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Part 19: Brightstone Cove Tseldora Pt. 1

Already on our way to the final old one because what else should we be doing now that we've dealt with the other three? It's the only path left for us to explore right now and usually the one I save for last. Not for any reason in particular, that's just how it is.

I little bit of Insolent Armor, some Dingy Skirt and the Varangian Helm. We're also using the Mastodon Halberd again and it'll be tremendously useful to us. In addition to the hexes we'll be utilizing.

The Prowling Magus and Congengration

Rather than pitting us against an actual boss in the more classical sense we fight a large group of enemies this time around.
They are all rather slow so if you need to heal you can just retreat. You only need to look out for their ranged attacks. The magus himself, dark-clad guy in the middle will shoot hexes in your general direction while the two Priestesses in white may use lightning. They can also heal by the way.
The rest of the enemies is basically only there to give you the illusion that you are in danger.
There was an infamously easy boss in Dark Souls called Pinwheel. I'd say the Magus and his buddies are easier. I base this solely on the fact that I died to Pinwheel at one point but this boss never managed to do that. You can even summon Benhart if you want. And why shouldn't you? It's not like you're going to cheat yourself out of a good challenge if you do. You'll only progress in Benny's quest which requires you to summon him for a couple boss fights. No matter what you do this is always the first fight you can summon him for so you might as well. You can even Ascetic the bonfire and fight the Magus three times and it will count as you having beaten three bosses with Benhart.

Boss Weapons
This "boss" has no soul!
It also doesn't drop soul items so there's no boss weapons

Item Descriptions
None of those either, sorry. I want to save all of the descriptions for when we cleared the rest of this area.