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Part 97: I've Got You Under My Skin

VIDEO: Accusation #2

As the thread surmised, Kiyo basically dug his own grave.

Well, that was obvious. Such a boring, obvious answer...

You...killed both of them...

In terms of pure logic, only one victim was necessary to win.

...I think one of the murders was an accident.

An accident?

That's right. It wasn't part of the plan.

Huh? Which one?

What? Tenko wasn't accident?

That's right. Kiyo originally planned to kill someone with the seesaw trick.

But while he was making preparations in the empty room, Angie walked in...

Then...he should've just stopped there.

He only needed to kill one for this game. Killing two is pointless. If you get bonus points for killing more, then sure. Otherwise, it leaves more clues behind.

Why, Kiyo? Why you kill two of our friends?

N-No...I'm not the culprit...! S-So...why is everyone looking at me like I am...?

Calm yourself, Korekiyo.

You mustn't raise your voice. You mustn't stutter. You mustn't lose composure. You mustn't become flustered. You mustn't waver.

Look at their horrid faces. This sorry lot is not worth agonizing over.

Y-You're right... Yeah... You're right...

It almost seems like...he's talking with someone.

Kehehe... No matter how loudly you protest, this is a trivial matter... I will never acknowledge your allegations. Not a single one of them.

I will only acknowledge facts, true events. I won't acknowledge fiction, mystery.

I won't acknowledge...your deductions or guesses.

Well said... Good job, Korekiyo.


No evidence...? There's no evidence that he killed Angie?

You're wrong. There *is* evidence.

What? You do realize bluffs like that won't work, yes?

The weapon that was used to knock Angie unconscious in the empty room...

Hmhmhm...that's not possible. I think you may have misunderstood.

Apologize. Come on, apologize.

Apologize, apologize, apologize...

Come on, apologize. Apologize, apologize. Apologize apologize apologize apologize.

I have no idea what's happening with Kiyo...

VIDEO: Argument Armament




Here's the other form Nega Time can take in this game. Instead of an icon blocking your button prompts, we get noise over the timing track. If you can't activate Fever Time, your only option is to listen to the clapping over the music or go by how big the icon gets. I'm not the best at that, but I'm good enough.


I seeee. And how do you know the floorboard was the murder weapon?

Angie's blood?

Blood that spattered there when the culprit struck Angie with the board.

But that's not the only evidence that she was hit with that floorboard.

SHUICHI: ...the floorboard must not have been in place at the time of the attack.

KEEBO: Good point. Had the floorboard been in place, her blood wouldn't have splattered beneath it.


If the weapon used to hit Angie is the floorboard from the seesaw trick...

Ah... Aaah...

SHUICHI: ...when Angie walked in.

MIU: And he coldcocked her with the floorboard!

So it's true... the truth...

Uh... Uhh... Uuuhhh...

Looks like we're almost at the end.

Shuichi...please. Put an end to this...

...I understand. I'll go over everything one more time!

VIDEO: Closing Argument

MUSIC: Closing Argument V3

In DR2, the answers were released in batches, and you had to put the correct ones in the right place before you got access to the next batch. The way they're locked here reminds me of that.

MUSIC: Climactic Re-enactment V3

It was late last night. The culprit was in the empty room on the 4th floor. The culprit was preparing the seance murder they had planned.

The plan was to make the same preparations for all three empty rooms. This would divert suspicion away from the culprit and to whoever picked a room.

They were planning to cut the crosspieces in all three rooms.

She needed some fire for the ritual, and had gone to the room for a candle.

Angie might not have concluded that it was tied to some kind of murder plan. But now that Angie had seen it, the culprit couldn't use the seesaw trick. Any other person might have just given up. But not our culprit.

They didn't notice the duct tape had peeled off, and was under Angie's body. Without that evidence, we may never have figured out the culprit's trick.

First, they used rope from the warehouse and hung four effigies upside-down.

To overwhelm the room with an occult atmosphere... And the other was the key to locking the room.

A difficult trick, but remember that the lock was so loose it moved at the slightest touch. The culprit also would have had the opportunity to attempt it many times.

Perhaps the culprit noticed it, but by that point it was too late. The room was sealed. There was no way for them to get back inside.

I was invited by Kokichi to take Keebo's place in the seance.

To perform the seance, the culprit claimed they needed something for Tenko...

That position was instrumental in making sure the murder went as planned.

The culprit then volunteered to drape the white cloth over the iron cage. We didn't realize it at the time, but that was a deliberate decision by the culprit.

but our culprit had another plan—to commit a murder in the darkness.

It would have been quite difficult to do in total darkness, but our culprit had a guide.

The culprit felt for the salt and used it to guide them along.

...and pushed Tenko's body up toward the ceiling of the cage. Tenko was stabbed in the back of the neck by the sickle on the top of the cage. She was killed right before our eyes and we didn't even see it!

We followed the culprit's directions and removed the equipment used for the seance...

...and dropped it under the floor through the hole in the corner of the room.

The culprit had planned the murder so that we would unintentionally destroy some evidence. That evidence was the magic circle that the culprit used to navigate in the dark.

He really saved us. Without that, we wouldn't know what changes were made to the circle. But now we know for certain. And we know the culprit drew the magic circle...

Uh... Uuuhhh...

Sweet Korekiyo, there are times when it's necessary to admit defeat.

A-Admit...? ...

So you...finally admit you did it.


Yes... It's unfortunate. Very, very unfortunate.

My one regret... My only regret...


Kehehe... It was my dream to make 100 friends.

Wh-What are you...talking about? I do not understand a word of this.

Roger that! One Voting Time, comin' up!




As the blackened and the spotless finally face off...


Now then, it seems the voting has finished. Let's see the result.

Next time... hoo boy!