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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 31

Christ, that place is depressing. Nice how Mike just automatically knew that was an Ego massager, too. Where are we going to get pills? The clown's medication? Dr. Sims? Well, this is adventure game logic, so the answer of course, is a carnival sideshow strongman.

Well, since we've got an ego massager, let's go check out our boy Gargan!

Oh, hey! That's a familiar looking mural on the left, huh?

Let's use the Ego Massager on him. Hopefully, this won't involve a happy ending.

Holy shit, our boy Mike grew a pair! I guess Giger worlds will do that to you.

Mike Dawson: Writer, Game Designer, Alien Surrogate, Dark World Drug Pusher.

Now, we've got the painkillers.

Those of you who have been paying attention are right now wondering if it's time to have Gargan lift the anvil. Well, I saved my game so I can do it later. None of the walkthroughs mention it and I made the decision not to. Why? In the next two images you're about to see, here's why I didn't. After that, more Dark World!

The employee tent in the Light World corresponds to... Michael remembers this...