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Part 85: Faith No More

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

Atua...please take care of Angie!


Didn't Angie...have Atua with her?

Clearly, she didn't.


W-Wait, part of the killing game?

What else could it be? The fact that Angie's dead can only mean one thing...

B-But...why would someone do such awful thing!?


It's possible the culprit who killed Angie wasn't one of us, but—

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

That's a pretty ominous sign.

Ughhhh... Why did another murder happen?


Ugh... But how...?



Didn't you wanna do it too, Monophanie?

By the way, I've been guys should knock off all this killing and dying.

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

So, everyone... We all know what we need to do, yes?

Yep. I mean, by the third murder we should all be pretty used to dead bodies.

Trust me, you don't want to be used to this... No one should get used to this...

Nee-heehee... That's nice and all, but it seems pretty insincere coming from an assassin.


That's true...

This is a bizarre setup... Four wax figures, effigies of the dead, hung upside-down in the room... And in the middle, Angie's body in a pool of blood. It certainly appears to be some kind of ritual.

Yeah...but, are you feeling okay, Kaito?

We seriously don't have time to be talking about this... No way we're gonna die here... I'm definitely gonna find the culprit.

I get how you feel, Tsumugi, but do you have to repeat that tired old line every time?


Angie prepared the ritual in this room to resurrect the dead, right? And she made those wax dolls hanging upside down as part of the ritual...

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

...What? Shut up already.

I-It's her fault! Telling scary stories out of nowhere like that! S-Saying messed up stuff like that...

Kaito, are you alright?

S-Sure... Sorry, Shuichi... I need to get some fresh air... I'll leave this to you and Maki. Do a good job, you guys.

Ah, maybe that wasn't the best way to phrase it, but he just wants to encourage—

You've clearly settled right in to your sidekick role.


So, where should we start? We should check the Monokuma File first, right?

Yes, let's take a look.

The time of death is approximately 2 in the morning. The cause of death is a stab wound to the back of the neck. The forehead also has a laceration.

2 am. Everyone must have been asleep...we probably can't rely on witness testimonies.

So...the murder happened at nighttime after all. If everyone had followed the student council's rules like Angie and Atua said...

A member of the student council? Th-That's—



I can' it... I can't investigate Angie's body...

But...if we don't make it through the class trial, then everyone will die...

I...don't care anymore...

Surviving...and everything else... It's too much of a pain...

This is no time for your mean-spirited taunts! Reviving her is clearly impossible!


We cannot say that with certainty, no?

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Well...of course resurrecting her is impossible, but I know a way we can speak with Angie.


Seance...? What are you talking about? Cut it out already.

Oh, I'm serious... This is for our investigation.

If we speak with Angie, we can ask her who the culprit is and bring this case to a swift close.

First, a resurrection ritual and now a seance? Are you messing with us?

Kehehe... I would appreciate it if you didn't compare it to Monokuma's foolishness...

In fact, I myself have participated in seances a great many times...

M-Many times?

It would be foolish to not take advantage of this, yes?

N-No matter how you put it, now's not the time for something—

Oh? I suspect the only way to confirm your earlier theory is by performing the seance, yes?

The possibility of the culprit being the resurrected transfer student... It is not wise to go into the class trial with such outlandish theories in one's head.

Th-That logic is peculiar, to say the least!

Holding a seance to find out about the ritual... So we're gonna fight the occult with the occult.

Well, we can't worry about this forever, so we might as well go with the easiest solution.


I'll help too...

If I can talk to Angie one more time... I'll do anything. A seance or whatever it takes... I'll do it.

Do whatever you want...

Okay...I will.

So now we have four participants. Kokichi, Himiko, Tenko, and myself...

Fiiiine, then Kee-boy can come, too.

I guess we can't be picky...

So then, we need a place to perform the seance... Where shall we do it?

How about your lab? order for The Caged Child to succeed, the room must be as dark as possible. My lab has windows, so turning the lights off won't make it quite dark enough.

Empty rooms? The ones on the 4th floor?

There aren't any windows there, so if we blow out the candles, it should be pitch dark.

Sure, I'm fine with that.

I agree with Himiko!

Um...the middle room. The middle room's always best for stuff like this.

Very well. I shall begin the preparations at once. I shall have you four help as well. Let us carry all the necessary equipment from my lab.

A-Are you really going to do this?

Kehehe... We need to use all our effort to discover the culprit, lest our lives be lost.

Perhaps that's just part of the investigation in their eyes... We should go with it.

In any case, I should focus on what I can do. What the Ultimate Detective can do...

MUSIC: Despair Searching

Huh? You mean, you know who the culprit is? we really have the time to be listening to her?

H-Hey, wait! Wait, goddammit! Are you just gonna ignore my genius idea!?

Ah, okay...

Well if you're gonna twist my arm then I'll tell ya! You better thank me for this!


They *are* strange. Are they for the ritual or another purpose...?


Yep! The culprit used these wax dolls to distract us from something!

...What do you mean by that?

H-How should I know!? Isn't that Sherlock Homo's job?

Maki turned and walked away. I can't say I blame her.

...Huh? The hell's her problem? She on the rag or somethin'?

So Angie made these wax dolls, huh? The resemblance is pretty uncanny. They say the devil's in the details, y'know? Let's just see how detailed these really are!

Miu tried to look up the wax figure's skirt...

Wh-What? I just wanted to see if this doll was wearin' panties... you have a doll fetish? Are you excited that your dead girlfriend is a doll now?

...I'm starting to agree with Maki. Talking to Miu is a waste of time.

Huh? Tenko?

Oh, it's not like I have proof or anything, but earlier, I heard Himiko say... That Tenko...was trying to betray the student council.

So you suspect Tenko?

That's right. Angie did allow members of the student council to enter her lab...

Yeah... Angie had been shut away here working on the ritual by herself since yesterday... She said she would only unlock the door if she heard a student council member's voice.

That would certainly point to Tenko. She did betray the student council, after all.

Since only student council members would've been let in here...

So Angie only let in student council members... That would be Gonta, Keebo, Himiko, Tenko, and Tsumugi. Of that group...Tenko is certainly the most suspicious.

When we got to this lab, you're sure that the front door was locked?

Yes, I'm positive.


It really is locked.



There, open says me.

Do you think anyone else could've opened the lock besides him?

It would have been impossible from the outside. The Monokubs took the key.

It'd be bad if you lost it. You wouldn't be able to lock the door or open it from the outside.



Monodam swiped the key from Monophanie, then lifted it to his mouth...


Ah! He ate it!

Correct. Only Kokichi would have been able to open and close the door from *outside*...

So, the front door was locked from inside the room?

Not necessarily, I'm just thinking of possibilities...

But in that case, the question becomes how the person who locked the doors got out... How the out of the classroom after locking the doors...

Why do you think that?

Cuz student council made rule that we no can be outside during nighttime. Everyone shoulda been asleep. No way murder coulda happened at nighttime.

Do you really think everyone would go along with that rule?

But the student council wasn't included in that, correct? They could do what they wanted. Angie was also working here at night.

N-No way. Student council would never break own rules!

Maybe Angie got attacked while she sleep in her room, and get brought here?

If so...Gonta coulda saved her! If only Gonta saw! But Gonta was sleeping... Sorry, Angie... Gonta no could save you!

I find it hard to believe that no one went outside, in spite of the student council rule.

Next time, we get our hands dirty.

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