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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

by Zain

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Original Thread: Praise the Sun! Let's Play Dark Souls



Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the prior Playstation 3 Exclusive Demon's Souls. Just like it's counterpart Dark Souls is considered extremely hard and punishing. Dark Souls' plot is very minimalistic relying heavily on the environment and item descriptions to tell the plot. We as the chosen undead journey to Lordran to change the fate of the world. A task that would seem bigger than us.

In this LP we're going through all the secrets and tricks in the game as well as exploring the new areas. (Once the 3 month rule on that has played it's course) As we do this we will be in human forum as much as possible. Doing this will open us up to the second part of Dark Souls which is the PvP aspect. At any point in time, out of bonfires and bosses, we can be invaded and stuck fighting another person online. Being this is the PC version there ARE PROBLEMS WITH THIS. Mainly the fact that there are people already hacking being un-killiable and using trainers. I'm not sure the numbers of cheaters to not, but let's hope it's 1 out of 10 people cheating while the rest are playing legitimate.

Our main game though is running through as a Pyromancer in an informative manor, but also not abusing the magic that is what makes the Pyromancer "Over-powered"

On the topic of spoilers. I really don't mind that you do post spoilers. Just remember to USE THE SPOILER TAGS FOR SPOILERS. ANYTHING WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO YET GETS SPOILER TAGS! Thank you and have a nice day.

Things of note
-Yes this is the PC version
-Yes, it's a terrible port
-We'll have to wait the 3 months before the new content can be accessed
-I'm using a fan HD patch Which can be found here. Use at your own risk though
-There's rumors of a patch for the PC version to fix the hacking and frame-rate issues.
-We're online and hoping to get an invasion or two
-I will do my best to show everything off

The Videos!

Dark Souls Episode 1, Blip 1, Polsy 1
Dark Souls Episode 2, Blip 2, Polsy 2
Dark Souls Episode 3, Blip 3, polsy 3
Dark Souls Episode 4, Blip 4, Polsy 4
Dark Souls Episode 5, Blip 5, Polsy 5
Dark Souls Episode 6, Brighter Souls 6, Blip 6,Posly 6
Dark Souls Episode 7, Blip 7,Polsy 7
Dark Souls Episode 8, Blip 8, Posly 8
Dark Souls Episode 9, Blip 9,Polsy 9
Dark Souls Episode 10, Blip 10, Polsy 10
Dark Souls Episode 11, Blip 11, Polsy 11
Dark Souls Episode 12, Blip 12, Polsy 12
Dark Souls Episode 13, Blip 13, Polsy 13
Dark Souls Episode 14, Blip 14, Polsy 14
Dark Souls Episode 15, Blip 15, Polsy 15
Dark Souls Episode 16, Blip 16, Polsy 16
Dark Souls Episode 17, Blip 17, Polsy 17
Dark Souls Episode 18, Blip 18, Polsy 18
Dark Souls Episode 19, Blip 19, Polsy 19
Dark Souls Episode 20, Blip 20, Polsy 20
Dark Souls Episode 21, Blip 21, Polsy 21
Dark Souls Episode 22, Blip 22, Polsy 22
Dark Souls Episode 23, Blip 23, Polsy 23
Dark Souls Episode 24, Blip 24, Polsy 24
Dark Souls Episode 25, Blip 25, Polsy 25
Dark Souls Episode 26, Blip 26, Polsy 26
Dark Souls Episode 27 Part 1, Dark Souls Episode 27 Part 2
Dark Souls Episode 28, Blip 28, Polsy 28
Dark Souls Episode 29, Blip 29, Polsy 29
Dark Souls Episode 30
Dark Souls Episode 31, Blip 31, Polsy 31
Dark Souls Episode 32, Blip 32, Polsy 32
Dark Souls Episode 33, Blip 33, Polsy 33
Dark Souls House Cleaning, Blip, Polsy
Dark Souls Episode 34, Blip 34, Polsy 34
Dark Souls Episode 35, Blip 35, Polsy 35
Dark Souls House Keeping
Dark Souls Episode 36
Dark Souls Episode 37, Blip 37, Polsy 37

Smornstein posted:

So apparently their were some dialogues for Artorias that were cut out at the last minute since they can still be found in the Steam files if anyone wants to give them a listen here's a link.

Gimmick Runs/Bonuses

Any Videos with a gimmick or bonus videos will be placed under here
Havel Fight, Brighter version
Blatant Hacking
How to remove Priscilla's tail and make money
Mini-Update the Third
No Shields? NO PROBLEM Pt1
Honor Edition Pt2 (Guest ScurvyKip)
Honor Run 3 (Guest Depressing Drawers)
Honor Run 4 (Guest WanderingNewbie)
Honor Run 5 (Guest WanderingNewbie)
Honor Run 6 (Geust Major_JF)
Honor Run 7 (Guest WanderingNewbie)
Honor Run 8 (Guest WanderingNewbie)

Nakar Sequence Breaks Dark Souls

May Contain content we haven't reached in the LP
#1 - We Are Never Fighting the Taurus Demon
#2 - Drake Bridge Sans Drake
#3 - Slice His Throat! (And Grab His Scrote)
#4 - I Got Big, Big Plans
#5 - I'm Gonna Tell On You Guys!
#6 - The Can't Fail (CERTAIN GUY) Strategy
#7 - And Then I Stole His Lunch Money
#8 - Blighttown, Mostly Backward
#9 - Historical Reenactment
#10 - (SOME GUY) Gets Fired
BOSS: Bell Gargoyles
That Loser From Video #10
Gaping Dragon
BOSS: Iron Golem
#11 - Also You Can Skip The Spiral Stairs
#12 - What
BOSS: Sif (Non-Spoiler)
BOSS: Moonlight Butterfly
BOSS: Crossbreed Priscilla
BOSS: Gravelord Nito
BOSS: Sanctuary Guardian
BOSS: Knight Artorias
#13 - Fog Atlas
BOSS: Demon Firesage
BOSS: Centipede Demon & Izalith "Speedrun"

Let's Play Invade Dark Souls!
#1 - Burgin'
#2 - Rolling in The Depths
#3 - Jowly Counter-Operation
#4 - The First Rule of Fight Club...

12/21/12 We're all DEAD!
We're All DEAD!

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