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Part 23: Shrine of Amana

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In this one I forgot a ton of the better hidden items!!! Check the section with the item descriptions for details.
This is an area many people hate. I like it. But I also like The Valley of Defilement from Demon's Souls and Blighttown from Dark Souls. It favors builds that have access to ranged attacks. Which is basically every build without a gimmick that prohibits using them. Still, I consider it a legitimate complaint but personally welcome it as a change of pace. Besides, it's not that bad even with melee weapons only. For me at least.

This time around we are a mass of metal. The Dragonrider set goes well with the Drangleic helm. Weapon of choice is the Dragonslayer Axe, which deal lightning damage innately and is lightning infused as well. Thought it'd be a good idea to use this in an area full with water.

Demon of Song

A frog-like creature with a face instead of a mouth. The face has a mouth though so don't worry everything is in order. The fight is really easy, though. Every attack is telegraphed ages in advance and for every attack but one it'll expose it's face first. That face happens to be its weak spot. Every time the Demon of Song is finished attack you can run in and hit it a couple times without having to fear a counter attack.

It can use it's arms to try to hit you or grab you. The latter is possibly deadly. It's best to get out of the way until it's finished attacking regardless of what attack it uses anyway. Especially when the Demon stands up and prepares to drop on you, because I'm pretty sure that one's fatal too. It can also spit something at you, which is possibly water. Dodge it by simply strafing. After all the above attacks you can go in and hit it a couple times. The only attack that does not allow you to do it is its charge. This will only occur when really far away. It can charge. In that case just run to the side. Make sure there's no wall there so the tracking doesn't catch you despite running.

The fight itself is boring but I really like the design of this boss. In a game that's full of bosses that are basically knights this is a very welcome change of pace from a design perspective. It's just sad that the fight itself doesn't deliver. Though, I did hear of some people who had trouble with it. I'm not one to mock people because of their skill in a video game but it eludes me just how that fight can be difficult to someone who got this far in the game.

The Demon of Song mimics the voice of the Milfanito, which is supposed to lure people to it so it can have something to chew on. It will still do so as you enter the arena, int won't attack until you get close or attack it. That way you can get in a couple free hits if you have a bow or something. Not that you'd need to, though.

Boss Weapons
Soul of the Demon of Song at the Shrine of Amana.
When the demon developed a taste for human flesh, it was contained within the Shrine of Amana, but the line of priestesses who looked after the shrine and appeased the creature have died off.

Spotted Whip

Trade Soul with: Ornifex
Moveset/Weapon Class: Whip
Physical Damage (+0/+5): 78/195
Scales with: DEX (B)
Requirements: 9 STR, 25 DEX
Damage Type: Slash
Note: Also has the ability to poison enemies.

In-Game Description:
A whip born from the soul of the Demon of Song. Covered with strange spots that betray its poisonous effects.
The Demon's sonorous voice, in stark contrast to its hideous form, is sure intended to lure people close so that it may devour them.

Item Descriptions

Miracle: Sunlight Blade
An ancient miracle of the sun.
Reinforces weapon in other hand with sunlight, a form of lightning.
The sun grants life to all things upon the earth, even if the worshipers of sunlight no longer bless the surface with their presence.
Note: Many will probably have gotten mad when watching the video that I did not pick this up. I completely forgot to get it even though it was right there. It's in a chest at the end of the path where we picked up the Estus Flask Shard.

Helix Halberd
A halberd with a helix-shaped handle, headed with a double blade. A complex design, some would say excessively so, that hides a spear within its handle. Although its precise origins are unclear, its construction appears to utilize techniques from the lost land of Olaphis
Note: Yes, I also forgot this one. This time around I did not even know it was there. At the entrance of the area with the second bonfire stick to the left wall, you'll find a pharros contraption in the water. Freaking sneaky treasures in the Shrine of Amana!

Singer's Dress
Dress worn by a far-gone muse. Offers almost no physical defense, but is blessed with high resistance to magic.
These enchanting singers were given song by the Great Dead One, and have little concept of self. They live only to sing,
and will continue singing until they can do so no longer.
Note: Guess what else I forgot. Or rather, didn't know existed. After you exit the house with the summon sign in it through the back door look to your left past all the pillars and stuff, you'll see a couple roots in the wall at the end of the area. Go behind those roots, fight an ogre and pick up your dress. As well as a Life Ring +2. I actually had this item but no idea where I got it from. Now I know.

Sorcery: Homing Crystal Soulmass
Dark Souls II: Soulbeads made more lethal with crystallisation.
When fired, they home in on their target.
Crystalization makes souls and sorceries all the
more powerful.
Dark Souls: Sorcery boosted by the knowledge Logan acquired at the Regal Archives. Fire homing crystal soulmass.
The mysteries of souls, crystals, and the sorceries are deeply intertwined.

Key to the Embedded
Sword that opens the Embedded's door. Shaped like a weapon, but is in fact a key. Plunge the key into the Embedded to bring a rhapsodic end to his fate.
The once-human Embedded, realizing that he could never resist the temptations of the flesh, bound himself eternally with chains. Since then, he has awaited the day that somebody will find his key, and bury it within his bosom.

Ring of the Dead
The wearer of this ring appears human even when Hollow.
They say that in the Undead Crypt, we can reacquaint ourselves with the dead. We all suffer loss. And none of us can escape death. Then, what is the fascination with reclaiming that which has already passed into that beyond?