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Part 99: No Church in the Wild

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VIDEO: Kiyo's Last Words

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates


...It's finally over.

No, not yet. I haven't...heard his answer yet. Kiyo...why? Why did you kill Angie and Tenko?


Did your motive have something to do with the transfer student who was resurrected? Even if it did, though... How did that trigger a murder?

Don't tell me... Were you actually scared of the resurrection ritual, Kaito?

Nothing to do with it...?

Because we're friends, I'll tell you... I never once believed in the ritual. I would never kill someone over such a silly thing as that.

...So it has nothing to do with the motive?



There is...someone that I love. From the bottom of my heart. Someone so dear...someone I long for.

MUSIC: Moon on the Water

KIYO: Yes, we vowed an endless love to each other...forever bound by fate. None can come between us. We are bound by an intense love... No matter what anyone says.

So to see this lover of yours, you had to escape...

That's why you killed Angie and Tenko? But, why did you need to kill both—

If you asked if I did it to escape this place, my answer would be... "No."


Calm down, no one would want a disgusting shit-stuffed bitch like you anyway.

...Is it really one of us?

Mmm... When I say "inside," I do not mean "inside this academy."

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty


Well, duh. If you were his sister, he would've killed himself already.

Your sister? But...didn't you say she was your lover?

Kehehe... It is not that difficult. My sister is my lover.

KIYO: The fact that we were siblings...meant nothing to us. They called it "forbidden love," but none could stop the love we shared... Ooh... How I long for my sister's warmth... The only time I felt at peace...was when I was enveloped in my sister's warmth!

Y-You had to escape from here, right?


Sister was very sickly... She was always in and out of the hospital ever since she was a child. Because of that, she didn't have many friends. She always seemed so lonely...


My sister is now a ghost, so her friends should be ghosts, too, right?

They were all wonderful people! Worthy of being Sister's friends!


This is too impossible to understand...! Too...impossible!

Kehehe... Sister is very happy.

C—Could it be...that the lipstick version of Kiyo is...

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

After I lost my beloved sister, I was so distraught, I nearly went mad.

Oh, thank god that didn't happen!

But Sister came to save me.

She visited me during one of my seances and stayed inside me... I can see her whenever I want. I'm never lonely...

A-Are you...serious!? Is this...really a spirit!?

He's just delusional...

Hmhmhm... What a sad girl who can't even believe in the power of love...



Nee-heehee... Seems like he was already crazy before he got here...

You didn't kill to escape from here—that wasn't your purpose from the get-go...

Do not make me out to be some bloodthirsty, indiscriminate killer. I only kill girls who I think are worthy of being Sister's friends.

I see... So when we were deciding on who should be the medium...

I spent my time evaluating all the girls here...

And besides Maki and Miu, they were all worthy! All worthy of being Sister's friends!

Then...the second vicitim...could've been me?

Tenko...died in place of me?

Wrong portrait, game.

...No, I'll do it.

Her noble, earnest heart made her a perfect friend for Sister.

She even infiltrated the student council to protect Himiko.

Huh? Infiltrate? Really? did you...?

Yes! She stood up against the darkness of this school all by herself!

I was so touched by that! Wonderful! She was a perfect friend for Sister!

Kehehe... I can't understand why you didn't like her, Himiko.


Wh-What...? You do all that for—

Wooow, you did all thatjust to kill. For you to go that far...that's pretty impressive.

It interested me as an anthropologist, of course. But more than that...

Kaito, are you okay? You look...kinda pale...

D-Don't worry about it... Let's focus on Kiyo right now.

Allow me to explain, though. I did not plan to kill both of them. I knew I would have plenty of chances after escaping this place.

So I figured I may as well kill someone else, too.

After all, it would be a shame to just waste the seance trick I prepared.

Y-You're talking killed her just because you could...

No, not just because I could... I was sending another friend to Sister.

You're right... Because of that, now I can't send 100 friends to Sister.

I...I do not understand. This is all too impossible for me to understand.

Th-That right... Killing two friends for your dead sisterl?

Kehehe... Oh, don't get so worked up. There's something I learned after Sister's death...

Death only changes a person's form. The soul lives on as a ghost.

Thank you, Sister... I love you.

I don't understand anything you're saying. Nothing's making sense.


All deaths are unfair deaths. Why do you think news stations get such high ratings when they're reporting about death?

Well if you look at it like that, this whole killing game embodies that philosophy, right? Gifted high school students forced to play a killing game...

If people were watching this...?

Hell yeah! If I wasn't in this killing game, I would have so much fun watching!

Kehehe... The nature of this killing game is yet shrouded in mystery...

But my role in it is over. I have finished my explanation to you, friends.

I was unable to send her 100 friends, but at least I can see her again now.

Looks like you're already prepared. Now then, let's get started...

Punishment Time...

My beloved sister... At long last... I'll finally get to see you again...

Yes... From now on, no one will try to stop us. We can be together without having to hide our love from others...

Like I said, there's no such thing as a death that can be accepted.

Why do you think so many different cultures have funeral rites? Why do you think rumors of ways to resurrect the dead never cease?

The living must find a reason, however forced, to accept death when it happens.


That was the answer I reached. How about you? How will you live a life that faces death?

Kehehe... I'll be watching to see how you face the death of your friends.

I'll be watching...forever and ever...

Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!

EXECUTION VIDEO: Cultural Melting Pot

MUSIC: Mr. Monokuma After Class V3

N-No...! Monodam...why!?

It's so freakin' cute that he would kill himself cuz he couldn't get along!

Had I known this would happen...I would've been nicer to him... The only reason Monodam obsessed over getting along was because everyone but me bullied him!

Huh? You already forgot? That's...kinda scary.


Well, looks like another class trial has wrapped up without incident, so...

Seems like a waste, though. You guys sure you don't wanna use it?

Puhuhu... You guys should've brought someone back to life and added them to your roster.

S-Shut up! How long are you gonna keep talking about that?

He's just trying to shake us mentally to get us to panic.

I'm assuming you'll think another murder will happen if you do that, right?

What a waste. If none of you were gonna use it, you should've let me have it. Then I could've resurrected one of my dead siblings...

...Which one?

Well...I dunno. They were all pretty terrible, actually.

It's too bad you missed your chance to raise the dead. That's what you get for doubting me!

MUSIC: Heartless Journey

Even now he still talks about raising the dead...

Man...this is stupid. What people believe in is up to them, but... Living people shouldn't have to suffer because of the dead!

...That's not something a coward like you should say.

Sh-Shut up... Leave me alone.

But...there's one thing this case taught me. I thought there was a god watching over us, but... right.

Well...that's why we have to work together, right? Face it together.

But...your talent is entomology...

I don't want Shuichi to use his Ultimate talent anymore. I'm getting sick of class trials.

Ah,'re right.



It may not be possible now, but I'll put in the effort so everyone can trust me. I...I won't run away anymore... I want to survive and escape this place with everyone.


Don't underestimate her! Maki Roll's one of my sidekicks!

I don't remember being your sidekick. Also, didn't I tell you to stop calling me Maki Roll?

Ooohhh, you guys are so close now. This must be the powerful bond of friendship. But I would've preferred it to happen sooner. Especially not after losing seven people.

Well, whaddaya know? The dumbass *can* do basic math! That's right, seven pieces of shit have been flushed away, and only nine remain.

By that calculation... Doesn't that make you one of the pieces?

Just...nine of us.

But hey... None of us gave up, right? I know we're all gonna escape! I'm not gonna rely on a god, spirits, or the dead.


You're right! Those of us who remain can start over!

Hold up! Kee-boy needs to apologize to everyone for the whole student council thing.

And there's only one kind of apology that I'm willing to accept...

Even though we're missing her...

Himiko... You okay? Anything Gonta can do to help? You can tell Gonta.

I think...we should let her have some space for now. That might be best for her.

Oh... Gonta understand.



MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

Personally, I don't think lies are exactly a bad thing... Let's face it, you wouldn't have any free will if the world was comprised with just the truth.

But even then...I don't think it's good to lie to yourself, y'know?

What are you saying!? Think about Himiko's feelings a little bit-

Himiko has been lying to herself about her own feelings, so she's been holding back.

...What? Hold back?


MUSIC: Moon on the Water

So...if you feel like crying while you're talking to Angie, go ahead and cry your eyes out.

...You'll feel better when you do.

Well, I mean...laughing makes you feel better too...

And venting your anger onto something can really cheer you up!

U.. Uuu...

Tenko...Angie! I'm so lonely!

But...I gotta survive! I...still can't go to where you are! But...I'm lonely! I'm so lonely without the both of you!


D-Damn it!


She cried as if she was releasing all the emotions she had bottled up inside. Before we knew it... As if lured by her doing so... ...we began crying.

AUDIO: What Was Lost

We were crying about what we had been through, and what was to come... Sadness, hatred, frustration, discord, anger, love... Tears filled with emotion. But at the very least...they weren't tears of submission. They were tears to push us forward.


MUSIC: Cool Morning

AUDIO: Carry the Feeling

No, she fine.

KEEBO: She's sleeping very peacefully.

KOKICHI: She's all tuckered out after crying. Robots sleep well after leaking their oils too, right?

KEEBO: I have told you many times that I do not use oil as my fuel source—

KOKICHI: But wow! That really surprised me! She passed out as soon as she stopped crying.

SHUICHI: Yeah...but she looks so peaceful, sleeping like that...

MAKI: ...She probably felt better after letting it all out, don't you think?

TSUMUGI: Yeah... I hope so.

Then, Gonta carry Himiko to her room.

MIU: Bwah-hahahahaha! Make sure you focus real good on your back, y'hear me!? You'll need that focus if you wanna feel her little mosquito bites pokin' ya!

TSUMUGI: There's no way he'd do such a thing... Gonta is a gentleman, after all.

Kaito had stopped in his tracks.


...Kaito, what's wrong?

I just...wanted to get some night air. Don't worry about me. Go on ahead.

Ah, you sure?

Anyway...don't do something like this again, okay? If you dislike scary things, then you should've said so earlier. I thought you were sic—

Yeah...worried about your stupidity.

She leaves.

Hah! Still haven't warmed up to me, huh?

Maybe not...but I feel like the walls we had up are coming down a little, you know? Perhaps those walls were her enemies...

Yeah! Cuz of me!

...Yeah, maybe, but you sound like you're bragging, Kaito!

You can go on ahead. it. See you tomorrow.

Yeah, see ya tomorrow!

I didn't notice what was going on with Kaito... ... ...

AUDIO: Like I'm Gonna Die Here

KAITO: *cough* *cough*

I...don't have time to be dying... I still haven't gone into space yet. Damn it... No way am I gonna die here! No way...

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