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Original Thread: Darksiders: War of God



Darksiders is a puzzle game released in 1995 for the Game Boy, in which the player is given a series of hints describing which cells in a grid should be filled in and - wait, hang on.

*shuffles notes*

Darksiders is an action-adventure game released in January 2010 by Joe Madureira and Vigil Games, published by THQ. It tells the tale of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, whose job it is to keep Heaven and Hell from having a big ol' forever war and ruining everything. With the emergence of Man, a truce is called, with the war set to resume once the Seven Seals are broken. The game opens with the apocalypse in full swing, so War sets out to do his thing, only to find out that the Seven Seals have not been destroyed. Mankind is lost, and it's up to War to figure out what and how it all happened.

On the most basic level, the core gameplay loop is clearly inspired by Zelda with a hint of character-action style combat (Devil May Cry, God of War, etc), but Darksiders is perhaps most infamous for how brazenly it... samples, shall we say, the gaming landscape of the late 2000's. I won't name anything specific so as to ruin the surprises, but suffice to say that the game will suddenly decide "Actually, this is an [insert genre] game now" multiple times over the course of its playtime. It's actually pretty impressive how well it manages to pull together a bunch of unrelated genre pieces and still make it all work, although there are a couple glaring points where it's like "This really does not work even though they're trying so hard." Still! Overall it hits more than it misses, and for a game as derivative as it is, that's a victory in my book.

The LP

Videos will be posted 1-2 times a week according to my whims, with commentary over cutscenes (although we do *mostly* shut up when plot is happening). Joining me (as usual) is my right-hand man, Fedule, who is coming into this completely blind. We'll be joined by our usual cabal of guests as the LP goes on, but it'll generally be the two of us for any given video.

So when's Darksiders 2/3?

Next question.


Part 1: I Can't Believe it's Not the Apocalypse!
Part 2: 3aten
Part 3: A Two-Man Industrial Complex
Part 4: Let's Talk About "Zelda-likes"
Part 5: And Now For Something Completely Different
Part 6: It's a Puzzle
Part 7: The Aerodynamics of Darkness
Part 8: This is (Ostensibly) a Church
Part 9: This Looks Suspiciously Like a Sewer
Part 10: Forgive Me, Friend
Part 11: The Black Hammers
Part 12: War - OSHA Inspector
Part 13: I Do Not Think the Pope Would Approve
Part 14: I Empathize Greatly With the Tentacle Monster From Hell
Part 15: And Now War Can Travel Through Time*
Part 16: Don't Mind The Worms
Part 17: The Finest in Demon Engineering
Part 18: He Can't Kill *ALL* of Us
Part 19: Light the Torches
Part 20: It's a Metaphorical Scythe CW: Arachnophobia
Part 21: Let's Murder All the Spiders CW: Arachnophobia
Part 22: We're In the Video Game Singularity
Part 23: It's a Soul Laser
Part 24: This is Now a Hate LP
Part 25: This is Your Brain on Puzzles
Part 26: A McMansion Made of Skulls
Part 27: And Then War Was a Demon
Part 28: Exploiting a Loophole
Part 29: Unleash Your Inner Sephiroth
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