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Dante's Inferno

by LawrenceFriday

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Original Thread: Apparently Hell is a bad place. Who knew? Let's Play Dante's Inferno!


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All videos are NSFW

Dante's "Divine Comedy" is considered to be one of the greatest works of literature. It helped define the modern perception of Hell, using the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Detailing Dante's travels through the three realms of the afterlife, with one cantica each for Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, the Divine Comedy is an allegory for the soul's journey towards God (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

Dante's Inferno is none of those things.

Dante's Inferno is completely unashamedly a rip-off of God of War. Dante must fight his way through Hell to rescue his girlfriend Beatrice, who has been taken by Lucifer because she's an idiot. He must use Death's scythe and Beatrice's crucifix to brutally murder every damned soul, unbaptized baby, and overweight demon in the seven circles of Hell. Every one of its good design decisions is torn straight of GoW's playbook, but Visceral Games at least knew what to steal. It is completely batshit insane, and it does little to no justice to the poem on which it is based. But it's not a bad game. And I am going to enjoy it.

Who the hell are you?
I am LawrenceFriday. My partners in crime are John Murdoch, who gets far too much enjoyment out of giving GuavaMoment seizures, and tehwarsmith, who is a busta.

These videos are NSFW?
What with all the Hell business, the game is full of violence, nudity, and general naughtiness.

You suck at this game.
Yeah, kinda. I'll try to keep my deaths down to a minimum, but my impatience and clumsiness will likely get the best of me. Also, there are some seriously terrible sections of the game designed specifically to dick me over.

What kind of update schedule will you stick to?
That mostly depends on when I can browbeat John and warsmith into recording. I'll try to get two up a week, but I can guarantee at least one.

Let's Play!
Episode I: Viddler Blip

Episode II: Viddler blip

Episode III: Part 1 - Viddler blip
Part 2 - Viddler blip

Episode IV: Viddler blip

Episode V: Viddler blip

Episode VI: Part 1 - Viddler blip
Part 2 - Viddler blip

Episode VII: Part 1 - Viddler blip
Part 2 - Viddler blip

Episode VIII (with special guest Fier): Viddler blip

Episode IX (with guest Fier): Part 1 - Viddler blip
Part 2 - Viddler blip

Episode X: Part 1 - Viddler blip
Part 2 - Viddler blip

Finale: Viddler blip

Bonus images:
The alternate costume for beating the game is just original Crusading Dante

Courtesy of John
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