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by Slowbeef

Part 5

The three items you need for the endgame are:

Yep, gloves, money, and bobby pin. Who'd have thought it?

No one, that's who! Even if you know you need the bobby pin, you'd have to play the game and realize it's unwinnable without the money! Then again to realize you'd need the gloves too! Ugh.

This game is like Paris Hilton - pretty but insanely dumb.

Even more realistically, you need to grab the cup and bang it on the bars to get a cop nearby.

Hand him Delbert's card and...

What?! This game makes too much sense. Now, freshly released from jail, we're actually going to brazenly... steal the gun off the wall. And to think, they had a problem with gravedigging!

Crap - I went too fast. It's 3:52 PM and I have to meet Delbert here in 2 hours. Time to play the waiting game!

This is boring. Let's listen to the car radio.

I really could have used that hint earlier, Darkseed. The "key" refers to the bobby pin. You get no hints about the money or the gloves though.

And here comes Delbert - for the record, you're also supposed to know that he'll meet you at the side of your house.

Delbert knows how to entertain guests! He endlessly throws his dog a stick, waits for the dog to retrieve it, and repeats.

Let's give the old boy some scotch.

Humorously, as if it knows its owner is about to become drunk and abusive, the dog runs away.

Delbert proceeds to drink the entire bottle of scotch.

"Hey, thanks for having me. It was really fun watching you throw a stick to your dog and drink my liquor."

So this isn't a total loss - let's take the stick. Yep. We did all that for a fucking stick. Because you just can't get sticks anywhere else in the real world.

Even worse - we have a lot of shit to do in the Dark World and it's getting late. Mike will fall asleep in the Dark World if it gets too late, and if he does, he dies.

We pretty much have to speed run the next part of the game.

See why you need a walkthrough?

Alright, let's go back to Gigerville.

This time we'll head right and...

Yikes! The fuck?! This is the DW version of Delbert's dog - the game refers to it as Fido.

Fortunately, Fido's not very bright. (I'll have caps of him killing Mike if you do the wrong thing later.) Throw the stick into the abyss and he'll jump off after it.

The alien police station.

If you didn't take the gun from the real world police station earlier, the alien policeman shoots you on your way in. But since he doesn't have it...

He throws you in jail!

Alien police are smarter than humans - they remember to take all your items. Fortunately, items placed under the pillow in the real world reappear here. Now we've got money, gloves, and a bobby pin! Let's pick that lock.

The aliens have teleportation down, but humans are way ahead in lock technology. Who's that other prisoner?