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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 11

Finally, the doctor is in. Let's see if he can do something for Mike's headaches.

"Fine, Doc. Mom's been on my back, but otherwise okay. Oh yeah, I'm a prime suspect in a murder. Nothing too big."

Well, I know what option not to pick.

Mike: I have an awful headache, Doctor.
Dr. Sims: Have you been taking your medicine?
Mike: The medicine doesn't work. Can we try something else?
Dr. Sims: We could try hypnosis. It's proven effective with many of my patients. You may experience some unsettling dreams, but it might also help your memory.
Mike: I'm still having trouble remembering things.
Dr. Sims: This is to be expected. You are still recovering from a nervous breakdown. The murder last week further exacerbated the problem.
Mike: Why can't I remember what happened at the reunion?
Dr. Sims: It's always a shock to learn a friend has been killed. And you were the last one to see Rita alive, right? The human mind tends to block out painful memories.
Mike: I just wish I could remember more about what happened that night.
Dr. Sims: Don't worry, Mike. The memories will come back in time.
Mike: Sheriff Butler suspects me of Rita's murder.
Dr. Sims: Yes, the Sheriff was in here asking about you. I told him I didn't think you were capable of such an act.
Mike: I think it's happening all over again.
Dr. Sims: Have you been having more of your "Dark World" experiences?


Mike: I've been dreaming about the Dark World again.
Dr. Sims: Uh-huh.
Mike: I've seen Rita in my dreams, too.
Mike: Voices from the Dark World have contacted me.
Dr. Sims: I see.
Mike: I may be going back there, and soon.

Not soon enough.

Dr. Sims: Yes, of course, Mike. But I really can't approve of you entertaining these fantasies. We need to work on your memory of events as they really are.
Mike: You know, what happened last year wasn't a hallucination. It was real!
Dr. Sims: Or so you believe, Mike. It isn't all that uncommon for people to suffer delusions of alternate universes... even things as bizarre as aliens implanting embryos in human brains.
Mike: But, Dr. Sims, everything I told you is true!
Dr. Sims: Yes, of course. But tell me, what does your friend Jack think of all this?

Who's the man all the psychiatrists are askin' about?
Who's the cat who fucked up the Jukebok in that Hank's Diner...?
Who's the guy hangin' out with that dumbkopf-
Hush your mouth!
I'm talking about Jack.
I can dig it.

Mike: I've never told Jack about the Dark World.
Dr. Sims: But you told me he was your closest friend.
Mike: I trust Jack, but I don't tell him everything.
Dr. Sims: Well, from what you've told me about this "Jack", I don't think he's a very positive influence on you. My advice would be to steer clear of him. Try not to associate with him so much.
Mike: Jack's the only friend I've got.
Dr. Sims: Nonetheless, I think he's a bad influence. I want you to think about severing your relationship with him.
Mike: I do want to get better, but the thought of being hypnotized frightens me.
Dr. Sims: Mike, I know that the thought of losing control over your mind terrifies you, but I believe hypnotism will be of benefit in your case. Why don't we give it a try?
Mike: All right. You've convinced me. Hypnotize me.

What does Mike see?