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Part 87: Darkness, Imprisoning Me

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Kehehe... You are most welcome to join us.

Aw maaan, what a shame. Well, Kee-boy, you're out.

...I agree with Kokichi. I was thinking this for a while...

To be honest, I had the same thought. Your help was appreciated...Keebo.

D-Don't any of you feel guilty for kicking me out after forcing me to come?

Fine, fine, our bad... Just don't get mad and start shooting electromagnetic waves at us.

Stop whining, Keebo... I want to start the seance as soon as possible.

F-Fine...but I won't forget this betrayal, Shuichi!

It is drawn with purifying salt, so it is easily disturbed when stepped upon.

You drew this magic circle with salt?

I always use salt for magic circles. It makes seances more likely to succeed.

If the magic circle is broken, not only will the seance fail...

G-Got it... I'll be careful. I'm surprised you were able to draw this without even looking at the picture...

I have the entire document memorized, so this magic circle should be perfect. Of course, I also have The Caged Child's song memorized. You must do the same.

Everyone else has already memorized it. After all, you'll be unable to read in the dark.

We have to memorize the lyrics now?

You're a detective, so I expect your memory to be up to the task. Here is the melody...

Kehehe... Your memory is extraordinary. You are, indeed, the Ultimate Detective.

Yaaaay! We finally get to see Angie!

Before that, let's choose a spiritual medium. It would work best with a girl...

Then I'll do it. I can't think of anyone but me that Angie's spirit should go in.


Because if you're the spirit medium, you won't be able to talk to Angie.


MUSIC: Heartless Journey

You wanna talk to Angie, right? Then I'll be the Spirit medium... That way, you can say goodbye to her.




Also...Himiko, let me say this one thing.

So...if you feel like crying while you're talking to Angie, go ahead and cry your eyes out.

...You'll feel better when you do.

Well, I mean...laughing makes you feel better too...

And venting your anger onto something can really cheer you up!


I think you've trained too much...

Hahaha, you're probably right.


Alright, Himiko! I'll see you later!

AUDIO: Seance Preparation: Fate

Please be sure to walk on the path, so as not to disturb the magic circle.

Mm-hm... Make sure you watch your step since it's so dark in here.

Next, you must be as a turtle within that circle...

HIMIKO: It's just a stone I brought from the courtyard. Are you sure it'll work?

Certainly. It is merely needed as a marker for her forehead to rest upon.

This may be uncomfortable, but please endure it until the seance is complete. Whatever you do, you mustn't raise your head or change positions.

Piece of cake! I have 5-star flexibility!

First, we must place this iron cage atop Tenko. I shall leave that to Shuichi and Kokichi. And please keep in mind...walk carefully so as not to disturb the magic circle.

O-kay, you can count on me! I may not look like it, but I'm actually super duper strong!

AUDIO: Seance Preparation: Salt

It's made of iron, no wonder it's heavy...

Hold on! Don't just drop it on top of me!

I-I know... It wouldn't be very funny if a body discovery announcement happened during this.

Please don't jinx us!

TENKO: Well... I can only see the floor from this position, but I think I'm fine!

The final step is to place the wooden statue of the Dog God atop the cage... The four of us may need to do this together. The statue is quite heavy.

E-Even with four people... it's still really heavy!

Krgh! Holy crap, this weighs a ton! is not much more than 175 pounds...

I coulda used my magic to carry it easily...but seances and magic don't mix.

TENKO: Are you sure it's okay to put something so heavy on top of the cage?

The iron cage was made specifically for seances, so it can hold this weight.

TENKO: Okay...I guess that's fine then.

Now, let us exit the magic circle. Take care to avoid disturbing it.

The next time you open your mouth, it will be Angie Speaking through you.

TENKO: Okay, everyone! I'll see you guys after the seance!

AUDIO: Seance Preparation: Banquet

KIYO: Please blow out the candles. You should be able to follow the walls in the dark.

So, go back to the corner of the room after it's dark... O-kay, got it!

KIYO: You needn't move, Himiko. There are many gaps in the floor near you.

Nyeh... Got it.

KIYO: Once the room is dark, I will begin the song. Please sing along with me. Then, I will call out to Angie. Until she replies, there must be silence.

After the seance is done, Shuichi and I are supposed to light the candles again, right?

Okie-dokie! Then I'll blow out the candle now.

I walked up to the closest candle and blew out the flame.

Pitch black darkness. So dark, I couldn't even see my own body. Overcoming my instinctual fear of the dark, I moved along the wall back to my corner. Then began the singing...

AUDIO: Caged Child

Kiyo led us all in The Caged Child song.


I thought I heard an odd sound in the middle of it. What was that?

He began calling. Now if the medium answers...


KIYO: Is the caged child...Angie Yonaga?


What's...going on...?

KIYO: Is the caged child...Angie Yonaga?


HIMIKO: What's wrong? Why won't Angie answer?

KIYO: Himiko...I was very clear that you were not to speak, yes? But...something's weird. Why won't she answer?

KOKICHI: failed?

KIYO: ...Let's...light the candles briefly.

SHUICHI: What? Is that okay?

KIYO: J-Just...for now.

Confused, I walked along the wall back to the candle. I managed to strike a match and light the candle once again.

MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Th-That shouldn't be the case... The seance was perfect...

Is Angie not coming? Is that still Tenko in there?


Ah...I told her that she mustn't speak until the spirit enters her...

Nee-heehee... She follows orders well. But how about we let her out for now?

Wait...dark arts such as this need to be started and completed the same way.

If not...the spirit may stay in the medium's body.

Seeing as how this was a failure, I don't think any spirit is sticking around...but whatever.

AUDIO: Seance: Grudge

Now, I will remove the sheet.



But she wasn't listening. She jumped onto the cage, and...

AUDIO: Seance: Favor

Fueled by desperation, Himiko grabbed the cage, lifted it up, and...

VIDEO: The Fourth Body Discovery

Maybe Monophanie's green puke was predicting this tragedy...!

Oh, the puke's color is normal now! I guess it *was* predicting this!


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