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Original Thread: Two and a Half Zeldas - A Skyward Sword & Darksiders Double Feature



As you might know, we kind of like Zelda games. That's why A Wooden Palisade and I are going to play two (and a half) of them!

On this LP's agenda, we've got Skyward Sword, the newest installment in the series, and Darksiders, which isn't actually a Zelda game, but it might as well be.

Updates will be three times a week, generally with two Skyward Sword videos and then one Darksiders at the end of the week. whenever, but generally pretty frequently.

A few words about Darksiders, as well...

Everyone always talks about how Darksiders is basically a huge ripoff of Zelda, God of War, Warhammer, Warcraft, and pretty much anything else with the word "war" in it. They're right. But it's a damn good ripoff. Everything's put together in a very smart way, and there's really only one or two places in the game where it kind of falls apart and actually sucks. The combat feels good, most of the puzzles are good enough to please me, and the art style's laughably goofy.

Commentary here's going to be done live. I'm streaming the game to A Wooden Palisade (and if we have guests, anyone else watching) so they'll have a couple seconds of delay. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it might make our commentary seem a little odd if you don't know this already. We'll try not to make it glaringly obvious.

If you want some timely updates over twitter, we've got a few over here :
The Official Palisagrus Twitter
or our personal ones...
A Wooden Palisade

Now then, let's get to the videos! Enjoy!

1. The Rise And Fall of Wilhelm
2. Zombies Who Wear Jeans To Match Their Prey's
3. SkullStop, Power to the
4. Challenging
5. Panzer Erik's Punishment:
6. Wilhelm's
7. Edward Horsemann and the 3000 Keys of
8. The Infraggable
9. Jack and the
10. The Return of Handover
11. Zero
12. The True Story of Sagrus's Sixth
13. Worms
14. Horse
15. Spider
16. Warp
17. Fear of a Black
18. March of the Black
19. Black is the Color of my True Throne's
20. Supermassive Black
21. Heavenly Broken
22. I Know What I'm
23. The Wrath of Wicked
24. The Final
25. Atheist Dragon Actin' a
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