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Part 90: Stupid Girl

MonsterEnvy posted:

I think that's really harsh. Tenko has been really good recently.

Blueberry Pancakes posted:

I wonder how terrible Tenko's events will be. :ohdear:

Let's see who's right, shall we? :getin:

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

A degenerate male is definitely responsible for setting up this messed up killing game!

All men are rotten to the core! But I can at least do something about the degenerates here with my Neo-Aikido!

As per the usual Christmas joke, nobody else will touch this gift with a ten foot pole.

Wow! Amazing, Kaede! This is a wonderful gift! It's probably because you're a pianist that you know how to pick gifts! Please teach me!

Huh, what? What are you talking about?

If you've got a problem with any of the degenerates around here, please tell me! I'll squeeze their necks like a snake coiling around a mouse!

Hey, why do you say stuff like that? I've never had a problem with boys...

You don't have to hide the truth from me! Shuichi is sexually harassing you, isn't he!?

Shuichi is...what now...?

N-No, no, no! I mean, we do spend a lot of time together...but he's not forcing me or anything. It just naturally happened!

I see... Then I guess that's fine...

It doesn't look like you think it's fine...

Master told me degenerate males always have perverted fantasies running through their heads!

Does Psyche Taxi count as one of those?

Shuichi may be a teenage boy, but I don't think he's that bad... Besides, Shuichi seems safe. He doesn't seem like he'd fantasize about that stuff.

Unless he gets his hands on certain guns.

Listen! Society is 100% appearances! And they say handsome guys are always up to no good! But if you ask me...unassuming degenerates like Shuichi are the most dangerous of all! Who knows what sort of sick delusions are in his head!?

I'm not prejudiced! I'm telling the truth!

She's already made up her mind!

They're basically disgusting mud dolls! If those degenerates didn't have talents, this place would be an all-girls safe haven!

...I wouldn't call any place where we're forced to play a killing game a "safe haven."

My Neo-Aikido will keep you, Himiko, and the other girls safe from those degenerate snakes! So please rest easy, and just let me handle things!


I knew Tenko hated boys, but I didn't think she was *this* bad...

I know! Perhaps I'll make the first move... with a spine-crushing sneak attack!

Don't do that!

Why not!? Neo—Aikido totally allows that!

Because it's wrong to be violent for no good reason!

A-Anyway, we all need to get along and work together so we can escape!

That's true... Normally I'd never agree to work with a vile degenerate male, but...

I'm glad she's worried about me, but her hatred for boys is a bit too intense.

A martial arts dojo! What kinda school doesn't have a dojo!? I mean, come on!

There's gotta be a dojo somewhere! Let's go look for it together!

Thank you very much, Kaede! You understand me so well! This is making me too happy! It's making me blush!

You seem to really adore Himiko. Why is that?

Oh, was that rude of me to ask? If you don't wanna tell me, that's fine.

N-No! It's not a secret or anything... It's just...

Wow, Tenko's normally so energetic, but now she's being all fidgety!

Yeah, of course I won't tell her!

W-Well then... Um, I...I admire...

Her magic tricks!?

O-Oh, yeah! Hm, I you wanna be a mage like Himiko!

No, that's not it! That's not it at all! It's just...I really like...and really admire... performers.

Okay...and what does that have to do with Himiko?

That's the reason... Hehehehehe...

Uh-huh, I see...

B-But I can't cast spells like Himiko, and I'm not cute like her either...

Huh? Seriously? I know I've said this before, but I think you're cute, Tenko.

Oh god, where's Kokichi when we need him?

Your smile is charming.

My smile is crude and vulgar! And when I laugh, my mouth takes up my whole face!

You're not crude or vulgar!

You smile like you're having loads of fun, and that makes me smile, too.

You...think so?

Your passion is your secret weapon.

My weapon is Neo-Aikido! And it's no secret!

That's not what I mean... I meant, your passionate energy is the weapon.

My passionate energy, huh? I "have* been told that it gives people headaches! I thought I was being mocked! But it turns out, I was being praised the whole time!

U-Um...I think we should stop this conversation now.

No way. Cringe for the cringe god.

You have a great body.

What are you talking about!? I've got stubby limbs and a long torso like a weiner dog!

...Someone who hears that might think you're being sarcastic, and get offended...

What!? I don't mean to offend anyone! Geez, words are scary sometimes...

Under very specific circumstances.

Maybe you could do your own thing as an Aikido performer? I'm sure you could do it!

That sounds awesome! I could use my talent to help Neo-Aikido get more exposure!

That's right! And who knows, you might end up becoming really popular and strike it rich!

AUDIO: Tenko Free Time #1

You've given me a whole new perspective! I'm so touched! Thank you, Kaede!

Once we escape, she can take hold of that dream...and we can all take hold of ours!

It's useless! I can't remember a thing! What the heck's the Ultimate Hunt!?

Let's discuss this! Maybe we can find out something new if we talk to each other! Though I'm not expecting anything good from a degenerate in the first place!

You know what, I'm just gonna have Shuichi regift these. They shouldn't smell too bad.

Even though you're a male, you made me happy... I feel like I lost!

I'm annoyed, so I'm gonna throw you! Then we'll be even!

I want to ask my past self why he thought it was a good idea to hang out with Tenko.

Well, you know when Tsumugi said she stepped in traps just to complete her dungeon map? It's kind of like that.





Where's the prompt to spray her in the face with water?


Give me a reaction already! I don't know what else to do!

Oh, *you* don't know what to do?

Tenko...what are you trying to do?

Ah. That's what I thought.

Why are you trying so hard to intimidate me?

That kind of honesty is certainly refreshing.

What were you thinking inviting me to hang out with you!? Wait actually, I already know! You're trying to get rid of me first, so you can sexually harrass the other girls!

It was a simple enough question...

Why, huh?

Little did I know what wrath I had brought upon myself!

Degenerates always need a reason for everything, don't they!? And you don't even know why you're scum because you don't criticize yourself! Master said so, too! As long as there are selfish males, I will never master Neo-Aikido!

A-Are you asking questions like that to get closer to me!? As I thought... There are no pros to males other than they are born from women!

Can't you see I'm looking at you in disgust!? But you're still coming closer to me!

Girls would be able to live in peace if you degenerates disappeared from this world!

Calm down! I have no idea what you're talking about!

I *am* calm! Upset, but still calm!

You don't *seem* very calm.

It may not seem like it to a degenerate, but I'm super duper calm for a girl!

This conversation is going nowhere...


Wh-Why are degenerate males so...! Do you think you can fix it just by apologizing!? Such cowardice! I won't allow it!

Damn, that had the opposite effect!

Just shut up for a minute! You're going to cause trouble!

Wh-Wh-Wh-Whaaat!? Is that an order!?

If you're gonna take away my freedom of speech, then I'll protest against you!

I wasn't trying to order you around!

And this is where I made my second mistake. I grabbed her shoulder...


OW!!! Wh-Why did you throw me!?

AAAAHHHH!!!!! You just touched me, didn't you!?

Touch you!? You touched *me* when you threw me!

Yeah! Which is technically touching rne!

What happened...? Did Tenko carry me here?

I was thinking of going on a run! If you're bored, we should do it together!

Not that Tenko needs any help getting wet.

I can have this? Thank you. Proper girls show gratitude. Even if male degenerates do wrong, the gifts do not!

But it's because you're a degenerate male. Blame yourself for being born that way.

That doesn't sound like much of an apology.

I woke up in bed... Did you carry me back to my room, Tenko?

Ah, haha... Well, thank you.

Well... You may not have anything else going for you, but at least you have guts.


You might have an ulterior motive like most males, but you have a lot of courage.

Y-You're a tough one to crack!

N-No, that's wrong! I don't have a fetish or anything! always take the conversation too far. Maybe try calming down a little?

You're calmer than before?

Yeah... My parents told me I used to have anger tantrums similar to an exploding volcano.

A volcano? How bad was she?

They thought I wouldn't be able to fit into society that way... So they sent me to a temple to help discipline my mind.


Huuuh? Are your eyes just decoration or something?


Geez, degenerates deny everything! Do you think it's cool or something? At this rate, you'll always be children. Stuck in rebellious puberty for 10,000 years!

I probably shouldn't respond to this...

I see... Well, that's good.

Yeah, it's good I can casually talk to people now.

It was that bad?

I thought I was talking normally before, but I realized others couldn't tolerate me anymore.

...I could see that.

You have great parents.

Yeah. You don't hear this often from a child, but I'm very grateful to my parents!

*gasp*! Are you praising my parents to get my guard down!?

Ah, no, that's not it...

...What? How does Aikido fit into that at all?

During my mental training at the temple, I called the head priest, "Master."

Master was very pleased about this and added a new rule to the temple. He declared that he was the Master of martial arts!

That important, huh?

We decided to create a martial arts Master specialized in, and after reflecting on it...

That' odd origin story...

Well, fine! New concepts are difficult for people to accept anyway! But one day, I'll make Neo-Aikido the national sport! That's my dream!

Tripe is the best! I can feel it turning into energy the moment I eat it!

By the way, what's your favorite hot pot dish, Shuichi? It better not be the same as me! I can't bear the thought of liking the same thing as a degenerate!

"Kaito's not up for tennis, or at least he won't be next chapter, so maybe we can play instead. Try not to catch it with your mouth!"

Urgh... Not bad, Shuichi! You actually made me really happy! But don't assume you can appease me! Girls are not that simple!

Huh? What are you talking about?

You've taken an interest in Neo-Aikido, right?

...No, not really.

Don't worry! Neo-Aikido accepts degenerate males, too!

Her expression says that she doesn't want to.

First, I will teach you how to mentally prepare yourself for Neo-Aikido! Neo-Aikido requires heavy amounts of action, so please take caution! Practice is not enough! You must experience actual combat as well!

Whaaat? There's no such thing as "basics" in Neo-Aikido!

Would swinging a bamboo sword in the air help you win in Kendo? Likewise, would swinging a bat in the air help you hit a homerun in baseball?

I guess not...


I see. That's probably for the best.

This is starting to make sense... Maybe Neo-Aikido isn't as weird as I thought.

Shuichi, you're starting to look more interested now.

...Maybe I spoke too soon.

As practitioners of Neo-Aikido, Master and I...

Master and I wear masks to disguise ourselves! We serve to save, whether it is day or night!

Is the mask important?

Yes, Master said so! Heroes of justice must wear fashionable masks! That way, no one will know our true identities! Master said it's required for a hero of justice!

Maybe in comic books...but in real life?

Isn't that embarrassing?

Why should we be embarrassed!? We're doing a good deed! Protect the weak and beat the strong! We crush evil and care for the poor!

Aaaaahhhh!!! We're so cool!!! Master's ideas are always so stellar! superheroes...

Hahaha, are you surprised? Heroes of justice are real!

Oh! But you're the only one I told this to, so don't go around telling other people, okay? If people find out Neo-Aikido practitioners are superheroes, too many males will wanna join!

I thought you wanted to spread it around the world...

We do everything! Help an old woman carry her belongings... Help a child cross the street... Oh, yeah! I caught a thief the other day!

I see... You work pretty hard.

And even help girls who just had tough break-ups!

Is that really under the purview of heroes of justice?

Of course! Nothing is more wretched than seeing a girl cry over a male! Sometimes, we teach the girls Neo-Aikido to help them exact their revenge on males!

What are you talking about!? It's those degenerates' fault for making girls cry!

I many men have been taken out by Neo-Aikido...

*knock, knock...*



N-No, I can't! I would be falling right into Monokuma's trap!

Now's the time to show off the mental fortitude I've honed through Neo-Aikido!

We've secretly replaced Tenko's punching bag with a gag version that doesn't work for exercise at all. Let's see if she notices.

Even though you're a male, you made me happy... I feel like I lost!

I'm annoyed, so I'm gonna throw you! Then we'll be even!

Not really, but...

Then, I'll teach you some pointers about Neo-Aikido that you need to be careful about.

Tenko's expression is unusually serious.


Ah...why is that?

Because Master said so!

That doesn't sound like a very good reason.

It's an excellent reason!


Like I said, Groverhaus.

Maybe he was teasing her. Tenko is pretty gullible...

In my case, my moves become weaker if I interact with males. Also, if I eat more than three sweets a day, or if I don't keep a clean environment...

Okay, he was definitely teasing her.

I will master Neo-Aikido! That's why I can't be touched by males!

Shuichi! No matter how friendly we get, you must never touch me!

Isn't it impossible to live without encountering any men?

Uh oh, shouldn't have said that...

I already disliked degenerate males! But now, I hate them with every fiber of my being! It's how I feel when people think you can simply blow the opponent away with Aikido!

The point of Aikido is to use your body! Put your feet on the earth's ground everyday!

W-Wait, Tenko! Calm down a little...

You better not underestimate me, okay!? I may be physically weaker than males...

She's not listening at all...

In Neo-Aikido, you can use weapons! You can even attack before the match starts! Those are Master's teachings! Now do you see how invincible it is!?

That doesn't sound like Aikido at all!



H-H-How could this be!? You're right... Master is... Master is...

You just now realized this!?

After watching her leave, I returned to my room. Tenko looked really shaken up. I wonder if she'll be okay...


I've been trying to send her thoughts telepathically, but they're not reaching her... I thought she'd be able to get them through magic, but it seems like it's not working...

She can't deflower Himiko, but she can do the next best thing.

I can have this? Thank you. Proper girls show gratitude. Even if male degenerates do wrong, the gifts do not!

I'm fine! Thank you, but I know males actually have an ulterior motive when they give sympathy! I can't let my guard down!

Ah, she's back to normal. Perhaps she came to terms with her master being male.

Even if it's you, I don't like giving thanks to *any* degenerate male...

That is true... Judging by the look on her face, She clearly loathes this.

But why are you thanking me? I didn't do anything...

Are you playing dumb!? Irresponsible degenerate male!

Yeah... Well no, not just that... You made me realize some males are good people, like Master.

Not just him... I think you're a good person, too.

You do?

This is not a mushy moment where I start thinking you're special or anything like that! Don't get it wrong! Just because I called you a good person...doesn't mean you're special!

But...even after our interactions, my Neo-Aikido moves haven't gotten any weaker. I think...

I'm not striving to master Neo-Aikido... But I don't think I should mention that.

Even if you're just a male, you can improve and change yourself through Neo-Aikido... Master is a good person despite him being male! That's why he's Master of Neo-Aikido!

But again, I don't think I should mention that.

He never told me he was a male cuz he wanted me to realize it myself!

That *can't* be true, but once again, there's no way I'm gonna point that out.

AUDIO: Tenko Free Time #2

We both aim to master Neo-Aikido. So...even though you're a male, you're a good person.

Shuichi is now One Of The Good Ones.

ls she...accepting me? Finally?

The notorious misandrist is actually accepting me... I suppose the distance between us has closed somewhat. We understand each other.


Shuichi, please get a sex change right now! Then, there won't be any problem! least she's not a TERF?

It's impossible for me to touch a degenerate! It's dirty! I'll become weak!

But you said I was a good person a minute ago!

Ugh...that's right. Shuichi, you intend to master Neo-Aikido, too...

Ah, no, that is not happening... A-And, we don't have to shake hands...

I know! Master the path of Neo-Aikido right now! Then it'll be okay even if you're a male!

You can't determine your own limit! Now, have a real fight with me!

You've learned a new skill, Laws of the Globe.

Leaving aside what this has to do with aikido, this skill might come in handy for people falling behind in Rebuttal Showdowns. I'm not one of those people; I seize the advantage early and keep it.

This is the farthest you've asked me to suspend my disbelief yet, game.

Tenko's Undergarments posted:

Tenko's favorite panties. Although they're spats, the small Japanese flowers printed on them express her femininity.