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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 93: We Both Go Down Together

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #3

But it was pitch black during the seance.

Because it wasn't dark under the floor.

I mean... Keebo's flashlight function.

Huh? Now hold on a second...

Keebo could've used that function to get under the floor...

I said, hold on a second!

He used his robot functions to commit the murders!

But is that possible?

Finding the right bullet is easier than knowing where to shoot here. What we're disputing is that there was light at all, remember.

SHUICHI: If a light were used, it would have leaked through and we would have seen it.

So a light was not shined under the floor, which means you cannot claim I am the culprit.

Geez, here I thought this would be the case where the murder could only be done by a robot.

You have accused me of being the culprit—more than once now—simply because I am a robot.

Alright, alright, you made your point. God, now I feel sorta bad for you...

It would've been difficult to move around under the floor in that pitch-black darkness. Maybe the floor and the hole have nothing to do with this case.

Then why was floorboard under Tenko lined up funny?

Uh-huh. Thank you.

Don't say it like that... You're better off not being used to this kinda stuff.

Maybe they marked Tenko with glowing paint and looked for that? That'd let the culprit find her. Then they could stab her through the floorboards...

Her corpse didn't have any trace of glowing paint though.

Oh...yeah. So then why was that floorboard loose?

The loose floorboard was the one under Tenko, right?

If the culprit used it while she was still alive, she'd totally notice.

We shouldn't dismiss this line of inquiry, however... Instead of butting our heads against this, how about we concentrate on another issue?

What other issue?

When...? So not during seance?

Tenko was in the metal cage for the whole seance, wasn't she?

How could someone have gotten to her there?

That's not possible... She was alive at that point.

The next time you open your mouth, it will be Angie speaking through you.

That was right before we blew out the candles. But when the light came back...

But she was inside cage, right? Gonta think it unpossible to kill her then!

Then she wasn't killed when the room was dark! It was a different time!

A...different time?


Since Gonta said it was impossible, I'm proposing an alternate theory.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -BREAK-

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #4

When Tenko got killed...

it wasn't during the seance!

It could not have been done at any other time.

What about moment cage was lifted!?

Oooh... L-Like that...

When cage lifted, culprit stab Tenko real fast!

So fast, no one saw!

Nngh... Oh... my...!

So who lifted the cage?

U-Uh... I-It was me...

That might not be impossible, but there's no evidence for it...

There were bloodstains on both the sheet and cage, which were removed separately.

SHUICHI: If Tenko was stabbed then, there wouldn't be blood on the cloth.

The only possibility is that Tenko was killed during the seance—



VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #1

Tenko died after the seance.

It happened when the sheet was lifted!

They stuck the thin blade through the gaps of the cage!

And that clean white sheet got stained blood red!

But the weapon was a sickle. Only the blade could have fit through the gaps.

If you stick the blade through a gap in the cage...

It'd be long enough to reach Tenko!

she wasn't that gar from the cage's gaps!

In which case, the person who lifted the sheet is the culprit...

All I have to do is show the evidence that will counter Miu's claims!

Nobody said she was sitting up.

SHUICHI: And the cage itself was about three feet tall. The sickle's blade was too short to reach Tenko while she was in that position.

No worries, Miu! Everyone already knows you're an embarrassment to the human race!

Yeah! No worries!

If Shuichi is right, then it's impossible for Tenko to have been killed through the cage.

She couldn't have been killed during the seance since she was in the cage, right?

If she was killed then, the cloth over the cage would have been pierced.

Not during the seance or from below the floor... Then it's impossible, isn't it?


Nee-heehee... What if Angie's spirit killed Tenko?

We don't know that. Some things are impossible for a human, but not for a spirit.

...Stop that now.


Angie's spirit...killed Tenko? Wh-Why...?


What if Tenko killed Angie, and then Angie's spirit came back for reven—

Then explain how the culprit killed Tenko under these impossible circumstances.

W-Well, uh...

See? You can't explain, can you? Only a spirit could have done th—

If they were in there, they coulda stabbed Tenko during the seance!

No, if there was someone else in the cage, we would've noticed—

...You do?

Nonsense. There was no space in the cage for the culprit to hide.

Maybe the culprit wouldn't need to hide in the first place.


I think you know what I'm getting at, right?

The "they" she's referring to...

Okay, let's see where this is going.

Are you saying...Tenko is the culprit?

...She committed suicide.

If she committed suicide, it would explain a lot of things we couldn't figure out.

It wouldn't matter how dark the room was.

But the sickle she was stabbed with was under the floor, right?

If Tenko had stabbed herself, wouldn't the sickle still be inside the cage?

Perhaps that explains why the floorboard was removed. After stabbing herself with the sickle, she threw it underneath the floor.

So she took off the floorboard to get rid of the sickle...?

Yes... That make sense to Gonta...

Maybe I wasn't too far off with the theory I had earlier...

Y'know, about Tenko killing Angie?


Because Tenko and Angie were fighting for your attention, right?

Her conscience couldn't handle it anymore, so she decided to end her own life.


But...if she was gonna kill herself, why do it during the seance?

R-Really? Why?

There could only be one reason to hide it in a killing game, right?

Take us down...? she could bring us all down! She wanted us to die with her!

Okay, well, she probably just wanted Himiko to die with her. But still...

Wh-What are you saying? Tenko...wasn't like that.

She told me...

A lie...?

Wait! We should believe Tenko's last words!

The true terror of class trials is that you shouldn't believe everything said.

Himiko, you said that Tenko would never do anything like that...

People keep all sorts of secrets, like Maki. She hid the fact that she's a cold-blooded killer.

Is it wise of us to trust other people wholeheartedly in this kind of situation?'re such a naive dude.


What matters is whether there's any malice behind 'em.

People can lie about how malicious their hidden secrets really are.

Well duh. It's impossible to know for sure what others are thinking.

If you get betrayed, it's not their fault! It's your fault for believing in them!

That's why I believed in Maki Roll! Because I wanted to believe in her!

Just because you're acting all cool doesn't mean you get to skip training.

H-Hey, c'mon... Don'tcha think you're being a little too strict?

No one's ever called me naive before. And from Kaito? Seriously?

...Whether or not I believe... My heart...can't reach Tenko anymore... But I wanna believe in her...

Me too. Gonta no can believe Tenko commit suicide.

But if Tenko did commit suicide, that would answer all of our questions.

If you insist we believe in Tenko, then provide a reason to do so.

A proper reason...

...Is there a reason?

Yes, there is. Will you trust me, Maki?

If it turns out I'm wrong, you can blame me all you like.


I don't believe Tenko would kill herself. Because of what she said...

Just because we don't know how she was killed doesn't mean that it was suicide.

We shouldn't be satisfied with that. And if we keep thinking, we'll find the truth. And that means... we have to believe in Tenko!

Next time, Tenko wasn't smart enough to commit sudoku.