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Part 92: You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)


VIDEO: Psyche Taxi

When they said I was getting a better car, I didn't think I'd get a fucking fire truck!

This jalopy can get up to 300km/h, as opposed to the mere 200km/h the default car can get to.

But that, along with the huge real estate this thing takes up on screen, makes it much harder to steer. I had to rerecord this trial a bunch of times, so I've had practice driving this car, and I still miss the mark quite a bit.

Not pictured: me sliding onto the right edge of the road three times in a row.

Thanks but no thanks. As a great movie once said, "there's nothing wrong with the old car."


SHUICHI: And of course, the katana would spin with it.

KIYO: The culprit simply needed to spin the effigy's rope and then swiftly leave... This would cause the spinning katana to hit the sliding lock... And thus was the back door of an empty classroom locked from the inside.

By using the effigy with the katana.

A plan born from the heart of a sword, traveling through the air to intercept us.

Oh, but could it have moved the slide lock so easily?

As long as the spinning katana hit the lock, it would have slid into position.

Even if the culprit failed the first couple times, they could keep trying until it locked.

Which is why the culprit chose to strike at nighttime, as to avoid detection.

Yes, since the student council prohibited anyone from walking around at nighttime.

I didn't say that.

In any case, the culprit probably used the murder weapon for this trick.

It had to have been the right length to hit the sliding lock from the effigy.

The culprit couldn't find a blade long enough in my lab, so they settled for the katana.

KAITO: That way, we wouldn't notice the lock trick.


I don't want to completely ignore that possibility...

...but I can't imagine the culprit would have done all this just for a distraction.

If that's the case, then Kokichi's confession earlier was actually...

Aw maaaan, you guys got me... Okaaay, I'm not the culprit...

You're telling the truth this time, right?

I wanna say I'm lying, but I'm not.

Why did you say you were the culprit?

If I claimed to be the culprit, then the *real* culprit would agree as well, ya get me? And if they pressured me to confess, then that would've looked mighty suspicious.

Sheesh! Darn it! It didn't go my way because Shuichi butted in on my plan...


Alright! So, who's the asshole who set up this locked-room mystery!?

Miu...I can't hold it up anymore...

What's the matter!? You goin' soft on me now!?

Don't you even understand something as basic as that, you filthy cum dumpster?

Wh-What should we talk about now...?

We must focus not on the locked room, but on who entered Angie's lab.

Only one of the student council members—or Kokichi—could have gained entry.

Therefore, the culprit must be among their number.

Don't forget Himiko. She's also a part of the student council.

Doesn't matter if she was besties with Angie, she's still a suspect.

That contradicts what you said earlier, which I can prove using my recording function...'s fine. That's just a waste of time.

So calling all suspects, what should we discuss next?

I wanna hear everyone's opinion. What would you say to get yourself off the suspect list?

Why are you trying to lead the debate? You're a suspect, too.

Silence, outsider! Only the Suspect Rangers are allowed to speak!

I agree. Those under suspicion should explain themselves thoroughly.

We might catch 'em with their pants down!

Anywaaaay, I wanna ask the Suspect Rangers...

U-Umm... That's sort of a difficult question, y'know?

Gonta not smart enough to know answer to that...

Y-Yes... It is difficult to formulate a logical response to that question.

They don't trust you one bit and I don't blame 'em. You're probably plotting—

Why...did Tenko have to die?


Can we talk about Tenko's case now and not just Angie's—

Nyeh? What do you mean?

The two victims could've been killed by two separate murderers, y'know?

So we need to find the first blackened responsible for the first victim...

We gotta figure out who killed Angie.

Did you suggest that to waste our ti—


Tenko's death was meaningless? How dare you!


Himiko, stop it with your crappy lies.


Everything you said is total BS.

But now you're like, "Oh, no! Poor Tenko!" after she's dead. C'mon, really?'s okay. It's no surprise he'd think that. I know I ignored Tenko before... That's why...I'm so upset now...

But's too late. I can't complain to her...or thank her... It's...too la—

Yeah, seriously! It's way too late to realize that now.

Our only option is to face her death head-on!

Himiko... I understand what you're going through.

So I'm gonna help you out! Let's work together to find the truth!


Alright! I'll put a silencing curse on whoever calls Tenko's death meaningless!

I, um...suppose being dead would silence someone pretty good.

Listen up! All you guys are gonna help out too!

Abandoning someone who died and only thinking about your own survival...

Tenko was our friend! Gonta wanna know why she die, too!

I already told you, that's sooo unnecessary. We're getting sidetracked here.

No, even if it was a different culprit, we need to know how Tenko died.

Even if this trial isn't for her, in order for us to survive...


Finally, you noticed! Geez, you're so slow...

Huh? Did Kokichi want us to notice—

Don't listen to his crap. We haven't decided whether there were two different culprits yet.

Y-Yeah, maybe...

They're not wrong, but... I don't mind going over Tenko's case...

But that was an abrupt change of topic. Was that...intentional...?

For now, let's see if we can narrow down the list of suspects.

Tencrotch probably got killed during the seance, so everyone there's suspicious!

The people who attended the seance...

So those four are the culprits!

Oh... Himiko still culprit?


Well, that's probably just a coinky-dink. The most suspicious out of the four is really...

True, I may have suggested it. But I explained the procedure beforehand, yes?

If we all knew of it before the murder, then we are all equally suspicious.

Well, I suppose, but...

In addition, the seance wasn't entirely in my control either.

Um...the middle room. The middle room's always best for stuff like this.

Very well. I shall begin the preparations at once.


Also, we should not limit our suspects to only those who participated in the seance.

The empty room had a point of entry from outside, you see.

A point of entry from outside... He must be referring to...

This question is difficult because answering it relies on A: discerning the tiny hole in the corner here, B: deducing that this is the indicator that the other entrance to the room is under the floor instead of, say, the loose floorboard, and C: possessing a screen bright enough so you can see the contrast between the hole and the floor. I failed at least one of these the first time I played!

Huh? Under the floor?

If we consider that possibility, then there is another suspect.

Another suspect? Who?

Kehehe... It's appearing before me...

Next time, one of the thread's guesses is put to the test.