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Part 96: Nights in White Satin


VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #2

If you are going to claim that I am the culprit...

then what of the murder weapon?

The only people capable of that...

are Kokichi and Shuichi, who carried the cage.

True, we could've placed the sickle there, but we could not have removed it later.

Because we weren't the ones who lifted the cage. That was Himiko.

But in regards to that dilemma...

I did not carry the cage, nor did I lift it.

He had a way of getting that murder weapon, I can prove it!

What was hiding the sickle from view, again?


It's correct...? Then why don't you give up already!?

Kehehe... The trick I put so much work into is just wasted effort now. Alas. was you? You killed Tenko!?

Maybe you'd feel better if I was executed by Monokuma...

But unfortunately for you, that won't happen!

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Kiyo?

Kehehe... You still don't understand?

I killed Tenko. That is the truth. But it is meaningless in this class trial.


Well, I have an answer for that! It's first come, first served!

For us, Tenko's death is nothing but a trivial issue...

Because the blackened in this trial is the culprit who killed Angie.

A...trivial issue?

That is simply not possible. Recall that I was unable to enter Angie's lab.

Oh... Only student council members and Kokichi could enter research lab...

How could I have possibly killed Angie when I couldn't even enter her lab?

We...can figure that out. No one else could've done it besides you.

I understand how you feel, Himiko. But maybe we can discuss this rationally and calmly. There is a non-zero possibility that Kiyo is telling the truth.

So you understand how she feels. I see... Wait! Robots can understand human feelings!?

Hey... Why're you gettin' all worked up, Keebo? Chill, dude.

Kehehe... Voting for me will only help the one who murdered Angie.

Isn't...Kiyo culprit?

Of course I'm not... This case was an error on my part.

Monokuma added that rule after both bodies were found, yes?

Had I known, I certainly wouldn't have killed Tenko.

Now hold on, jumping to conclusions here is dangerous.

Mm-hm, we should talk it out more. This case might have juicy plot twists waiting to happen!

Yeah... There's sorta no other way to look at it!

Wowee! This argument is getting intense! At times like this...

Why were *you* waiting for it?

We won't forgive Kiyo for what he did... but we can't vote until we know the facts.

MUSIC: V3 Argument -SCRUM-

VIDEO: Debate Scrum

Kiyo killed Tenko and Angie!

We don't know for certain that Kiyo killed Angie!

He forced his way into Angie's research lab and killed her!

But he couldn't get into Angie's research lab...

So Kiyo did kill Tenko, but he not blackened?

Perhaps there's a second blackened we need to find.

He was planning to use the new rule to protect himself all along.

Not possible. That rule was added after both murders.

And there's still the mystery of Tenko's murder...

Mystery? What kinda mystery?

Well, Kiyo's confession derailed our conversation a bit...

but we still have to go over one of the clues found at Tenko's crime scene.

Yes, the outlying piece of evidence at Tenko's murder scene...

GONTA: Is that...Tenko's blood?

MAKI: That bloodstain was too far from Tenko's corpse to have been hers.

SHUICHI: Also, the bloodstain was already dry when we found it. But the blood from Tenko's body hadn't even begun to dry yet.

The bloodstain under the floorboard was dry because...

The first two answers are practically the same, so don't get tripped up here.

Before the seance...?

That should make it clear whose blood it was...

Yeah, wasn't Angie killed in her research lab?

Just because we found her body there, doesn't mean she was killed there.

Ah...I guess that's possible!

We assumed that only council members could've killed Angie, since her body was in her lab...

But if she died somewhere else, then we can't suspect just the council members anymore.

So the culprit didn't enter her lab, but waited for her to come out of it?

Well, I thought that was more likely from the start.

So I went to places Angie might've gone, and checked all three empty rooms.

Places she might've gone? Why did you check the empty rooms, then?

Did...Angie have business in rooms?

Kehehe... It seems Kokichi's up to his usual misleading nonsense again...

Nee-heehee... I do lie a lot, and I could be lying right now too...


Angie left her lab on her own and headed to the room where she was killed.

Is Kokichi's statement true? Or...


VIDEO: Nonstop Debate #9

The art research lab...

is not where Angie was killed...

She left her lab on her own...?

But why would she go into an empty room?

There shouldn't have been anything in there?

Except for candles...

To keep herself awake at night...

Something Angie did... There has to be a clue there!

Looks like Miu needs to get out of her own way.

Yeah! For kinky waxplay!

Uh, no... Angie was gonna use it for the ritual.

Use caution! Be mindful of carbon monoxide poisoning!

That's right! There's nothing to start a fire with in Angie's lab...

MIU: And that's when the culprit attacked her!

Bravo, Himiko! Well done for choosing that room for the seance!


If we hadn't done the seance in that room, then Tenko's murder would've been in another room.

That's right. Shuichi and I only checked under the floorboards where Tenko died.

Yup, it's all thanks to Himiko for choosing the same room as Angie!

This must be Atua's will! Or maybe the power of magic?

It's neither... I just picked one.

You claim Angie was murdered in the empty room and then moved to the lab?

KIYO: It may be possible to carry a body, but blood cannot be moved.


She was killed after she was carried to her lab.

That means the culprit attacked her twice. I have evidence of that.

Angie was attacked in the empty room, carried to her lab...

...All clear...? all clear?

Kehe...kehehehe... What are you all talking about...?

All...clear...? clear...?

Their words are all hollow. There is no meaning to any of them...


You must teach these ignorant children a lesson.

Y-Yes, you're right... Okay, I'll teach them.

Kehehe... Not yet. Nothing is clear at all.

It's full of doubts! Of mysteries! Of a dense, impenetrable fog!


VIDEO: Rebuttal Showdown #3

That's nothing but a delusion!

Do you intend to poison our minds with your delusions!?

It's no delusion. Angie's two external wounds tell the story.

After she was struck in the empty room, she was carried to the art research lab and then killed!

Even if you wiped them down later,

The culprit carried Angie in such a way that wouldn't leave any blood behind. I'm sure there's a clue at the scene that proves it...

Good thing Maki was there to spot this.


It was wrapped around her head to stop the bleeding while she was being carried.

Bloody tape...? Gonta didn't notice at all.

But since it was hidden, the culprit didn't notice and failed to dispose of it.

It must have fallen as the fatal blow was dealt, and ended up under her body.

It...must've been Atua who did that for us.

Wh-What? Atua...? How long are you going to keep that up?

I'm convinced. There's only one person who could have killed Angie...

Next time, the easiest question in the game.