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Original Thread: Lucky or Good? Why Not Both? Let's Play Dark Souls 3!



Most people are probably familiar with the Dark Souls franchise, but if you aren't I've got a little summary here for you. The primary defining attribute of the Dark Souls series is the hard, but fair combat. It's an action RPG with tight mechanics, and execution is key if you want to survive. However, in my opinion the game is just as much about knowledge and careful planning to make encounters with enemies more favorable to you. On top of that the game is steeped in rich, mysterious lore that often leaves a lot open to player interpretation.

In this game we rise as unkindled ash, a form of undead. The fire of the world is fading, and our purpose is to track down the wayward Lords of Cinder to return them to their thrones so that they can help prevent an age of darkness. As an undead, we can never truly die, rising again and again, though each time this happens we lose our souls - currency for power. We'll want as many souls as we can muster to help us on our journey so dying is less than ideal, as you can imagine.

About the Playthrough
I beat the game once already, so this won't be a blind playthrough. We're going to start as an assassin class, but we're going to be going for a luck build long term, possibly mixing in some faith. I'm hoping to try out a few different weapons to see what works well for us, and I'll do my best to fashion souls here and there to show off armor that we pick up. I'm also going to share my thoughts on the lore of the game, and how it may relate to earlier games in the series. I'll also mix in some mechanics discussion here and there, just so people understand why I'm making certain character choices. Finally, I'm going to do my best not to spoil the story for newcomers as we play through the game.


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