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by Jamesman

Part 4: Norune Village and Divine Beast Cave Part 2

When we last left off, we saw a kitty. However, our poncho scared it off, and it ran away.

Continuing on, we pick up a couple more Atla. The Annex Room is one of the accessories Macho told us about. Komacho, if the name doesn't give it away, is Macho's brother.

The Yammich tries to keep its distance from you, waiting for you to close in and try to attack before attempting a counter. Despite it's appearance, it actually does a good chunk of damage. He drops an Endurance +1, which means now's as good a time as any to get into the specifics of weapon modding.

Weapons have anywhere from 2-4 "slots," depending on the weapon, that you can put attachments into, which improve the stats of the weapon. When your Abs are full, you can upgrade the weapon, which increases the stats of the weapon a little, and also absorbs attachments on it, allowing you to place new ones. Now, you'll also see that there is a mention of SynthSpheres here. Sy-

HOLY JESUS CRAPPING FUCK! Sometimes, big chests will have a Happy Clown in them, who offers you a choice between two mystery boxes - A big one and a small one. There's no real wrong choice here. We get a +3 Speed attachment from the small box, and put it in our sword.

Locked doors will be randomly placed in floors as well. We find the Bone Key not too far away in a small chest, which will allow us to open the way.

On the way to finding the key, our sword's Abs filled up, and now's a good time to upgrade it. We have no better (or other) attachments to swap out for on our weapon, so we'll stick with these two. You'll also note the "Build-Up" option; When a weapon meets the minimum stats needed, you can evolve it into a new weapon, and we'll cover that when the time comes.

We also get a handful of Atla and some new items and we kill everything and blah blah blah. Let's go back to the surface and play around a bit more with Macho's house. I feel... compelled to see him again.

Attaching Komacho to the house brings him back into the world, and he tells us we should also give the house a lamp and a fence. He also shares Macho's sentiment of being close by to some good training grounds, so we move the house closer to the cave and add some more crap on it.

EVENT! Good things happen when you completely restore a building. Certain events are required for progressing the story, but in a way, all events are required in the grand scheme of things. Let's see what happens when we visit these beefy brothers again.

Komacho gives us our first "____ Breaker" attachment. You put these on weapons to improve their effectiveness against certain enemy types. There are ten different types, and each Breaker item increases that stat by 3.

Macho's not too happy about his brother giving his shit away. Being the younger brother myself, I can sympathize, and fully agree when he decides a fight must ensue over this injustice.

Aww, don't feel too bad Toan. Just because it's all your fault doesn't mean... OK, yeah, you should feel bad. But in two seconds you'll stare at the stone on your hand and forget all about it anyway.

Next Time - We've gotten a taste for balls, and we want more.