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Part 2: Fan-Art

Episode 1 -
Daeren shows us an artistic rendition of Jolly Co-Commentary!

Episode 10 -
Alabaster White has a drawing of that jerk nextdoor who keeps putting his leaves in my backyard

cofaigh captured a peek of Goonther in deep thought

Episode 22 -
Post Processing knows that Goonther is the One True Rat King: Ratman

Episode 40 -
A flurry of stuff, courtesy of Goonther's EXTREME MAKEOVER~
Brassherald pretty much nailed how Siggy looks with no armor on
Kuvo makes a pretty rad "How to Wear Hat" picture and improves on it!
Cloud Potato does even better. SMUG.
Tengames thinks I have an Estus problem. I don't have a problem; I happen to be VERY GOOD at it
Cofaigh thinks Siggy is a cultured drinker of Estus Classic. Lookit that glass!
Deadblack knows that, in reality, he actually prefers a more... "Simplistic" approach
Comrade Question has a neckbeardy rendition of Goonther and--WAIT WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE FIREBOMB LEFT

Episode 42 -
Rigged Death Trap - 15 yard penalty!

Episode 52 -
Midnight Voyager brings us an artistic reimagining of a recent Kuvoism
Now available in Demon's Souls flavor!

Episode 53 -
Some Priscilla comics that Kuvo scraped up from somewhere!

Episode 54 -
Midnight Voyager brings us another Kuvoism -- these fellas are dressed to impress!

Episode 55 -
A flurry of Solaire fan-art (from various internet joints, not forum posters)!

Also, 5 billion health recalls an experience (goodness!) he had with Solaire. This image probably sums up the awesome factor of it all.

5 billion health posted:

In my early Dark Souls days I was playing blind and without the help of the internet. This basically meant that I fell for every single trap and spent many deaths on each boss.

After about the umpteenth attempt on the gargoyles I summoned Solaire as backup. I have to be honest, he didn't seem to be much besides a distraction at first. After a grueling flame and halberd filled fight, I found myself pecking away at the last gargoyle with mere slivers of his heath to go. Drooling over victory prematurely, I was knocked to the ground upon the roof by the beasts sweeping attack. It decimated my life blood. As I took far too long to recover, struggling to lift my weak magic users body up into fighting position, the beast raised his weapon overhead for the finishing blow. I screamed in half outrage, half disbelief. I had come so far....

His stupid gargoyle face gets WRECKED from the side by a burst of lightning. The beast explodes into white light, having succumbed to the most heroic last minute save. I nearly felt tears of gratitude form at my eyes.

At this moment I decided to verbally defend Solaires status as a legend until the moment I cease to exist.
Acetaldehyde knows that no chest is innocent
Kaihlan has a wonderful drawing of Goonther doing what he does best regularly!

Episode 56 -
Midnight Voyager & Pinetone present: Siegfriedmeyer!

Episode 64 -
Context! I closed the thread due to spoilers and referred to it as pillowforting (which I professed a love for). FillInTheBlank couldn't help himself

Episode 65 -
UberSprode understands Goonther's love of candy corn!

Episode 66 -
Goontha'd. By Midnight Voyager!

Episode 67 -
Pinetone combines two awesome things!

Context again! Following the previous video, Heavy neutrino & Kuvo made some references to the Zybourne Clock. Particularly, this. Well, this led to Comrade Question drawing the best thing ever!

Episode 68 -
Ice Mallet made a Goonther-sprite that looks like something straight outta Diablo!

Episode 70 -
Adus found the most amazing thing <3

Context for these next ones! Kuvo was playing the infamous GalGun game in a stream (google it if you dare). On a whim, I posted a demand request for Schoolgirl Frampt. Magic happened:
Allan Assiduity's picture! Sailor Scout McJowly?
fairietard shows us this here alpha male's behavior, caught in the wild
Midnight Voyager brought us a very strange sort of erotic material. Forshame.
Comerade Question--... Oh good god.

Episode 72 -
From Brought To You By -- Sig's totally late for that important date.
RotationSurgeon: DA ROCK
Rather Watch Them presents the Binding of Goonther

Episode 73 -
Brother Scrotum wants to remind us to study up on Capra's Law; there'll be a quiz in the final session!

Episode 74 -
McGwee made the best sunionbro hat! It's pretty rad, so you better click this.

Episode 77 -
Midnight Voyager knows all about those sneaky hidden al-cloves!
Toiwat knows the stuff of Goonther's nightmares

Episode 78 -
gschmidl is too busy praising the sundwich to comment on this.

Episode 79 -
THE. BEST. THING. (by Novasol)
EVEN. MORE. (by Novasol)

Episode 80 -
Flaky Biscuit knows that Dark Souls is too easy these days. Back in early 90s version, there was perma-death!
8-bit Goonther!
John Liver shows that nothing is as it seems... In... (click)
Veloxyll! Why'd you give him a sign?!

Episode 82 -
Those sneaky kings are around here somewheres!(Kase Moch did the original GIF of this, and AllisonByProxy trimmed it up a little!)
cofaigh brings us a new fragrance! I'm more of a fan of Goonlain Vetiver's basenotes, myself (can't decide whether this goes in Stream or regular-episode. Both it is!)

Episode 83 -
AllisonByProxy knows what's up, Bub
Helmet 10 Warehouse illustrates the difficulty in using a sword below its intelligence minimum

Episode 84 -
cofaigh kicks off the best Holiday Season derail ever with this work of art
gnome7 brings us a super-fancy album cover for the inevitable day that Goonther & Company take up caroling for cash
McDragon knows that it ain't easy being Smoughy the Snowman. Yellow snow is never a good thing, y'see
McGwee brings a very festive onion-bro!
Midnight Voyager decided to point out the Hyperbole in an unfortunately-common misspelling (Mk I)
(Mk II)

Episode 87 -
Balobam knows that Seath loves the Blingee
GruntyThrst points out that Seath is just far too gangsta for us squishy-ones to behold
Midnight Voyager is getting saucy with me!
Red Rover made us a teaser for the next Cirque performance! Goonther has always wanted to join the circus, y'know!

Episode 88 -
Midnight Voyager with another Kuvoism. Presumably some bro named Chaz!

Episode 90 -
Midnight Voyager has another Kuvoism. Lordran's gardens have too many darn witches of azaleas and water-spitting hydrangeas

Episode 92 -
Zonko T.M. brings us LeGoonther!
Zonko T.M., part two!

Kuvo found an adorable series of comics involving an Onionbro and Priscilla:

Episode 96 -
That Old Ganon decided to paint up Squint's favorite album cover

Episode 97 -
Forgall made a--MISTER BUCKET, NO. STOP.

Episode 98 -
Neruz has captured the essence of the IMGONNAGITCHA Statue

Episode 99 -
Mojobeard knows the best tactic against the Bed of Chaos

Episode 100 -
Christoph shows us how Goonther spends his lazy evenings when he's not on the clock

Episode 104 -
Midnight Voyager with another Kuvoism!
Midnight Voyager with another another Kuvoism!
HobblyBoy knows the best bike in Lordran is spoke'n for. No bones about it
HobblyBoy with a follow-up image. Ghost Rider? Pansy!

Episode 105 -
Between his user-name and this Photoshop, El Fappo has quite a mess on his hands
Dreadful Dinosaur's follows up a whole bunch of Berserk discussion with this!
Neruz made a gif displaying PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC

Episode 106 -
HobblyBoy shows us how man achieved flight!
Midnight Voyager with another Kuvoism. I prefer Hawkeye Van Gough's artwork, personally

Episode 107 -
Grancheater presents: See ya later, Giflord!

Episode 109 -
MIDNIGHT VOYAGER IS READY TO (dwayne the) ROCK (johnson)

Episode 110 -
Grancheater shows us that Dark Trollsing continues even on the forums!

Episode 111 -
Terbulus thinks we won't be seeing Peter Frampt again...

Episode 112 -

Episode 113 -
Triangle presents Goonther Classic in Poster format. Amazing! Along with a Gough'd message...:

Yoake has a poster of his own! Featuring Goonther, Shieldfried, and THE DARK PASSENGER...
Aeros Wilhelm made a scratchy-Goonther gif!
Iseroc brings us a magical Magic card!
Blackflare made this amazing plushie of Solaire! Something warm! Something soft!

Akogare Zephyr made three drawings, and I think they're an amazing way to close this out. Thanks for watching, everyone!
Drawing #1
Drawing #2
Drawing #3