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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 95: Every Picture Tells a Story

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma's Lesson V3

Guess the Victim Quiz!

A victim quiz!? Not a culprit quiz!?

The only victims are the people who are still watching this drawn-out, boring crap...

Why are you being such a downer all of a sudden?


How do you know!? They could be skipping this entire conversation for all you know! I can't take it! I can't take it anymore! I'm the real victim here! Meeee!

Why are *you* getting upset!? If anything, I'm the real victim! I gotta put up with all this nonsense all the time!


That's the right answer, Monodam!

Why!? He hasn't said anything!

Exactly! Cuz there are no victims. Yep... Even if you're killed in this killing game, you're a winner. Cuz then everyone mourns you, and you get tons of posthumous popularity!

Oh, Daddy! You don't need to reveal these kind of behind-the-scenes details!

Dying makes you more popular!? Then we gotta die soon, too!


VIDEO: Post-Intermission

Aghhhhhh! I'm fine with real ghosts, but impressions of them are too scary!

...Huh? Did you hear something?

...No? I didn't hear anything.


So round, so sweet, so delicious!

...That doesn't sound scary at all!

...Huh? Did you hear something?

...No? I didn't hear anything.


Answer us, Himiko.

You chose the middle room to lure us into your trap, did you not?

Then you used that trap to kill Tenko, yes?



Then she needs to defend herself. Otherwise, this debate is deadlocked.

I don't care if you gotta use magic to do it, but say something already.


...Are you even listening?


I...don't care anymore... I'm too tired... Angie died... Tenko died... Why did I have to survive? And're all saying I killed them...?


Do whatever... If you want to vote for me, then just...go ahead.

Gnnrgh... The game gets really blah if the suspect isn't into it.

That's not the problem!

Just...shut up. I told you I'm too tired...

It's all just...a big pain... I can't put up with it anymore...

Wh-What are you talking about!? If you give up here—

You needn't worry.

Himiko's a little...slow, so I don't think she's capable of handling a complicated crime.

I also think Himiko's not the culprit! Um...somehow...

Either way, we gotta look for more possibilities!

Kehehe... That does seem like rather a pointless quest.


Himiko...I know how you feel. I felt the same way after Kaede died...

But...we can't give up.

VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #8

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Performing the seance in that room...

why did you select the middle one, Himiko?

Was trap only in that room?

Other rooms maybe trapped, too!

Yeah, even if Himiko picked the room...

someone else could have set that trap!

Your opinions are empty words.


they might have persuaded her to choose that room somehow. But how? And what would that tell us...?

Dang, Gonta's on a roll.

What? Is that true!?

Kokichi will tell you.

Ah-haha, what bad luck...

Well...I didn't find it so much as I stepped through it and tripped.

Whaaa—! Hold on! There was also a loose floorboard in the next room?

So the culprit prepared a trap in all three empty rooms, not just the middle one.

If the culprit set traps in all the rooms, then they wouldn't need to select a room themselves.


I see... We were caught in the culprit's trap all along.

But now there's no reason to suspect Himiko! Right!?

... you remember what Tenko told you?




You're...right. Yeah... That's right... If I gave up here, I wouldn't be able to face Angie or Tenko...

That's right! So let's do our best!

Do not say "everyone." After all, the blackened is still among us.

Geez. There you go killing the mood like usual.

Your..."soul bro"?

Well anyway, do you think the blackened this time has some sort of superpower?

...What are you talking about?

Well, as a self-proclaimed expert of stepping through floorboards...

Ah... That is a good point.

It must've been barrier magic!

Well...that's one possibility... But I think it might've been something else.

Why did no one step on the floorboard until it was used for the murder...

If the magic circle is broken, not only will the seance fail...

But it may also unleash a curse.

That was part of the culprit's plans, too?

That's right! If that's the case, then the culprit...

There's no doubt in my mind. They're the one who killed Tenko. Only one person had the opportunity and the motive.

VIDEO: Accusation #1

I donno about motive, but even the magic circle wouldn't have kept Kiyo from falling through the floor before he finished drawing it.

Unless, of course, he knew the trap was there the whole time.

Hmm? Whatever are you talking about?

I'm talking about Tenko's murder.

Why do you suspect me?

Because you were the one who drew the magic circle.

SHUICHI: But that's not all it was for.

...variables, like Tenko's position and the placement of the cage, needed to be defined.

SHUICHI: In short, the circle itself was the most important tool in this murder.

Well, Kiyo?

Kehe...kehehehe... Kehehehehehehehehe...

...What is so funny?

I was just thinking...

What? An intriguing experience?

But if I am the culprit as you claim, then I stomped on the floorboard, yes? tell.

I see... That is problem.

Kehehe... Unless that is made clear, you cannot be certain I am the culprit.

How can you be so calm when you're backed into a corner like this?

I will explain that in due time. Please answer my question first.

But how? How did they move around in total darkness? In a room that dark, it's hard to imagine the culprit found the right board. Although, even after I put out the candle, I could move along the wall with my hand—

...Did you figure it out?

That's it... The culprit didn't even have to see at all. They used...

That way, they could get around in the dark. Like how I got to the candle!

Wasn't seesaw in middle of room? Gonta doesn't think it was near wall.

So they probably used something besides the wall to move then, right?

Hm? Were there any other markers within reach?

No, I'm sure there was something. A landmark they could have used to determine where the floorboard was.

It must have been at the scene. I know it.

VIDEO: Hangman's Gambit #2

Remember? The magic circle was drawn with salt. The culprit used the salt's texture to feel their way through the dark.

I see... So Kiyo traced the magic circle with his hands to get to the loose floorboard.

Pretty impressive that he could do that with his hands covered in tape or whatever that is.

Ooh, I see. You drew the magic circle with salt to use it as a guide.



When the room was darkened, each of us was in a corner of the room, yes?

The magic circle didn't reach us, so I could not have followed it, yes?

That doesn't mean the circle you drew was the same!

No, I most definitely drew it exactly the same. I have it perfectly memorized. which is it? Is there any way to check?

I see... Another piece of the puzzle. Drawing the circle with salt all but guaranteed it would be temporary.

The investigation itself would have gotten rid of the evidence. Clever.

Hmm...what a pain. We don't have any way to check it now...

E-Excuse me, everyone. May I have your attention please!?

Welp, I guess there's no point in discussing the magic circle anymore!

I apologize... I just wanted everyone to listen to me.

About what?

I had Miu add another function to my body, in addition to the flashlight.

What the...!? No way... Did you really...?

Please, let me use it! With it, I might be able to save everyone!

Alright, so...what is this function?

Huh? Image recording!?

Specifically, this function allows me to dispense a printout of my own memory...

...I'll give it a try.

KAITO: From your mouth!?

HIMIKO: I've...also used magic like that before.

KEEBO: This printout is my memory of being kicked out of the seance. Please confirm that the floor of the empty room is clearly visible. Go on! Take the picture and see for yourself!

SHUICHI: Ah, o-okay. Got it.

I reluctantly took the paper from Keebo's mouth.

KEEBO: Well, Shuichi? Do you notice anything?

Notice anything...

This helped a lot, Keebo. Without you...

My lie...?

You just said that you drew the magic circle exactly as it appears in the document.

But that's a lie, isn't it?

SHUICHI: Which means that you would be able to find the floorboard from anywhere in the room.

All because Himiko noticed! And...because of Keebo, too!

Hey, yeah. What was it you were saying about its purpose?

O-Oh... To be honest, the purpose of that image recording function is to monitor my health...

Specifically, I make Keebo use that function every day to...*sigh*... analyze my turds...

Sh-Shit is a great indicator of intestinal health and gut bacteria quality!

Plus, taking a satisfying shit does wonders for a woman's natural beauty, so...

Quit talking about your poop! No one cares! killed Tenko, didn't you? Just give up and admit it already.


So, Kiyo, if you have any objections, you can—

To be honest, it's unimportant. But it may be an amusing diversion.


Next time, isn't there someone we're forgetting about?