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Part 27: Memories

With the Ashen Mist Heart in our possesion we can now enter the memories of some old beings that have died a very long time ago. Funnily, we can take stuff out of those memories, don't ask me how that works. Don't ask anyone. There IS something that I completely forgot about again. You can find the Steel Armor Set behind a hidden door in the room with the Pharros trap contraption.

Dark Armor and Imperious Helm. As our weapon we are using the Curved Dragon Greatsword (not pictured here), which is also a boss weapon discovered in this very video. So check out its details below.

Our Involvement with the Memories
Keep in mind that even though we are walking through the memories we are not actually involved in the actual events that have transpired ages ago. So no, the one killing giants is not us but some other badass. We are just slipping into their shoes for the duration of the memory. (except there's a theory that claims it's the player character who has been alive all this time ago and is only retreading their own steps. Turned undead afterwards and forgot everything, as is common with those afflicted with the curse). And since we're inside it and memories are known to be lying bastards sometimes we can't guarantee that our actions are the exact same things the unknown hero did. It's also very likely that we enter the memories of the Giants we find the Souls of, which means we are living through the memories of someone who was already dead at the time they took place. Which doesn't make any sense of course. Much like Benhart being in one of them. He has no way to get into them. Which might mean that our own consciousness affects the memories we visit. Which makes SOME sense of it. This, of course, is only my interpretation of the whole thing, but it's something I bring up mainly to make people consider the fact that a) It's memories, not time travel and b) No matter how you spin it it doesn't mace sense. c) It's totally okay because memories don't need to make sense. d) Why can we pick up objects from within the memories and take them out of it? We are conjuring something from the thoughts of a being that has died long ago.

Navlaan is a Dick
Just sayin'

Giant Lord

The Last Giant on steroids, essentially. He has very similar moves but is more powerful and faster. It's almost as though this actually IS the Last Giant but there's nothing that really confirms or denies that. It's possible that after defeated the Giant Lord retreated to the arena where we fight him.

The fight itself isn't too difficult. You can cheese him with ranged attacks by just going up the stairs and shooting at him. Just dodge every time he swings at you. You can also go in close. In that case I find it easiest to go in and hit him a couple times and then retreat and bait his overhead swing. If you stay close he'll do a close range sweep, which can seem like it comes out of nowhere, but if you're confortable looking up to dodge that stuff feel free to just stay close.

His clothes look kind of similar to Gwyn's from the first game. They aren't the same, they just look similar. But since Gwyn's City, Anor Londo was a city of Gods and Giants it's possible that Giants somehow idolize Gwyn and the deities of Anor Londo and dress like them. Unlikely to be the case but fun to think about. Also, the Giants then may be completely different beings than the Giants in this game

Giant Lord Soul
Soul of the Giant Lord, who once conquered Drangleic.
The Giants landed on the northern shores, and set siege to King Vendrick's castle to claim an invaluable prize.


Trade Soul with: Straid
Magic Type: Hex
Requirements: 35 INT, 27 FTH
Description: Makes one invulnerable for about 1 to 2 seconds. I'm not sure if it's actually useful.

In-Game Description:
A hex that distorts local space.
For a brief moment, no damage can be inflicted.
The hexer Gilleah took no apprentice, and it is unclear how his spells were passed down. It is possible that hexes originated from another source altogether.
Catalyst: staff

Ancient Dragon's Soul
Soul of the great ancient dragon that stands magnificently, deep within the shrine.
This powerful being stands and waits, for whoever may visit him.
Use the dragon soul, created by those who peered into the essence of the soul, to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth.
Note: This reads as though it was originally supposed to be dropped by the Ancient Dragon in Dragon Shrine. The Dragon there, though, only drops a Soul of a Giant. To get the Ancient Dragon's Soul w e go through a memory and grab it from a dragon that actually probably died during the dragon genocide. The entire scene of the memory seems to imply this.

Curved Dragon Greatsword

Trade Soul with: Ornifex
Moveset/Weapon Class: Curved Greatsword
Physical Damage (+0/+5): 160 / 400
Scales with: STR (C/B), DEX (S)
Requirements: 30 STR, 18 DEX
Damage Type: Slash
Special Ability: Heavy attack is a ranged attack.

In-Game Description:
A curved greatsword forged from the soul of the Ancient Dragon.
In the Age of the Ancients, the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of grey crags, archtrees, and everlasting dragons."
Effect: special attack
Note: The description quotes the very first words spoken in the first Dark Souls.

Item Descriptions

Steel Armor Set
Dark Souls II: A relic of an order of knights said to be the mightiest warriors of their time.
Dark Souls: Armor of the Knights of Berenike, known for their heavy armaments and armor.
Countless Knights of Berenike, once extolled as the mightiest of mighty, became Undead and ventured to Lordran. But their journey was for naught, as they went Hollow and became a threat to all Undead.

Giant's Kinship
Each King has his rightful throne. And when he sits upon it, he sees what he chooses to see.
Or perhaps, it is the throne, which shows the king only what he wants.
Note: We can enter the final area at any time after getting the King's Ring, but this item is needed to actually make the final boss appear.