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by Solitair

Part 98: Get Back to Where We Once Belonged

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Caged Dog Village
Normal Stone
Secure Floorboard
Hole in the Middle
Flashlight Drawbacks

our villain had a light (argue)
candle (agree)
used that function to get under the floor (argue)

VIDEO: Back Route #4

This last lie bullet looks promising. Let's see what happens, shall we?

...Did you not notice?

I didn't notice what?

It's even harder to believe that this trial isn't being manipulated by someone... So even if I have to lie...I need to defend Keebo!

The drawback of the flashlight function that you added.

Hmmm, I see... That bright, huh? make mistakes a lot... A whole lot...

If he can't see, it doesn't matter how bright the area is. He couldn't move like that.

I-Is that true, Keebo? Is what Shuichi said true?




Uh, um... Well...uh...

You don't remember? What does that even mean?

Well, Shuichi... Tryin' to make a fool outta me, huh?

Ah, um, th-that's uh...

Wouldn't the light have shined through the gaps of the floorboard if it had been this bright?

The hole...

Oh? They coudn't have...?

We were there, after all. We would know.

SHUICHI: If someone had a light under the floor, it would have leaked through.

That's right. We didn't see anything, so the culprit couldn't have used a light.

And just because I have a built-in flashlight function, does not mean I am the culprit.

I see... That was a flaw in my theory.

Geez, here I thought this would be the case where the murder could only be done by a robot.

As vestigial as the back route system is in general, this one was well worth the trouble.

Solitair posted:

MUSIC: V3 Argument -PERJURY-

Lie Bullets:
Caged Dog Village
Silent Seance
Hole in the Middle
Snapped Crosspiece
Kokichi Uninjured

Himiko's decision (agree)
What if someone steered her (agree)
Other rooms maybe trapped (agree)

VIDEO: Back Route #5

This one I'm not so sure about, but it's the only option that isn't either counterproductive or unbelievable.

Tsumugi is correct. I believe Himiko was being set up.

Himiko only picked that room because Kiyo wanted it as dark as possible.

My lab has windows, so even with the lights off, it is still not dark enough.

Then...what about the empty rooms?

Are you saying she chose the middle room by pure coincidence?

The culprit gambled on the middle room being picked through coincidence?

That seems highly improbable.

But maybe they didn't. Perhaps they manipulated Himiko somehow.

Um...the middle room. The middle room's always best for stuff like this.

No more... I told's too much of a pain. Just do the voting or whatever...


What do you mean?

It's getting kinda boring, so I'll explain.

Each room...same?

Remember what Gonta said earlier? Maybe the culprit placed traps in all the rooms?

Well...that was correct! Before the trial, I hurt myself checking all the rooms.

Ah! That's right!

Ah-haha, what bad luck...

Well...I didn't find it so much as I stepped through it and tripped.

I guess that's one way to make Kokichi be helpful and honest?