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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 29: Mission 5

“Commander, according to reports from Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy) Spire Legis has been taken by Black Legion forces. We must assist the Imperial Guard in retaking the Spire.”

“You seem more agitated than normal, Sergeant Thaddeus.”

“What do you mean?”

“You gave that report from inside a Drop Pod... and according to Auspex you're already descending to the planet.”

“They move out of home so fast these days...”

New Content



New Chainsword Acquired
Bloodtide (Corrupting)

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
Mark of Exitus

New Lightning Claw Acquired
Bane of Loyalty (Corrupting)


New Terminator Armour Acquired
Aegis of Obliteration (Corrupting)

Commander Items

New Teleport Pack Acquired
Tireless Teleporter


New Psychic Tome Acquired
Tome of Quickening

Voting is open for Cyrus, Thaddeus and Avitus!

Thanks for the gold guys! It's a good pep up during a bit of a grinding work weekend.

Also quick, someone stop me before I start writing walls of text about how the Badab War is the greatest piece of Space Marine lore in the Warhammer 40K setting.

Edit: Oh and I also forgot! Vote for where we go next! Calderis or Typhon!

Both places will be visited but I like giving you guys the option of what we see first, since both are actually pretty super important sequences in the grand scheme of this storyline!