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Part 89: A Song From Under the Floorboards

MUSIC: Despair Searching

It looks to be around three feet high and five feet wide. It's a pretty large iron cage.

Big enough for a person to fit inside.

We were supposed to remove it as well.

Yes, I imagine so. This spatter must have been made when she was killed.

Which means Tenko was killed while she was inside the cage.

I think you're right. Tenko went under the cage before the seance...


Perhaps she wasn't killed during the seance, but the exact moment the cage was lifted. That is a possibility...

Himiko: It's just a stone I brought from the courtyard. Are you sure it'll work?

Certainly. It is merely needed as a marker for her forehead to rest upon.

She had to make herself small to fit inside the cage.

According to the Monokuma File, her only injury is the stab wound to her neck. This wound was fatal...

This must have caused instant death. I didn't hear a scream during the seance... Ah, wait...

What do you mean?

You were concerned about that, right?

With a wound this deep, the victim is too shocked to do anything except die.

...Of course. Quick deaths are my speciality.

Well then...that makes sense.

The real question is...what was she killed with? I don't see a murder weapon around...

And it's the one right under Tenko...

Why is this floorboard loose?

It wasn't like this must have come loose during the seance.

...Why would it come loose during the seance?

Then...someone must have loosened it on purpose.

It seems pretty dark down there... What should we use for light?

Let's bring a candle. With Keebo's light from up here, that should be fine.

Then I'll go get a candle. Remove that floorboard so we can go down.

Okay, got it.

Then, we carefully made our way through the hole and under the floor.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

Keep in mind that this is still the third floor of the school building.

It'd look pretty stupid if we found no clues after crawling around in this dusty place.


Let's start at the rightmost edge and work our way left.

This is...the wall of the empty room, right? Looks like there's wood along the wall... This part has rotted away.

It looks like natural rot... This hole wasn't made intentionally. But I can get into the next room through here.

Then the culprit could've gone from room to room by moving under here instead of using the hallway.

True, but it would have been difficult moving around under the floor. We did alright because we had a light. Without that, it'd be pitch-black. That might make it impossible to move around in there.


They used a light to move around under the floor? Is that possible?

It's near the loose floorboard, and the portion missing is about the same width, too.

And from what I can see of it...

There should be saws in the warehouse, so they could have used that... The question is, why?

Another crosspiece is supporting the floorboard, so it might not fall if this portion is missing...

So what purpose did this serve?

If the culprit did all of this...then why?

It's under the same floorboard...just at different ends. Why is there blood here?

Did Tenko's blood spatter here when she got killed?

I wonder... I can't really be sure yet.

But these bloodstains here are completely dry.

There must be some reason these particular stains are dry...

Fresh blood. This is definitely Tenko's.

The blood on this sickle is fresh... This is it. This is the murder weapon!

It did?

A sickle can be used to assassinate a target. It can be thrown without losing any lethality, and you can hide it under your clothes, too.

And since Tenko was in the cage, she wouldn't have been able to defend herself.

But even if this *is* our murder weapon...

The blade could fit through the gaps in the cage, but could it reach her neck?

The cage is three feet high... If you were to stab into it with a six-inch blade... Well, it would depend on Tenko's posture...but I don't think it's impossible.

Then her posture is the question...

Perhaps after killing Tenko, the culprit threw the sickle under the floor in the dark. Or, they could have been under the floor the entire time. Either of those is possible.

Glad you asked... I was starting to get fed up with all this dust.

And returned to our investigation.

...We've only been investigating this room. You sure that's wise?

...What do you mean?

If Angie and Tenko have different killers, then the blackened we need to vote for is...

That's what Monokuma said...

So instead of investigating Tenko's death, shouldn't we be investigating Angie's?

Y-Yes, of course...

But this is bigger than the killing game. For the sake of the two who died...

Well, I understand why you feel that way... But...if you plan on investigating the other crime scene again, we should probably hurry.

...a scene more surprising than I could ever imagine unfolded.

VIDEO: The Fifth Body Discovery

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

Wh-What are you doing?


...Okay, so what are you doing?

I got curious about something, so I decided to search the empty room next door. Th-Then, suddenly...

I-I...stepped through the floorboard.

Geez, that got me good... Cuz of this, I-I tripped and fell pretty hard...

If you're going to lose consciousness, do it after you tell us everything.

O-Oh...sorry, my bad...

Ah-haha, what bad luck...

The crosspiece was gone? Does that mean—



AUDIO: Class Trial Announcement #3

Killing game fans! Hold your head high and watch with your own two eyes! Baseball! Soccer! Mobile games! They're all nothing compared to the killing game! The killing game just can't be beat! Behold, students! The entrance to the trial grounds!

MUSIC: New Classmates of the Dead

Aw maaan, it's cuz of you guys, I didn't have enough time to check something...

What were you trying to check?

But, unfortunately...

KOKICHI: Kiyo perfectly reenacted the seance as what was written in the document. He drew his magic circle the same exact way as in this picture. Not only that, he used the same exact tools, too. Nothing suspicious about this whole thing. Well, I wanted to check the finer details, but...I-I'll tell you about it later...

Ah... Let's go, too.


I even she gets nervous sometimes...


MUSIC: Nightmare in the Locker

Less friends mean it that much harder to solve mystery.

Well, don't worry. I'm sure you've gotten a little smarter by now, Gonta.

Y-Yeah...Gonta do his best to help...

I'd want you to graduate from super-idiot level to at least Kaito-idiot level.

Ah, more importantly...are you okay, Kaito?

Yeah...I'm feeling better now. But wow, Maki Roll sure does pack a punch.

...It's your fault.

I know it's a tall order but try to use your brains this time so I don't have to use mine!

These golden brain cells of mine are a gift to the entire world!

It's as though every time you open your mouth, you become less likable.

The thread would have to disagree.

...It may be difficult for us to rely on Atua. Considering what happened to Angie, whom Atua loved most of all...

She shouldn't have relied on Atua in the first place.

S-So what...? Robots can believe in god.

Actually...before I even met Angie, I had a similar experience.

You might call it an inner voice... It tells me what to do whenever I'm in trou—

How long are you going to say that for? Atua and ghosts don't matter right now.

Yeah, the trial this time is gonna be rough. We got caught in Monokuma's trap.

His trap?

No, he didn't.

Yeah...there's no way.


Wh-What should I say?

Why did the seance fail...? I never did figure out why...

I see he's still more interested in that than the case.

This trial is gonna be rough... Since I couldn't do any investigating...

Shut up! Nothing's gonna be solved by crying about it!

Besides...that was a lie, wasn't it?

Yup! You guys have me figured out already, so there's no point in keeping up the act.

Kokichi...never changes, no matter what situation he's in.

Try usin' your brain so I don't have to! My golden brain cells are a gift to the entire world!

It's true...though I do not know if it can be attributed to god per se... I can hear an inner voice guiding me when I don't know what to do. I can't explain why, but I believe that voice will lead me to hope as long as I listen to it.

That inner voice is probably just a radio or something. Like in taxis and stuff.

...It was unwise of me to confide in you all.

Gonta do his best to help!


Hmm... So in the end, the culprit really was... N—No, it's nothing... We can talk about it once the trial starts.

Atua and ghosts don't matter right now. The culprit is...among us.

VIDEO: Shrine of Judgment Elevator

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

And so we fell, faster and faster, downward into the black.

...the doors parted slowly. The light that shines on us from the other side, the bright light of our future. Or, is it—

Don't say they look depressed! You'll make Monodam sad!


Puhuhu... As much as I'd love to keep hearing this adorable back-and-forth...

MUSIC: New World Order V3

She created the Ultimate Academy Student Council to try to prevent the killing game.

She hated men, but I knew that she hated this terrible killing game even more.

Was it one person?

In order to live...we have to find the truth!

I will fight with truth and lies in this class trial!