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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 4

Let's get ready to meet the coolest kid in the classroom... Mike's friend Jack! (Also a game designer on this, by the way.)

Way to talk about your friends, Mike.

This scene is hysterically bad, as the game plays a low bass tune in order to signal to you that Jack, is in fact, a badass.

Ha! His motorcycle brought him there! Jack, you are too cool for school!

Mike: The Sheriff thinks I murdered Rita!
Jack: Yeah, I know. I overheard Deputy Brown talking in the diner. You're the number one suspect.
Mike: You overheard the Deputy? That's great! Everyone must know by now.

Mike: What should I do?
Jack: Not to worry, Mikey boy. I've been giving your situation some thought, and I think there some things Sheriff Butler overlooked.

This is what pisses me off - when there's something you want to do in an adventure game, but your character just won't do it. In this case, it's talk about whatever plan Jack has.

And with that, Jack walks off to enact whatever plan he has. God, he's so cool!

Before we head off, though, let's grab a refridgerator magnet just because. The smiley face one, naturally, is the only one you can take.

Let's look at the fridge some more.

Oh snap! Let's examine and open the fridge...

Wait... Mike, you just said you were hungry a minute ago, dumbkopf! Alright, enough is enough.

Where to now? The carnival, the diner, our doctor, or the sheriff's office?