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Dark Souls

by Geop, Vicas

Part 1: Fan Videos & Music

Episode 11 -
Cyst gives us... Uh... WHAT IS GOING ON

Episode 67 -
Footage by Angrymog: A Wild Gaggle of Goonthers approach!

Episode 74 -
AllisonByProxy is gettin' all 80s up in here!

Episode 80 - MIDI stuff!
Orthogonalus shows us that a calm, relaxed Dark Souls piece sounds freaking scary as a MIDI

Singh Long has done several MIDI thingies of boss fights. Whatever they're called Tindecks below!

Episode 84 -
cofaigh kicks off the best Holiday Season derail ever with this work of art I call it the Gravelord that Stole Christmas. The derail highlights are detailed below!

Many thanks to the goons involved in this one, as well as Weird BIAS for saving me some bizarre format approach (performed by Mercedes. God almighty, that sounds hard to sing)

Various arrangements (some of which I can’t identify!) by...:
Dante Logos
Helmet 10 Warehouse
Dr. Strange M.D. (performed by Mercedes and Dr. Strange M.D.)
Schwartzcough (read aloud by some goon)
SlothfulCobra (Link at the bottom of the post) (performed by Krysmphoenix)
Mercedes (performed by Dr. Strange M.D.
mistaya (performed by Mercedes)
Red Rover #1 (performed by Orthogonalus)
Daius (performed by Mercedes)
Bobbin Threadbare (performed by Mercedes)
Red Rover #2 (performed by Dr. Strange M.D.)
Ledundead (performed by Sionja)

Singh Long also put together some Boss-Fight Jingle Bells version. I think it’s boss fight music, at least

Episode 113 -
FailAtMagic goes in to battle using the finest of crests!