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Part 22: King's Passage

King's Passage is the last bit of Drangleic Castle. It's short but tries more to be a build-up towards the boss fight of the area anyway.

Wearing the Grave Warden's Top and the Royal Soldier Helm. Just for good measure we're also using a Katana.

Looking Glass Knight

Ah, another big dude wearing armor using a greatsword and a greatshield that is actually also a mirror and will deflect any magic (and attacks) that hit it, whether he's blocking or not. It's a relatively easy fight though. In the video I make it look harder than it needs to be. At my skill level I should be steamrolling him. Not like I'm especially good either, just reasonably competent.

But anyway, while he may seem like your standard Dark Souls II boss there's actually a twist to him. He'll sometimes anchor his shield on the ground hitting onto the mirror on it from the other side will be a Mirror Squire. That mirror squire can be an NPC phantom. Or an actual player. To get summoned to help the Knight place a red summon sign anywhere in King's Passage or even near the bonfire before you enter the area. reset the sign every couple seconds for best results. You can also use a cracked red eye orb but the chances are better with the red sign soapstone. Now that I think of it it's kind of a missed opportunity I didn't invite the thread to invade me here. Rest assured that I recorded me invading someone, though, that one will be part of an upcoming PvP video.

As for fighting the big guy himself, well. He's got his standard sword swings you should be able to anticipate reasonably well If you've made it this far. The main thing you'll have to look out for. Not because he weaponizes it or anything. It's strictly defensive. But while you and every other enemy needs to block to avoid damage with a shield he just needs to hold it. Whenever you hit the shield it's as though you're hitting a wall. So circle him clockwise rather than counter-clockwise to avoid having his shield right in front of you a lot. You can also go the other way but you'll have to go farther.

His most dangerous attacks are when he charges up briefly to unleash lightning. It's really deceiving because it appears much easier to dodge than it is but you need to keep in mind that it seems to have an AoE effect too. In my experience it's better to get away from him and dodge as late as you're comfortable with rather than staying in his face and dodge the swing that comes with it.
His lighting attack comes in two forms. One is a single stream of lightning along the ground which will home in on you. The other is more of a spread. In either case, getting hit by lightning is bad news here because your lightning resistance will be decreased due to the rain. So will his but he has really high lightning resistances. On the flipside, your fire, should you use it, will be much weaker because everything is soaking wet.

Boss Weapons
Soul of the Looking Glass Knight, who challenges visitors to the lordless castle.
Long ago, the King's Passage was a route taken by the bravest warriors to prove themselves, but now it only prevents one from pursuing the runaway king.

Thorned Greatsword

Trade Soul with: Ornifex
Moveset/Weapon Class: Greatsword
Physical Damage (+0/+5): 84/210
Lightning Damage (+0/+5): 50/80
Scales with: STR (C), DEX (C)
Requirements: 20 STR, 15 DEX
Damage Type: Slash, Thrust, Lightning
Special Ability: Strong attack unleashes a ranged lightning attack

In-Game Description:
A greatsword forged from the soul of the Looking Glass Knight.
Strong attack unleashes its latent power.
Fearing something wicked, the King fled the castle and never returned. But his warrior, forever true to his command, stands ready to expunge those who would challenge him.
Effect: special attack (strong attack)

King's Mirror

Trade Soul with: Ornifex
Moveset/Weapon Class: Greatshield
Noteworthy Damage Reduction: Phys. (95), MAG (75), FIR+LIT+DRK (70)
Stability (+0/+5): 65/73
Scales with: STR (D)
Requirements: 35 STR
Damage Type: Strike
Special Ability: Deflects spells with one-handed shield bash.

In-Game Description:
A greatshield created from the soul of the Looking Glass Knight. Can deflect Spells.
The Looking Glass at the castle is said to have been a passage to another world

Item Descriptions

Stone Twinblade
Twinblade of the castle stone soldiers.
Sir Velstadt could always be found at the King's side, and followed him when he fled. The knights in his service waited patiently for his return, but turned to stone before he did.
Note: The description is basically the same as that of the Stone Soldier Spear, but the wording is different. Almost as though the two descriptions have been translated by two different translators. Here's the description again:

Stone Soldier Spear
Spear of the castle stone soldiers.
Sir Velstadt could always be found at the King's side, and followed him upon his exit. The knights in his service waited patiently for his return, until they turned to stone.

Sorcery: Soul Bolt
One of the sorceries devised by Straid, the great mage of ancient Olaphis.
Fires a blinding, piercing bolt of light.
Straid started with an unwieldy spell that back-fired on its caster, and in time, perfected it

Llewellyn Armor
Armor reinforced with rare geisteel. Belonged to Chancellor Wellager.
Excellent defensive gear that is both light and sturdy.
Quality equipment that is both light and strong. Crafted by the castle's resident master smith Llewellyn, and supplied only to a selected few.
His work easily identified by its lack of ostentation, Llewellyn focused solely on an economy of simplicity and strength.