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by Jamesman

Part 11: Matataki Village and Wise Owl Forest Part 3

We can't understand Treant until we use the Hunter's Earring. It's not just our weapons we have to accessorize!

Treant is fucking creepy. Seriously, look at this. Who the hell designed this and thought it was a good idea?

Anyway, he gives us a present by sneezing out a Serpent Sword. This sword is indestructable until it "completes its mission."

Continuing to talk to Treant, he tells you about Brownboo Village, where the Moon People live. He also talks about Goro, and the secret truth regarding his father, Fudoh.

So let's review;

-Fudoh was killed by Killer Snake.
-Our flute attracts snakes.
-Our sword kills snakes.


You guessed it. We're going fishing!

Fishing at the waterfall, at dusk, and using a poisonous apple for bait, you have a chance of catching the first of two types of rare fish.

The Mardan Garayan is the only fish that will go after the apples, which makes them the "easier" of the two to catch. Since they're so rare, they give a good chunk of fishing points.

OK but seriously, let's go see if we can find us a snake now.

Another duel, but this time with two werewolves, of all things. To the side of this room is a large hole. And when we play our flute...

Well... shit. Remember to always equip your Serpent Sword before playing your Odd-Tone Flute to draw out a deadly snake that may or may not have killed a legendary hunter.

With the sword equipped, you'll trigger another duel. With the snake dead (and the sword becoming a regular weapon), he leaves behind a Bone Pendant. Maybe Goro can tell us more about it.

It's a g-g-g-GORO'S DAD!

Well, sort of. The pendant houses a spiritual message left by Fudoh for his son, in which he reveals the truth. Fudoh was dying from illness. Rather than go out as a bed-ridden shadow of his former self, he decided to face Killer Snake and die in battle, to be remembered as a great hunter.

Fudoh insists Goro help save the world, but Goro's overwhelmed by emotions and rejects his father...

Then decides to join us anyway. Um... Hooray?