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by Slowbeef

Part 6

Let's talk to the other prisoner.

Invisibility would be cool. Okay, let's give him the bobby pin.

Sure, now you tell me.

Whew - the alien cop is nowhere to be found. Let's get out of here and continue exploring "town".

This is the alien sentry - or according to my theory, the otherworld version of Mike. (He's the only creature that is ever seen in the Giger version of the house.) He's guarding the library, so let's try putting on that headband.

Mike flickers a lot, which is the game's way of telling you he's invisible.

Alright - invisibility doesn't last long, so let's get the library done as fast as possible.

Activate the access panel by manipulating a small area above the console and the Keeper of the Scrolls appears onscreen.

The Keeper is on your side, fortunately.

We're really running low on time - just trust me - the Keeper gives you microfilm which can be examined at the library. Now we have to RUN home before Mike falls asleep and dies.

My invisibility ends here, which is okay since we only needed it to get past the sentry.

Whew! Back in the real world! Let's go to bed. Cue nightmare...