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Original Thread: I am the terror that flaps in the night. Let's Play Darkwing Duck!


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Darkwing Duck? Looks like Batman turned into a duck.

That is exactly what Disney was going for when they made this cartoon series. A Batman-esque crime fighter whose punny remarks were as cringe-worthy as his fighting abilities.

Darkwing Duck was created by Disney in the early 90's and was on TV for 91 episodes throughout most of that decade. It was a staple in many latch-key kid's after school activities. Shortly following the debut and success of the show, Disney hired Capcom to develop a game for them based on the series.

Built off the Rockman 5 engine, Darkwing Duck was released in June of 1992. Darkwing Duck is a prime example of the amazing video games that the Capcom/Disney combo made for earlier consoles.

Why are you doing this?

Darkwing Duck was a great cartoon series that babysat me many an afternoon after school. It was also an amazing game for the NES and was a well-executed clone of Megaman (rightfully so, as Capcom made it). As stated above, we really want to show off what Capcom and Disney were capable of doing together back in the heyday of the classic consoles.

Style of LP

We'll be doing this in an informative/humorous hybrid style. I'll focus on trying to give some relevant back-story to the characters and the Darkwing Duck series, while Dodd the Hammer makes outrageous claims about the realism of the game experience itself.


Episode 1: Taking on Quacker JackViddler YouTube
Episode 2: Time to beat WolfduckViddler YouTube
Episode 3: Evaporating LiquidatorViddler YouTube
Episode 4: Chopping Down BushrootViddler YouTube
Episode 5: Electrocuting MegavoltViddler YouTube
Episode 6: Blinding MoliartyViddler YouTube
Episode 7: Sinking SteelbeakViddler YouTube
Bonus Episode 1: Let's Get Dangerous!Viddler YouTube
Bonus Episode 2: The Thrilling Conclusion!Viddler YouTube


Darkwing Duck
Drake Mallard, whose alter ego is Darkwing Duck, is just an average joe during the day. However, at night, he dons his cape and a bandanna with holes for his eyes to become Darkwing Duck! He uses his superior skills to defeat the many villains roaming the streets of St. Canard.

Launchpad McQuack
Launchpad is Darkwing Duck's right-hand man. You may know him from the Duck Tales series as Scrooge McDuck's right-hand man. He really enjoys being a giant sidekick who can fly airplanes.

Gosalyn Mallard
Gosalyn is Drake's adopted daughter. At 9-years old, she sometimes will risk her life to become the Crimson Quackette.

J. Gander Hooter
The director of S.H.U.S.H. He often calls Darkwing to come help defeat villains in St. Canard.

Honker Muddlefoot
The next door neighbor kid and Gosalyn's best friend.


Quacker Jack Relevant video (The first appearance for Quacker Jack is really bad quality, so here's another relevant video)
Quacker Jack is a former toy maker who has gone insane. He takes his crazy toys and uses them to terrorize the citizens of St. Canard. He is usually seen with his sidekick, Mr. Banana Brain - a ventriloquist dummy that was once possessed by the ghost of a criminal.

Wolfduck No relevant videos
Wolfduck was created solely for this video game. He does not appear in the TV series or the comic book. Because of this, not much is known about him or his back story. Presumably, he was bitten by another wolfduck at some point in time and goes berserk when transformed.

Liquidator Origin Story
Before becoming the Liquidator, Bud Flood was just your everyday, crooked, bottled water salesman. He would contaminate his competition's water supply making his water the only good water to purchase in St. Canard. After an encounter with Darkwing Duck, Bud fell into a vat of water that he had contaminated and was transformed forever into the Liquidator. He has the ability to control water and causes quite the watery mess around St. Canard.

Bushroot Origin Story
Dr. Reginald Bushroot was your average anthropomorphic, nerdy, duck scientist until he became the victim of his own experiment! Having successfully transferred plant chloroplasts to his body, he was transformed into a monstrous plant-duck hybrid. Having been ostracized by the citizens of St. Canard and the love of his life, he resorted to using his power over plants to take over the world!

Megavolt First Appearance
Voiced by Dan Castellaneta (better known as the voice of Homer Simpson), Megavolt can harness the power of electricity and use it against Darkwing. He was the original arch-nemesis of Darkwing Duck before Negaduck (II) was introduced to the series and is the most recurring villain. Sometimes, he is found to assist Darkwing with saving St. Canard (if only so he still has a place to victimize later).

Moliarty First Appearance
Professor Moliarty leads the underground mole society and is always scheming up ways to take out the surface people. Due to scheduling mishaps, his first appearance episode actually aired in the 2nd season of the show, after two prior appearances in the first season.

Steelbeak First Appearance
Steelbeak is the top evil agent at F.O.W.L. His dastardly plans typically backfire when Darkwing's involved. His beak of steel is an obvious reference to Jaws of the James Bond series.

Tuskernini First Appearance
Tuskernini is a failed film director and is quite over the top with his dastardly plans. Using his squad of silent penguins, he tries to pull off schemes with a film-esque twist.


Yes, much like anything in the world, there is a Wiki page site for Darkwing Duck. More information than you ever cared to know about this cartoon/comic book/video game.
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