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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 91: Dashboard Confessional

In an attempt to resurrect the dead, Angie is killed. During a seance to search for answers, Tenko is killed. Are the two related? The third trial begins!

Lost in Thought (Debate Type, 16 slots)
Slightly increases the time limit in each phase. Effective during all parts of the class trial.

Downshift (Debate Type, 2 slots)
Slows the speed of the reticle. Effective during Nonstop Debates. Can't be combined with Upshift.

Upshift (Debate Type, 2 slots)
Increases the speed of the reticle. Effective during Nonstop Debates. Can't be combined with Downshift.

Shotgun (Debate Type, 16 slots)
The Silencer shoots bigger shots. Effective during Nonstop and Mass Panic Debates. Can't be combined with Machine Gun or Grenade.

Mind's Eye (Debate Type, 4 slots)
Reveals V Points. Effective during Nonstop and Mass Panic Debates.

Twin Six (Drive Type, 6 slots)
Switches to a better car with higher top speed and better acceleration. Effective during Psyche Taxi.

Safety First (Mine Type, 4 slots)
Removes the time penalty for breaking a non-erasable piece. Effective during Imagination Excavation.

Operation Giant Roller (Mine Type, 6 slots)
Some of the pieces will be missing from the beginning. Effective during Imagination Excavation.

Undo Trois (Mine Type, 4 slots)
Allows you to undo your last action with [CIRCLE]. Effective during Imagination Excavation.

I decided to get more experimental with my skills this time. Some of these picks paid off, while others didn't.

Monokuma File 3 posted:

The victim is the Ultimate Artist, Angie Yonaga.

The victim's body was discovered in the Ultimate Artist's research lab.

The time of death is approximately 2:00 am.

The victim was killed by a fatal stab wound to the torso. Additionally, she has lacerations on her forehead.

The second victim is the Ultimate Aikido Master, Tenko Chabashira.

The victim's body was discovered in a vacant room on the fourth floor. The estimated time of death is 11:00 am.

The victim was stabbed in the back of her neck, resulting in death. No other injuries were detected.

Gold Leaf Katana posted:

It was stabbed into the hung Kaede effigy.

Because the katana is so old, the handle's gold leaf rubs off easily. There was blood on the tip.

It was taken from the Ultimate Anthropologist's lab, so only the sheath was left in the display case. Anyone could've entered the lab.

Necronomicon posted:

A book Monokuma prepared as a motive. Angie attempted to carry out the book's resurrection ritual.

"The Necronomicon Resurrection Ritual"
"Prepare an effigy of the dead soul you wish to contact. Everyone may participate."
"The size and shape of the effigy is irrelevant. Make it out of whatever materials you wish."
"If it's not obvious who the effigy is supposed to be, label it with the name of the deceased."
"After preparing the effigy, burn this Necronomicon to ashes."
"Use caution! Be mindful of carbon monoxide poisoning!"
"Sprinkle the ashes on the effigy and repeat the name of the deceased three times."
"Then close your eyes and wait. After a while..."
"you should feel a light tap on your back. If so, that means the ritual was a success!"
"The ashes are only good for one use. The ritual can only be performed once. so use it wisely."

Tsumugi's Account posted:

Angie had locked herself in the Ultimate Artist's lab since yesterday, working on the ritual. She would not unlock the door unless someone from the student council asked her to.

The student council members were: Gonta, Keebo, Himiko, Tenko, and Tsumugi.

The Caged Child posted:

In order to perform The Caged Child... need five people, including the Spirit medium, and a dark place with no light...
First, draw the magic circle, passed down from the Caged Dog Village, on the ground...
Then the spirit medium must place their forehead on a stone and curl up like a turtle...
They must do this at the center of the circle.
After, the other four must make the following preparations...
Place the iron cage over the spirit medium, and then cover that cage with a white cloth...
Finally, place the Dog God on top of the cage.
Take care not to step on the magic circle during the preparations...
Finally, turn off all the lights to make it completely dark, and your praparations will be complete...
The seance will commence once all four participants stand at the corners of the room.
The four participants, not including the spirit medium, will sing "The Caged Child" song...
After the song, ask, "Is the caged child..." then say the name of the spirit.
The spirit medium will reply with the voice of the spirit you have summoned.

Iron Cage posted:

The iron cage that Tenko was in during the seance. It is around around three feet high and five feet wide.

Shuichi and Kokichi placed this over Tenko, and Himiko removed it. Tenko's blood was on the bottom of the cage.

White Sheet posted:

The sheet that was over the iron cage during the seance. It's very thick and cannot be seen through. There's blood on the back around the middle of the sheet, but there's no hole in the fabric.

Kiyo was the one who placed the sheet over the cage and removed it off the cage.

VIDEO: Class Trial #3, Opening Statements

I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and that person will graduate from this academy! Also, refusing to vote will result in your death, so you better vote for someone!

Sorry everyone, but I don't think I'm gonna be much help this time.

Because of Monokuma's...disruptions, I couldn't do a thorough investigation.

I can tell Monokuma is overcompensating to hide his self-consciousness.

Next time, spend less time fixing your hair and more time investigating, spaceman!

...Who did it?

Who killed Angie and Tenko?

Do not let your emotions hasten your judgment. There may be two killers.

Hm? What do you mean?

The traaansfer stuuudent... Maybe our resurrected transfer student...dragged Angie and Tenko into the grave...

Say something, Shuichi. It'll be a mess if this keeps going on.

...Is it even possible for a revived corpse to be the culprit...? ...Well, in the interest of being thorough, I should clear things up here.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Class Trial #3, Nonstop Debate #1

This crime was committed by the recently deceased.

They came back to life and killed two of our classmates!

First thing I found out is that the Shotgun skill kicks ass. That's four separate lines of white noise it just obliterated there.

Who was resurrected, I wonder...

Andie did say she was gonna bring Rantaro back!

Yes... Rantaro was resurrected...

...Hm. Were all those statements correct...?

Murder is one thing, but I can't say I look kindly on book-burning.

You have to burn the Necronomicon in the ritual.

Use caution! Be mindful of carbon monoxide poisoning!
Sprinkle the ashes on the effigy and repeat the name of the deceased three times.

So she must have been killed before the ritual was complete, since the book was still intact.

Then...Gonta think Rantaro probably not culprit.

Oh...I guess you're right.

W-Well duh. There's no way a dead person could...r-resurrect.

Sure, everybody knows that you can't bring the dead back to life...

But it's easy at the Ultimate Academy! As long as you use the Necronomicon!

Wh-What are you talking about? There's no way that's possible...

But it's true. I never lie about motives.

Man, I can't believe you guys wasted such a perfectly good motive.

You should've let me use it to bring Monodam back to life.

...Monodam is still alive, though.

Hahaha! I'm just kidding. I wouldn't waste a resurrection on Monodam's corpse.


There's no way that could happen, idiots. Monokuma is trying to confuse us.

Let's hurry up and find out who the blackened is.

If our "transfer student" isn't the culprit, then blame falls to one of us.

Who!? Who did it!?

What...? Why?

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Class Trial #3, Nonstop Debate #2

But anyone could have taken that katana, you see.

You were the only one who cared about that thing, Kiyo!

I did not care about some katana...

You went to the classroom, broke in...

We should think about it from the beginning...

There was no evidence of a break-in, and Kiyo couldn't have gotten past the locked door otherwise.

Isn't that right, Tsumugi?

Yeah, before Angie locked herself up in her research lab...

She said she wasn't going to open up for anyone but student council members.

And Kiyo is not a member. She wouldn't have opened the door for him.

l I had no desire to kill her in the first place.

So whoever killed Angie musta been one of the student council members, yeah?

I...I was doin' a bit to lead you to the right answer... Can't believe you actually got it...

You can just ignore her, Gonta...

The remaining student council members are Gonta, Keebo, Tsumugi, and Himiko.

Well, it can't be Himiko. She was besties with Angie.

Yeah, of course!

...Can we trust their friendship so readily?

Obviously! Let's believe in them!


Yep, yep! The culprit is one of those three people!

Wow, rude.

I will let that remark slide... Anyway, aren't these accusations just a tad too hasty?

Gonta definitely not hurt anyone. Torture Gonta if you don't believe.

T-Torture might be a bit too far... But Gonta and I aren't the culprits!

And I'm not the culprit either! Geez!

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PANIC-

VIDEO: Class Trial #3, Mass Panic Debate

I didn't kill Angie!
We must consider other possiblities!
Gonta is gentleman!

Well then, who did?
Surely, there must be suspects outside the student council!
Gonta not betray student council!

I thought... Tenko did it.
That's utterly impossible.
And do you have an alibi for last night?

A dead chick can't be the culprit!
Not just anyone could open that door...
Gonta in room, talking to bug friends.

Look, I don't know who the culprit is...
I didn't know robots told such boring lies.
Ask bug friends if Kiyo doubts Gonta!

but it's definitely not me!
Is that a robophobic remark!?
I can't question an insect...

I'll listen carefully, sort the statements in my head, and find the answer!

Nice try, buddy.

Hmmm? What was it you said earlier about Kiyo opening the door, Shuichi?

Unless you're a student council member, you can't enter Angie's lab, riiiight?

I was referring to Kiyo. He couldn't have done it...but you could have.

Because I saw you open the classroom lock by picking it.



There, open says me.

Ah-haha, quit glaring at me like that. Of course I remember.

Yeah, I did it.

I killed Angie.


I picked the lock to her lab, snuck into the room, and then—WAM!—killed Angie.

The culprit was me all along.


What are you saying? Is this some kind of joke? Kokichi really is culprit?

No, he's lying... I think? Maybe?

...He's lying. I'm certain of it.

Non non! Definitely not a lie. I killed Angie.

Then let me ask you, "culprit"... How did you lock the room?

Huh? I-It's the same as opening it. You pick the door closed from the outsi—

No, that doesn't make sense.

Huh? What doesn't make sense? Can't you lock a door by picking it?

They used a different method.

What different method?

Yeah, Mumbles! Use your big boy voice and explain yourself.

U-Uh, there were two doors to the classroom, and the one locked last was...

The culprit used a certain tool...

The tool that the culprit used to lock the sliding lock from outside was...

MUSIC: Mind Mine

VIDEO: Class Trial #3, Mind Mine

Oho, what's this?

Otherwise this one's a no-brainer.

The culprit used that to hit the knob of the sliding lock to lock the door.

Because when the katana hit the lock, some of the gold leaf rubbed off on it.

The gold leaf on that katana did peel rather easily.

Huh!? Are you talking about a different school!? What school was it!?

Now now, that doesn't matter anymore. Let's not dwell on the past.

So that means, the culprit used the katana to move the sliding lock, right?

But wait, how did they move it with a katana? And from outside Angie's lab?

The clue that might give us the answer is the layout of the area itself.

SHUICHI: The katana stabbed into the effigy, the effigies hung upside down...

No... Nowhere in the Necronomicon did it say you had to hang the effigies.

If it was not part of the ritual...then it must have been for a different purpose, right?

A different purpose... What could that have been?

SHUICHI: In that case, I need to know the reason behind every step of that setup...

Next time, we hit a wall and a few cars.