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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 32

Michael goes back to Goth and gives him the painkillers, hoping to end this noble warrior's suffering.

Mike: Now it's your turn to help me. I'm told you know all about the Ancients.
Goth: No one knows all there is to know about the Ancients except the Ancients. But I do know about their current plans.
Mike: Just what are the Ancients' current plans?
Goth: They've created a creature called the Behemoth that is able to live on your side. You realize that we Dark World inhabitants are not capable of crossing the barrier.
Mike: Why did the Ancients conquer your world?
Goth: They are life-force scavengers. They travel from planet to planet, feeding off the life-force from each world they visit. It sustains them while they sleep in their spaceship and ponder the universe.
Mike: Why would the Ancients be interested in my world?
Goth: They have nearly siphoned off the life-force from this world, as well as most of the other planets in my universe. They need new regions to harvest. Your world, for example.
Mike: Why did the Ancients create this Behemoth?
Goth: The creature was designed to collect the life-force of the human race and deliver it to the Ancients. Once the Behemoth passes the barrier into your world, it will become invincible.

Mike: Tell me about you and your undercover work for the Keepers.
Goth: I have been part of the underground movement against the Ancients for a long time. A very long time. But it appears that my labors are near an end.
Mike: Tell me more about the underground movement.
Goth: The Keepers organized us to revolt against the Ancients. But we underestimated the Ancients' power. We're all but completely slaughtered.

Mike: What do I do with the Points?
Goth: The Ancients' power generator. I've had a good look at it. You can overload it with the Points' energy. Send their spaceship a power surge that not even the Ancients can withstand!
Mike: How do I use the Points on the generator?

Michael decides to take the crossbow.

Michael thinks it is time to enter the Light World again.