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Part 3: Stream Archive

”What’s all this, then?”
Well, Kuvo and I kicked around the idea of doing a shields-only build. One evening, he decided to give it a go on a stream. It went pretty nicely, too! The footage from the stream (as a whole) is recorded on Kuvo’s Twitch channel. The initial session went for darn near five hours; in order to make it easier to swallow, I chopped it up into 30 minute pieces and added it to Youtube. Shieldfried may not be the only guy streamed! We'll see what happens in the future!

Spoiler stuff
Though he hasn’t caught up to Goonther yet in this stream, Shieldfried does have a few goodies that Kuvo procured through various means (EXPLOITS!). Also, there’s not really any sort of “filter” going on with the chat overlay. Some references to things we haven’t seen yet pop up on occasion, but it’s nothing bad Figured I’d give you guys a heads-up, regardless.

Some notes regarding video quality
This is from actual Stream footage, so the video quality isn’t top-notch. Given how the Skype audio is spliced into it, denoising can’t be done. Also, various video editing softwares do some, uh, odd things to this footage. Long story short, I had to manually find parts where the video desync’d from the audio (it’d skip various amounts of frames). 99.9% of the footage is there, but you will see an occasional black screen with a note regarding footage. Plus, this frame-loss issue is almost entirely within the first half hour. It happens once or twice every hour outside of that.

Stream 1 - Shieldfried is born! (Alternatively: SOLAIRE, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE)
((Note: This was recorded not long after Episode 66 was posted))
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Stream Highlights & Fan-Art
Ground floor, please (by Kase moch)
Alas, Daedalus! (by Kase moch)
Midnight Voyager's reconstruction of a Halliberd. Its damage doesn't scale, so it flounders end-game!

fairietard posted:

I got inspired by all the Chattahoochee talk in the stream, so I made a... thing...


Stream 2 - In which Kuvo breaks the game (and probably melted his Xbox)
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Stream Highlights & Fan-Art
Altered Beast Launcher (by Kase moch)
Colapops depicting Shieldfried's True Form!
frozendevil brings us the most delectable of foes
Metanaut has remastered Dark Souls' graphics! It looks way better now. Just needed some touching up here-and-there.
cofaigh brings us a new fragrance! I'm more of a fan of Goonlain Vetiver's basenotes, myself (can't decide whether this goes in Stream or regular-episode. Both it is!)
Shieldfried needs to learn when to call it a night (by Kase moch)
SO. MUCH. HEAD. PAIN. (by Kase moch)


Stream 3 - Wherein Kuvo rights what once went wrong!
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Episode 19
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Stream Highlights & Fan-Art
Shieldfried, woo'er of womens (by Grancheater)


Stream 4 - Kuvo: Drunk Boxing Master
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Stream Highlights & Fan-Art
Ringside Introduction Speech
Ringside Introduction Speech (with Echo Effect)
Squintacon's rap debut
Snake, this is a Sneaking Missive (Sonnet Snake-based derail) (by Midnight Voyager)
Squintocon drops only the maddest of beats! (by Midnight Voyager)
Shieldfried's lineage went on to do great things, y'know! (by Flaky Biscuit)