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Part 88: Turn On the Bright Lights


It didn't take long for everyone to come running.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

Wh-What is this? How did this happen?

T-Tenko...! Gonta so sorry... Gonta no could protect you!


I thought you were conducting the seance. What happened?

I-I don't know... What's...happening...?

MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

U-Um, I guess for should maybe start the investigation right away!?

Before that, I would like to confirm something...


What happens in the event there are two murders by two people? What if there are two blackened? Will we need to find them both at the class trial?

Now that you mention it, that's a good point. What would happen in that scenario?

Why do you look lost, too, Monodam!? I thought you were gonna run things instead of Daddy!


Aw maaan, they're all disorganized. If you can't decide the class trial's objective, then we won't know what to investigate.

Have you already forgotten!? Daddy's in no condition to help us!

Ughhh... It's all our fault that Daddy ended up like that...

Huh? It's all your fault, Monophanie?



That's not true! Anything is possible with the power of love!


MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

AUDIO: Licking Licking

With you running the academy, I was able to fully enjoy my relaxing vacation!

Heeheehee! Oh, that tickles! Father's intense love is getting me all soaked!


Normally, most companies won't even let you take time off to go on vacation...

Huh? Wait, so then...who's this baldie then?


Oh, just a part-timer I got to cover me while I was gone.

Huh? I thought you were supposed to be relaxed.


Ah, that's right. What happens to your votes if there are two blackened candidates?

First come, first served?

The blackened who killed the first victim to be discovered will be your target.

In other words, if the blackened who killed Angie isn't the same one who killed Tenko...

Basically, Tenko's killer wasted a kill, and Tenko herself is a waste of a victim. Oh, I'll add this to the school regulations, so you can review it later.

I also updated the Monokuma File. Do your best to investigate this murder, too.

Boy, everything is going so smoothly now that Father's running things again! Leaders gotta be able to take decisive action! Indecision is just the worst!


There's nothing better than being praised by my cute cubs. There's nothing better than spending time with my cute cubs. For as long as you live, I will never let any of you go.

That's why he's so amazing! Please lick me some more, Daddy!


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

If both murders have different culprits, then our vote will determine Angie's killer.

But we don't even know if there is a different culprit, do we?

True...we should investigate Tenko's death as well, just in case.

Gahhhh! You fuckin' psycho!



This is...unquestionably bad. I can't believe Tenko was killed. Everyone's upset and confused... And I'm in no shape to help right now...

Listen, Shuichi...


Alright...then let's check the Monokuma File first.

The time of death is approximately 11 am. The only visible injury is a stab wound to the back of the neck.

It doesn't look like a coincidence.'s Angie's curse.


God, not again...

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: Cursed!?

Like zoinks, Scoob!

W-Wha—!? Curse!?

SHUICHI: Kaito, calm down!

N-No way there's a curse! Don't screw around!!!

You're the one who's screwing around! Do you want to die!?


A dull sound reverberated through the room.

K-Kaito...are you okay?

My bad, Shuichi...I'm starting to feel bad... but for a different reason. I'm gonna get some fresh air, so... I'll leave this to you and Maki Roll...

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

True... We haven't time to mourn Tenko's death, as our own lives are at risk...

Th-That's true, but...Angie and then Tenko...

A-And to think...earlier, I was suspicious of Tenko... I'm sorry...Tenko!


I have to keep it together. I have to work harder. Because I'm...a detective.

Hey, they spelled it right this time!

MUSIC: Despair Searching

Gonta bring candles from other room to make this room bright, okay?

Yeah...that's not necessary at all.

...Huh? Why?

MUSIC: Finding Peace Party

AUDIO: Light from the Eyes!

MIU: I, Miu lruma, the gorgeous girl genius, have installed a new function in Keebo!

Just leave it to me. I will become the guiding light that shines on you all.

MIU: Mwah-hahahahaha! Shine on, shine on! Shine on, you crazy fuckin' diamond!

MUSIC: Despair Searching

But it's bright now, so we should hurry and investigate.

Yeah, you're right.

*sniffle* I'm sorry Tenko!

...Cry later.

Crying won't bring Tenko back...and if we don't investigate thoroughly, we'll die too.

I need to find the truth and pin down the culprit. For Tenko...and all of us.


That...would be the best way to apologize.

I'm going to plainly do my best. For Tenko, too...

The floorboards aren't nailed down, they're just lying on top of crosspieces. That's what Gonta told me. That's probably the reason they're a little unstable.

Hmmm... They've only been laid on top. That's why they're unstable.

Well, the boards are fairly thick and sturdy. I can't imagine they'd come loose easily.

Yes, I suppose.

Gonta... If you shake Himiko that much, she's going to break!

But she not talking! It's like Himiko not even here!

She must have been really shocked over Tenko...let's leave her be for now...



Gonta so ashamed...! Why Gonta no could protect friends!?

Kiyo, I know the murder was pretty shocking...

Of course...I am shocked about that as well... But why did the seance fail?

Because the medium died?

We performed all of the steps flawlessly...!

He seems more concerned by that than the murder...

Both you and Shuichi were present, right? Did she get killed during the seance?

True... It may be best to move past what happened, to know why the seance failed...

...Whatever, just hurry up.

Ah, now that you mention it, I remember hearing a strange sound during the song...

That was a pretty loud sound for someone tripping... Perhaps Kiyo knows something.

And then what happened?

Ah...we called out to her, but no reply came. I had Shuichi and Kokichi relight the candles.

KIYO: First, all four of us removed the Dog God statue...

But would it not be difficult in such darkness? Besides, she was inside the cage, yes?

Then when was she killed?

Yes, that is a problem.

And that is, whyever did the seance fail? I simply cannot figure it out...

Maybe someone moved from their corner? Did someone else sneak in here?

Obviously, since this seance was clearly a sham.


Now then, Cunt Fu's killer is obviously...

Ah, no, not necessarily—

Huh? Seriously? This seance was clearly set up to lure her in and kill her. How could someone who wasn't in the room kill her?

So you believe that Tenko was killed during the seance?

The next time you open your mouth, it will be Angie speaking through you.

But when the candles were relit...

What time exactly was Tenko killed after the candles were blown out? That may be an important point of this case.

Maaan...what a lame function. You should've made him, like...a Transformer or something...

They're the only source of light in the room. There are no windows in this room, so without the candles, it was pitch black. But how did the culprit kill Tenko in complete darkness?

It's been completely stomped over. I suppose it was unavoidable.

Was this...drawn with salt?

Whenever I perform a seance, I always use salt.

...Are you feeling alright? You sound ridiculous.

Maki really doesn't beat around the bush. It's kind of refreshing, actually.

In any case, with all these footprints, I can't make out the original circle...

We'll find out in Kiyo's lab. It should be written in the Caged Dog Village document.


He seems depressed. I suppose that makes sense.

It took four of us to remove it.

Kiyo said it was about 175 pounds. That's about the weight of two girls...

...What do *you* know about girls? Have you even touched a woman besides your mother?


...I'm kidding. Anyway...'re right about that.

...That didn't sound like you were kidding earlier.

Which means Tenko wasn't stabbed through this cloth.

...She was stabbed while underneath the cloth.

It doesn't look big enough for a person to get through, but still...

...A hole? Looks like there's space under here, too. Oh, hold on...

What? Something dropped down there?

After we check everywhere else, why don't we go under the floor and see for ourselves?

Right. Let's do it.

Next time, we go below.