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by Slowbeef

Part 7

Day 3

Today, the alien is going to hatch. Currently, I'm uploading the video of that to youtube (it's a bit disappointing, honestly).

We have no time to lose... let's save the world with gloves and money!

Aspirin and shower - you know the drill. Now we have to wait for our final package to arrive at 10am.

What could it be?

A prepaid axe handle. What?

The police - either pissed you stole their gun, or agents of the Ancients (or both) are waiting outside of your front door to arrest you - and this time, there's no way out. If you get arrested, you just have to wait until the alien hatches.

From now on, enter/exit your house using the rope from the balcony to sneak by them.

Let's go to the library and check out the microfilm that the Keeper gave us.

I did all that work on Day 2 for that?! Yep.

Now, let's buy another bottle of scotch. I didn't cap it because it's the exact same sequence of events as before, except Delbert doesn't come by.

Well, okay, the police aren't here for some reason and I was able to enter the front door this time, but they're usually here on Day 3. Again, don't use the front door or you'll get arrested. (No idea why it didn't happen this time.)

Ah, the basement. Let's see if we can find anything hidden. Hmmm... a loose rock.

Now back in the garage... it's time to activate the Dark World spaceship.

You read that correctly. This car runs on scotch. Hey, when you're low on fuel...

Alright, start the car and turn on the radio - this activates the alien ship. You have to hurry because the car won't last long. Time to head up the rope and into the Dark World.

Head deeper into the cemetary.

The alien power source. Note the slot below the brain. Let's try using the flagstone (the loose rock that the keys were under) in the slot.

Combine the energized stone and the axe handle to make a hammer. We've got everything we need to destroy the alien menace once and for all! Until the sequel, of course.

Let's go the spaceship.

See the lever? Well, I didn't for awhile. Like before, it electrocutes you, so it's a good thing we had the presence of mind to retain the gloves.

Let's get the fuck out of here. The ship takes off - pretty much the intro in reverse - and we escape into the Light World.

There's one last thing we have to do. Fuck the phone. The Ancients are pissed that I sent their ship off. Let's make sure they can't come after me.

(I'll show you what answering the phone does later.)

So long, Dark World! The game takes over here. Mike walks to the front door.

Yay! Our librarian friend saves the day with magic embryo-killing pills. Also, Darkseed assumes you're a moron and has her head briefly transform into the Keeper's - in case you were really lost on the whole "reflection of the Light World thing".

Mike: "I'm just beginning to understand." Eh?

The End.