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by DreamShipWrecked

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Original Thread: You Should Still Fear Bees: Let's Play Dead Rising 2



A sequel to the cult hit Dead Rising, DR2 follows the adventures of Chuck Greene as he cuts his way through zombies, psychopaths, and the military to rescue survivors and get drugs for his little girl. This game is bloody, visceral, and has the maturity level of a ten-year old despite its adult themes.

So it's like Resident Evil/Left 4 Dead/(insert zombie game here)?

It has zombies, yes, but it's much less serious. The game is roughly eight hours long, played in what is unofficially referred to as "72 hour mode". That is, you have 72 hours to complete the major quest objectives to clear your name as well as saving as many survivors as you can in the meantime.

That being said, the game is completely free-form. You could spend the entirety of the 72 hours running around with a flowery dress and sunhat on, squirting mustard at zombies if you really wanted to.

Wait, what was that about the mustard?

The key feature of the series is the ability to use anything as a weapon. Bats, chainsaws, motorcycles, lawn mowers, RC helicopters, guns (if you’re boring and friendless and unimaginative), dynamite, bits of zombies, gigantic hamster balls, everything.

That being said, the addition of a new crafting system has pushed up towards using crafted items whenever possible due to a drastic increase in effectiveness over regular trash. But you can always drop your spiked bat and pick up a pair of scissors if things go too south. Freedom is the name of the game. And “Dead Rising 2”, of course.

What has changed in the sequel?

A few things:
• Removal of photography system in favor of beating XP out of zombies with baseball bats.
• Improved AI pathfinding and fighting skills, to the point where they can be reliably used as backup.
• Crafting system
• Zombrex, which must be given to your daughter and random NPCs every day, but is difficult to find.
• Looters, which you can kill for XP boosts or buy items from. Their care for their allies runs as far as a no-legged zombie as long as money is involved.
• An even more batshit insane story.

So you’re going to try and save every survivor and kill every boss and show off every weapon and…

Yes, but perhaps not all at once. My priorities are main mission > survivors > psychos > showing off the map and weapons. But anything that is not shown in the main videos will be supplemented on the side whenever possible.

What ending are you going for?

I will be shooting for the canon ending. S rank gets you overtime, but that's more of a overblown fetch quest than anything else. So we'll go for the one that flows into the next game.

Are you showing off DLC or Off the Record?

For now, no.

What is your update schedule looking like?

Well, this is the second thread for this LP, so take that as you will. But I will try to be better.

Jesus, you suck at this game.
I know. I’ve gone through this a few times on the Xbox and again on the PC, but I’m not perfect. Please be nice.

Hey, you missed that survivor, you should/ don’t forget, in the next part to/etc.

Please, keep any spoilers to a minimum. I don’t mind if you talk about easter eggs or weapons or outfits, but make sure it’s not spoiling the plot while you do it. For example, you shouldn’t mention the homage to Capcom that’s present during the boss fight with the fetish models riding tigers until after the fight actually occurs.

And with that, let’s decapitate some undead!


Episode 1: Terror is Reality
Episode 2: “Ladies”
Episode 3: An Evening In Sleepwear
Episode 4: Combo Number 5.
Episode 5: A pillar of journalistic integrity
Episode 6: A whole new level of audience participation
Episode 7: Hemp and pot is no way to live, Brandon.
Episode 8: You saw this coming.
Episode 9: Thread Necro was Intentional Thematic Choice.
Episode 10: Chuck Greene, Meaningless Vigilante
Episode 11: Does This Remind You Of Anything?
Episode 12: Put The Kids To Bed
Episode 13: Cuntains no ferigners, liebrals, er communiests
Episode 14: Modest Mermaid feat. Major_JF
Episode 15: LPs Are Educational! feat. Major_JF
Episode 16: Last of the Screwing Around feat. Or Is It Sputnik
Episode 17: Gas Masks (talking through cutscenes) feat. Or Is It Sputnik
Episode 17: Gas Masks (quiet) feat. Or Is It Sputnik
Episode 18: Woah
Episode 19: Grand Finale
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