Time

Tenko, are you okay?

I said all those horrible things to Himiko and now I don't know what to dooooo!

Augh... I know she'd never hate me, but she'll demote me from best friend to just a friend!

You guys were best friends...?

I feel like you're rounding up a little too much there...

W-Well, if you apologize, I'm sure she'll understand.

Whoa, that was a quick turnaround.

You should let Shuichi teach you how to apologize. He's really good at it.

...Really? That's the first time I've heard that.

Well then, see you tomorrow! Goodnight!

She bounced back rather fast... I guess I didn't need to worry.

Ah, you were worried?

...Huh? Is it weird for me to worry?


There's that habit again!

Well, I suppose on the positive side, she's able to act more like herself around me.

I don't want to give up...but changing her mind might require...less orthodox methods. I need to think of another way.

Less orthodox methods... Got it. I'll think about it.

So Maki's going to think about it too? I didn't expect that... But I'm glad.

I don't know a lot about this place...but I don't know a lot about anyone either. That could be a good thing...or it could be a bad thing.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3


Day 13.

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3



The intercom? This early in the morning? I wonder who it could be...

MUSIC: Cool Morning

...I *did* just wake up. The announcement was just a minute ago.

You wake up to *that*? If you rely on that announcement as your alarm clock, you'll start getting used to this place.

Well, I suppose that's true...


I heard from Maki Roll. It seems like Angie's gonna do the ritual.

Maki Roll...? Don't give me such a weird nickname.

You brought Kaito here, Maki?

Who better than Kaito for a...less than straightforward approach?

But, Kaito...are you feeling okay?

Heh, we don't have time to be worrying about me. We gotta put a stop to this ridiculous "resurrecting the dead" crap...

Not gonna last? Kaito...are you...



Ah, it's just that I remember that you don't like talking about ghosts and stuff...

Now that I think about it, you've been acting strange ever since...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

D-D-Don't be stupid! Th-There's no way!

Ah. So I was right.

Wait... You mean the reason you didn't come to training is because you were scared?

I'm fine when it comes to cramped areas, space, and zero gravity, but...ghost stories...

Since I was a kid, whenever I hear them... I start to feel sick...

Kaito was looking more and more pale as he spoke...

Cuz of that...I haven't been able to eat or sleep since all this crap started...

So...let's hurry and stop Angie, so we can put an end to all this spooky stuff! If things get any scarier, I'll seriously die from a heart attack!


Wh-Why are you looking at me like that?

Sh-Shut up! Let's...just go stop Angie already!

Seriously...don't call me Maki Roll.

A-Anyway...let's go to Angie's lab.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

W-Well, y'know... This is...uh, just how my body is. Can't do anything about it...

So you can stand to be around assassins, but ghosts are where you draw the line? I've been told that I'm scarier than any ghost.

Huh? I'm not scared of you at all.

...You, of all people, don't get to call me weak.

Sh-Shut up! Let's go and stop Angie!

...Let's bring Kaito to Angie before he passes out in terror.

L-Let's hurry and stop Angie, so we can put an end to all this Spooky stuff! If things get any scarier, I'll seriously die from a heart attack!

If she's not in her room, then she's probably in her lab preparing for the ritual.

*knock, knock*

......No one's there.

You're right. Let's go.

Ah... Good morning.

Oh? Well if it isn't Kaito. Are you feeling better already?

Y-Yeah, somehow... Sorry though, we don't have much time to talk right now.

Yeah, sure. My bad for making you worry.

...Yes, and all because you were scared.

Hm? Did you say something?

...Quit calling me Maki Roll.

Well, I'm glad it's nothing serious... Things feel amiss without you there.

Good morning, Maki!

...Good morning.

Hey, are you ignoring Shuichi?

More importantly, have you guys seen Himiko?

I haven't seen her... She's not in the dorms?

I guess not. I didn't get an answer after I knocked on her door, so she must've gone out... Anyway, I'll go look for her! If you see her, please let me know!

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Himiko...why are you here? Were you keeping watch this whole time?

I wouldn't do something like that. It sounds like a pain... I just came to check on Angie.

So what do you guys want? Don't tell me you came to stop Angie again.


Th-That's exactly right! It's not because I'm scared or anything, okay!?

But it's good that you're here. She won't open this door for anyone but members of the student council, right?

So tell Angie to open it for us.

I wanted to ask her how the ritual went, so I've been calling to her...

...Won't come out? Are you sure she's in there?

She should be inside... Both this door and the back one are locked.


But these doors only lock from the inside. Which means there's definitely someone in there...

...Any response? Maybe she's sleeping.

Nyeeeh...? Why?

But y'know, even if we wanted to check, it's locked, so we can't do—

You obviously didn't hear anything at all!

Where did you come from...?

A little birdie told me that now would be a good time to bust out my trick.

Kokichi's trick?

Huh? Lock picking?

During the Insect Meet and Greet, Kokichi was able to get into our rooms by lock picking. Can you use your lock picking skills to get this lab door open?

Kokichi bent over and peeked into the keyhole of the doorknob.

Ooh, it's a cylinder lock. Now this type of lock is perfect for lock picking.

Yes! Please, Kokichi, open the lock!

It's rude to pick a lock without permission.

D-Don't worry about that! Kokichi, hurry up and open the door!

Sorry, Himiko. I'm only doing this because these three are threatening me.

Kokichi pulled out some thin needles, and stuck them into the keyhole of the lock.


There, open says me.

That simple...?

Lock picking seems more suited to petty thieves.

Aaaaaack! That cuts real deep, Maki!

Let's get inside! I'm worried about Angie!

Yeah, you're right!

Going in without permission... I won't cover for you when Angie gets mad, y'know?

You remembered my little trick. Well, you *are* the Ultimate Detective, after all! I wonder what it's like inside! I'm so excited!

Why are you dragging your feet!? Let's go in already!

Let's hurry and check inside. If nothing's wrong...then that's fine.


Fear...? Why am I nervous...?

VIDEO: The Third Body Discovery

MUSIC: New World Order V3


Ahhh! She puked again! And it's green this time!

Monophanie's green puke is said to be an omen of bad luck and disaster!

What on earth is about to happen!?

Divine Yellow theme
Angie Yonaga's theme.
May Atua watch over you.

This last color scheme reminds me of Tenko for some reason.