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by Slowbeef

Part 2

Alright... well, let's pretend that baby thing just didn't happen and go on with our lives. We were exploring the secret passages.

Welcome to Darkseed's first "How was I supposed to know that?!" puzzles. KEEP THE DOORS TO THE SECRET ROOMS OPEN! Mike closes them whenever he enters/exits the secret passages, so you have to manipulate the doors and keep them open. Why? We'll find out later.

Don't forget to take the rope, which - next to a crowbar - is the best item in any adventure game.

Going down the ladder leads to the passage to the library - remember to keep the door open!

Let's go outside for a minute.

Ah, the front of our house and a newspaper.

That was boring. Let's go back in and - hey, the phone's ringing!

That seems a bit... fortuitous. Well, let's check out the attic.

Push the trunk out of the way and - what the hell - let's tie the rope around the gargoyle so we can rappel down the side of the house. Why? Again, this is one of Darkseed's "You would never have realistically guessed this." type of moments. I could have done it later, but let's just get it over with now, as it also gives us a shortcut from the attic to the garage.

Oh, and before you ask, the trunk is locked - so no dice, there. Let's go down our new rope!

Ah, the garage!

This game sure likes cracking wise about my house.

Alright, that's pretty much the grand tour. Let's go to town and meet some townsfolk. (We'll pick up necessary items on our way back.)

There's nothing too interesting in the police station yet, so let's hit the grocery store.

Alright - I see a bottle of liquor on that shelf in the back. Let's get tore up!

Huh? Oh. Good thing that money comes with my inventory. Pay the man and:

Awesome! Now we have scotch, unfortunately...

Delbert? Who's that?

As if you triggered some sort of alarm, resident alcoholic lawyer Delbert runs to the liquor store.

Alright, a business card! Yay inventory!

Let's hit the library.

Hey, baby. Got any books on hold for me? Oh yeah, you do.

Hmmm... let's see what she thinks of the library card we found earlier.

Looks like we're going to have to do some grave exploring. Anyway, back out front in the library...

Do you like pixel hunting? There's a bobby pin in this picture you need. See if you can find it. Mike is standing where it was in the next picture. Yeah, you were actually expected to do this to complete the game.

(I guess I caught the screen cap in the middle of the refresh. Look out for disembodied Mike.)

Now that we're done with town, let's go back to the house and see what else we might have missed.

Aha! The most useful item in an adventure game! The infamous crowbar!

Using our new shortcut, let's open that locked trunk with the crowbar.

Hmmm... Other World... sentry on the way to the archives. It looks like the previous owner has had some experience with this.

In another of Darkseed's ridiculously hard "find the pixel" things, you can find a pocket watch under the trunk you moved. Wind it for an easy way to tell time!

Just as an aside, time is an important part of Darkseed. If it gets too late, Mike will fall asleep wherever he is (and usually die) - plus, certain events, like meeting Delbert, happen at certain times and can be missed entirely. This is what renders the game nearly impossible without a walkthrough or at least 20 previous plays.

Anyway, we're actually not done with the car.

Even though the journal in the library told us to tune in for advice, you only get cheesy music today. Let's check the glove compartment and find... heh, gloves. Who'd a thunk?

Yay, battery! The fact that the car can be made to run is significant later. Well, we read about old man Tuttle who swallowed a key and had a stroke, so...

Head to the left of the house to get to the cemetary.

Like the library journal said, touch left, top, then the right differently colored stones and...

Yay! (What kind of weird security system is this?)

I don't know, game - you tell me.

Descend into the crypt and search the urns until you find the key that Tuttle swallowed. You just dug through a bunch of ceremonial ashes! Ew. Let's go back to the house.

John McKeegan. That must have been the previous owner.

Alright! That was a fulfilling day! Let's go to bed! Hopefully, we won't have anymore nightmares.

If I were Mike Dawson, I would never sleep again.